How to Shave Your Legs Perfectly!!! (Get Rid of Strawberry Skin)

thumbs up if you like this shaving tutorial 🙂 the first time I shaved my legs I left all the hair at the back because i didn’t know you were supposed to shave 360!! LOL Tell me your stories below!

Strawberry Legs Remedy
mix together 1/2 cup sugar (the coarser the better) with 1/4 cup olive oil and 2 tbsp lemon juice and apply to your legs to reduce the appearance of dark pores. This has lightened mine a lot so far!

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wishq Stars_555Xx says:

i was 8 and i shaved them with this type of cream but thx to my cousin who did it now there hairy as crap

My beauty corner says:

When I shaved first I was like I have done a good job

SEB1991SEB says:

I have a question, how long on average does it take for you to shave your legs? Cos it takes me about 45 minutes which I think is really long (so I usually just end up skipping it cos I couldn’t be bothered), or is that actually average?

yoonkook stan says:

I tried opening the cover thing to protect the razor, it slipped and I cut my thumb and blood was everywhere.

Ella Ziva says:

I first shaved my legs a couple of days ago with water and a disposable razor I found in my nans bathroom… I thought I done a petty good job >_<

Sami Bell says:

Hey! Could you use that sugar solution on your face?

Mia floyd says:

I remember i was really little and i was taking a bath and i saw my moms razor and i started shaving my legs with no shaving cream just dry and then my mom walks in and shes like WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? and i was like wut O.o and she shaved the rest of my legs for my but i got like SEVERE razor burn…. and thats my first time shaving

sweetcoilykeke curls says:

Razor my legs r so hairy I had to use three razors cause the razor got pilled and stucked and with hair

Çağla Baysal says:

That is why I wax lol

Gundro A says:

It itches so bad after. Yesterday i shaved my hole body (i’m a man) and it was awesome… But when i went to sleep my legs hurt so much, and today my (upper) legs hurt so much and i have red dots (like acne) whit 1 or 2 very short hairs.

Lindsey Jones says:

i shaved my kegs for the first time in 6th grade at the last school dance because some people made fun of my hairy legs (which im blonde it was barley there and i wasnt considered hairy) but they did anyways. So I shaved and it was fine but i cut myself on my knee and i had rough patches.

Anime says:

The first time I shaved was when I was 11 and I thought I wasn’t allowed to shave because whenever I asked my dad if I could shave he said no and I was there like BUT MY FRIENDS SHAVE THEY’RE LEGS AND ALWAYS WEAR SHORTS and after that I said I would take a shower and stole my dads razor and OH MY GOD I did not know how to shave and I was legit cutting myself and it hurt and since that day I am now 12 and have still never worn shorts hahahah not so long ago tbh

OLIVIA W says:

I was seven in the bathtub and I saw my moms razor so I decided to shave my thumb …. oh was it painful

Lasershark Lueck says:

I just did it and I did okay

Kylin Naomi says:

when i first shaved my legs, they were honestly fine lmao. i didn’t get any cuts and they were soft

Hayley Szymanski says:

Wait a second……….boxed water?

Simran Abbassi says:

i actually never shaved in my life i always prefer wax.. and i had my first waxing when i was 18 .. even i never gone to parlour for facial and bleach until I got 18.. my mom just didn’t allowed me bcoz she and her beauty expert told that it will be too damaging for my soft and young skin.. i literally had to cry for going for a desired hair cut when i was 18 n half .. and now when I’m 21 .. this is like so regular to do waxing and facial. and m glad than my mom didn’t allow me bcoz when i saw my friend’s skin who started all that at early age Mine is more brighter and healthy soft and super tight as compare to them..I know its hard to go through our teen age with such hairs but it will be much better you do such after 18 it actually matters. i even bleached my face only 2 to 3 time until now my beauty expert still don’t allow me to do bleach unless its very necessary.

MilkshakeTTR says:

i have “strawberry skin” no matter how much exfoliation i do. IT GIVES ME THE MOST TRYPOPHOBIA EVER.. i already have trypophobia but i cannot look at my legs a ton

How To Slime says:

I use an eyebrow shaver

Justin Rogers says:

No matter what I seem to do, my legs itch like crazy for days after I shave.

AquaDronix says:

My bro friend has chunky chunky legs, and when he shaves…..should he not shave °¬°

Bethany Stocker says:

I don’t have any first time shaving stories but shaving is feckin hard for me. The hair on my legs is so blonde you can barely see it, and most people say it’s a good thing, BUT ITS NOT. Once I get in the shower without glasses I CANT SEE SHET, AND I DEFINITELY CANT SEE BLONDE LEG HAIRS.

Isabel Gutierrez says:

my first time was 8, but my parents don’t know I shave lmao

Shreya's Lifestyle 2 Fun life says:

I was called hairy monkey in school. I started shaving when I was 12

Ra Re says:

Girls will do any thing to “Look good” like conditioner THAT’S BAD FOR YOUR SKIN AND SKULL

Natalie Moore says:

I first couple times I shaved I got the worst razor burn ever, all over my legs! I almost had to go to the doctor and it lasted a couple months lol

Blue Diamond says:

I love men’s razors

Hayley Szymanski says:

Wait a second……….boxed water?

T S says:

I was 13 and first time my mom shaved my legs

Yobany says:

Does this work for manly men! like me?

Joey Mama says:

Ur channel grew so fast I remember when u was at 100k

AEL dogetroll21 says:

Chinese don’t grow that many hair but I still want it to look clean

Zab Zab says:

When i was ten i start to shave my legs thanks for the life hack im going to sub

Queen Montana says:

I have a question. Does that strawberry thing you made lighten your skin color or no? I’m just curious ( Anybody answer me please)

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