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Knowing how to use a safety razor is essential to a zero waste & eco-lifestyle! At first, I was extremely nervous to use a safety razor because I thought it would be like learning to shave all over again–cue the knicks and cuts, eeek! Luckily it’s actually very easy (and yes! very safe! ;p) to use and takes only a minute to put together and take apart. Hopefully this video helps take the edge off jumping into the safey razor life! Any tips? Leave them in the comments below!

Wowe Bamboo Safety Razor //
Stainless Steel Safety Razor //


This channel, living unjaded, is all about living a healthier, happier, lighter life. For me, that means reducing my environmental impact and creating space for the people and experiences that make me feel the most alive!


DISCLAIMER: I do not consider myself fully “Zero Waste” but do use the principles of the Zero Waste movement to help me decide how to reduce the amount of waste I produce. I’m simply on a journey toward living the most ecofriendly but comfortable life possible, so what is “Zero Waste” to me may look different for you.


Elke Botha says:

Just switched to a safety razor, was to scared to try it, this really helped thank you!

Leyanna Nefes says:

Nice video. Thank you.

Crystle Rose says:

Thank you for this video. I got a safety razor yesterday, and had no clue how to use it properly. I’m a little more confident now, so thank you.

•Sleepingprobably • says:

Hello, I have recently been looking in to creating a lot less waste, so that’s why I want this sort of razor, but where do you recycle the blades? I’m a bit confused lol because wouldn’t it be unsafe? Thanks in advance 🙂

My Journey says:

I have the same one 🙂

Ana Clara Barreiros says:

Great useful video ~<3

Michelle Lopez says:

That looks like a really complicated razor. Mine I just turn the bottom and then the top open like wings and I pop the razor in and out.

Sailor Girl says:

Thank you so much. I just bought a safety razor and still haven’t bought the blades as I a little nervous. This inspires me!

My Vegan Experiment says:

Great tutorial!! I have been so scared to start using these razors, but I hope to transition some day!

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