How to shave your legs with a Safety Razor

PREP: Make sure to use good prep. Take a hot shower and wash your legs with a glycerin soap. You can even use a pre shave or some Conditioner if you don’t have pre shave. Rub it on your legs and let it soften the hairs.

LATHER: Put your lather right on top. You may have to build multiple lathers until you get used to making a decent lather. This is why I love shave sticks. Rub that bad boy on your legs and it will help supplement your lather so you know you have enough. Do one section of leg at a time. Lower, lower, upper, upper. You can even do lower front, lower back…This is so your lather doesn’t dry out. You will get faster with time then can do one whole leg. Be patient!

SHAVE: Make sure to shave with the grain first pass. You want to reduce the amount of hair. Then you can go across the grain. I would maybe leave out against the grain until you get a hang of it. I, personally, only do one pass. From ankle to hip, but if you are prone to irritation I suggest starting with out as I stated above. You can decide for yourself what passes are best for your legs.

Be very careful around the knees and ankles. Use no pressure and keep the angle at about 30-35 degrees on all the curves. To make sure you have the correct angle, lay the head of the razor on your skin and rock it down until the blade touches your skin. To maintain the correct angle on all curves you will use short strokes. You want to change the angle with each curve of your leg. To get the back of your knee lock your knee and turn it inward. Then very carefully with no pressure get the inner part of the knee. With the back of the thigh I have had the best luck with bending down, or bringing the thigh up where my thigh is on my chest. This stretches the back of the thigh making it easier to shave. Do not shave on an area without lather. If you need to make touch ups, re-lather.

Be very careful around all your curves/contours/muscles. I can not say it enough, use short strokes!

When you are done you can re-lather any spots you feel need a little touch up then rinse with cool water and apply alum. Let the alum sit while you clean up your gear then rinse it off.

For aftershave I prefer using a balm for moisturizing, or some Witch Hazel works nice.

Remember to take it slow. You will get faster as your technique improves.

Good luck and happy shaving!


Jill Kilgour says:

Do you shave your armpits this way?

vanessa c says:

Thanks for the video.  I just got my weishi kit this week and love it!  I’m already looking at your site to pick out another razor that will be more aggressive.  Do you think the MR7 would be good?

ryjil xiao says:

you’re very cute

Bethany B says:

Thank you

Beatryxa7 says:

If you where hairy as I’m that doesn’t works

C Rennie says:

Thank you for this! I got my husband a DE kit for Xmas and he LOVES it. Since then I’m a bit jealous at how nice his set it, so I went ahead and got myself one as well.

Raymond Loughlin III says:

Thank you ❤️

Anna Moon says:

Wait, how do you usually do this in the shower if you can’t get extra water in the lather or on the brush?

Krystal Santiago says:

u don’t need all that junk just a shaver ur hands and a bottle with shave in it duh

sarafritsch123 says:

can i use coconut oil instead of soap??

Ashley Ball says:

I have a fairly severe allergy to vitamin e and cannot stand to have unshaved legs. Unfortunately, almost all women’s razors seem to have lubrication strips with vitamin e in them and they make me break out horribly. The only razors I have found that do not have that are the super cheap double blade ones. They are complete crap. I am considering a safety razor, but I don’t tend to have very steady hands, so I am concerned about cutting myself. How much finesse do you think it takes to use a safety razor? Also, is all of the prepping necessary every time?

Olivia Dawn says:

I’ve read you’re supposed to use a safety razor in long strokes. also, going in the direction of hair growth. are those just a preference things?

Aprilwindz says:

Hi thanks for sharing, this was super helpful.  Do you usually use any lotions/creams after you shave?  Thanks again 🙂

ibelonginabook says:

I tried a safety razor on my legs for the first time today, and I had a really hard time getting the razor to shave my hair! there are a few smooth spots, but for the most part it’s really patchy and some places didn’t shave at all. I exfoliated before hand… any ideas what I might have done wrong?

Tyson Schuetz says:

interesting, thanks i wasnt sure one way or anohter, wanna get my lady friend a safety razor to save those moneys

Stella Duplass says:

I cut my shins every time I shave. There is a line of scabs down the center of my shins. It looks awful. I also can’t seem to get a very close shave. I feel stubble a couple hours later. Any more tips (besides everything you said in the video) would be very appreciated! Thanks!

Speaktok says:

Thank you. This is really helpful. My husband just bought a safety razor and wanted me to try his. I have NEVER shaved with a safety razor so this video REALLY helped. I think I am going to have to buy a stool or something for my shower so I can either sit down or easily put my foot up.

Alan Polish MotoVlog says:

I will show it my girlfriend, because I use safety razor 😉

ElisaAvigayil says:

Why do you leave the water running?

amber cordova says:

is all the stuff you are using necessary?i want to buy a razor but do i need to buy all this stuff?

venkatraman raguraman says:

This is by far the best grooming video I have ever seen

Jennell B says:

This gave me a heart attack.

Shelby Nine says:

Dose it cause less cuts because every regular razor I have used ends up cutting me so I am thinking about switching to one of these so I don’t have as many cuts and would it work with shave oil to because I have sensitive skin

Amanda Ashley says:

why did you start using a safety razor? Just curious what the motivation was.

Dave Ocean33 says:
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Stephanie Collins says:

What’s the benefit of the long brush and lather method instead of modern shaving cream?

Marsha A. Branch says:

Hi there.  Thanks for sharing.  Where did you get your gorgeous brush?

astroboirap says:

grandma legs

Jeannine Little says:

thank you so much. I just bought a safety razor today and had never used one before. I came out knick free thanks to your tutorial. 🙂

Ferry says:

I remember my grandfather use to have that set for shaving his face …

highonimmi says:

delta spout….which razor you using?

majikstranger says:

i was nervous watching this the whole time

Waeza Jagirdar says:

Turn off the water

Deepy says:

I find this technique really intertesting

Hamed Jenabpour says:

Hi Casie! I love the way U shave dear! How many times U shave yours?

Pterocarpous says:

Great instructional video. Very helpful & informative. Thank you very much!

holaakaty says:

do you ever get razor burn from this?

Μαρια Ασλανιδου says:


Valeska V says:

can I use regular shaving cream from the can?

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