How to shave with a straight razor like a bo$$ (tutorial)

Shaving my friend’s legs with a straight razor here:

My other tutorial on how to build a shave lather here:

Hey guys!! I hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to shave with a straight razor. I struggled for years with razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritation from traditional and disposable razors and finally decided never to use one again. I love using a straight because it never causes irritation for me, and it eliminates all metal and plastic waste from disposable razors and replacement cartridges (waste free shaving at it’s finest!). It is also really enjoyable for me and fun once you get the hang of it. Good luck!

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Dovo 5/8” Mother of Pearl Straight Razor:

Stainless Steel Shave Bowl:

Shave Brush:

Natural Shave Soap:

Blade Lube:

JPB – “High”
Youtube/Song Download:
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Aybars Karaoğlu says:


Go Ham says:

you look tired af

José Luis Alonso says:

Have you heard about depilatory cream?

Static R.B says:

Why am i watching this?

hasan tekinoğlu says:

beyler sokun yerine bizlik bir şey yok

1984rockabilly says:

Next time Pussy shaving 😀

La Onda says:

shame about the tats

accfinder says:

How did i get here?

filho sousa says:

oi, linda !!

Jay S says:

Straight razors definitely give a closer shave. Over time though, you’ll start to notice the quality and complexion of your skin, start to diminish. You can try to prevent this with various moisturizers and after shave, but in the long run you won’t be happy with your decision.

dagda3000 says:

Could you show us how to shave your pussy with a straight razor? For educational purposes, of course.

Nicole Ebejer says:

Does shaving with a straight razor take longer than shaving with a disposable razor?

U R NOT ME says:

Shave that PUSSY!!!!

alexito directo says:

one video more for yo pussy

Scarlette Atticus says:

I am so bad at shaving, I cut myself a lot so I probably end up in the hospital if I used this. I cut my leg so bad, it didnt stop bleeding for 30 mins.

Dick Piano says:

how do you wipe your ass with those nails?

Jan Khan says:

do not cut your clit

Maciej Schulz says:

eeeend yt fuken hurts :’< but I'm such a boss tho

R3UQZ says:

Hey I use that loop to jack off.

0 1011000110 says:

please show us how to shave pussy

Ερπετο Ειμαι says:

u shave your p****y like that?

System Reality says:

i’m gonna puke. (joke)

tamer amin says:

انتى مزة سيبك انتى من اى حاجة ههههههههههه

Julian Rain says:

What about the vagoo?

respect peace says:

This Turkish mean is ustura 🙂

Numan says:

Show us how to shave your ass crack with a straigt razor

Pandro Sertini says:

mi faresti una sega coi piedi?

DAMAGE .0 says:


Awakening Call says:

fuck the ınternet … full of whores

Hasan gençer says:


meeoy777 says:

Why not that’s a bad ass tattoo

Grenx says:


Story Of my Life says:

OMG… i’m in love..

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