How To Use A SAFETY RAZOR | Legs & Under Arm Demo | Zero waste/Low Impact Movement

Switching to a Safety Razor is one of the best things i’ve ever done. In todays video I show you how to actually use a safety razor and hopefully will show you that it isn’t as scary as it seems! (Mine may have sat in my draw for 2 months before I got the courage to actually use it – so I feel ya! 🙈😂)

A little bit about safety razors –

✧ You can get either a single or double edged blade, I recommend getting a double edged blade, it’s so much better value for money and once one side gets clogged up you can just switch to the other side

✧ You can get either long or short handled safert razors, I reccomened the longer ones if you’re wanting to shave far away places like your legs and intimate areas, it makes like a little easier

✧ Make sure you clean and dry your razor & blade after each use to avoid rust and to keep the blade sharp

✧ Make sure you recycle your razor blades once you’re finished with them. In the video I say you can compost them but please keep in mind that they can take a long time to decompose.

If you have any questions at all then please leave them below, i’m more than happy to help! 😊

The safety razor I use –
Pack of 100 Razor Blades –

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If you have taken the time to watch my video then thank you so much. If you have any video suggestions please leave them below! 😀

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Marina Uzunova says:

That’s a helpful video! Thank you for sharing! Also I can recommend using an epilator. You can charge it and at the end there is nothing to throw away. Some people say that they feel a lot of pain when they use an epilator, but that’s only in the beginning. The longer you continue using it, the easier it gets. 🙂

Kasen Alane says:

what do you do when you need to travel with your razor?

L nasirian price says:

Good video much more straight forward than others ive watched

Amaran Nicole Sage says:

Excellent! Super helpful, thank you!

MacaSkys says:

you are amazing!

Lizzie Dean Makes says:

Another great video Kay – I love my safety razor and my husband James loves his too – we also use soap lather but James has special shaving soap bars which lather up with a brush and produce a lot of lather – but I just use natural unscented normal soap like you – I think if people wanted more lather then the shaving soap dish and brush might be a good fit for them xx

Adrian Mallen says:

Another great video, Kay!

This has been a bit of a nostalgia trip for me because when I started shaving (my face!) back in the mid-Seventies it was a toss-up between a safety razor and an electric shaver – none of the modern plastic cartridge razors of today were around. So I used an old safety razor that had belonged to my dad. In case there are any men watching who are thinking of switching over to DE safety razors, can I add a couple of bits of advice? First, get your shaving water as hot as you can bear it, and soften your beard by pressing a flannel soaked in the hot water against your face for thirty seconds or so before you lather up. And second, use soap, or a proper shaving cream. I use either a readily available Wilkinson’s Sword shaving soap, or L’Occitane cream, or a solid L’Occitane olive oil soap, and I lather up with a brush. (If you’re vegan, there are some perfectly good synthetic shaving brushes available nowadays; you don’t have to go down the badger route). But don’t use foams or gels: they’re far too thick and gloopy and they clog the razor head and keep the edge of the blade away from your skin.

Other than that I think Kay’s covered all the angles, as usual. All the best me dear!

CaptainAMAZINGGG says:

How….are they compostable… ?? I want to understand!!

Ally Coxon says:

My safety razor is one of the best zero waste swaps I’ve made. I can’t recommend them enough..also the closest shave I’ve had too. (y) Hope you have a lovely day.

Victoria Greenhalgh says:

I love my safety razor! I actually find it so much easier to use, and have never had razor burn as you don’t need to apply loads of pressure, the weight of the head does it all itself! If there was one swap which converted me, it was definitely the safety razor xxx

beth VYE says:

what soap do you use,i purchased a vegan bristle shaving brush from amazon and it makes such a difference .Once you put the soap on your legs if you wet the brush and rub it up and down your leg it makes the soap so frothy you really can use much less soap.Or you can also rub the brush directly on the bar of soap then rub it on your legs it makes the shave so much smoother. hope this helps, love your videos.thank you

8schopra says:

where Is That wall hanging kinda thing from ?

Finding Your Serenity says:

You have convinced me! Very thorough video 🙂

Diane in the shire says:

Great video.I bought a safety razor and have been too nervous to try it -but this really helped.

Emma Collins says:

Thank you, I have been thinking of getting one of these for a while but now that I’ve seen how they work I am more confident in doing so! Off topic question, sorry…but what do you use for deodorant? Sorry if you’ve already said before. I am thinking of trying one of those crystal deodorants and just wondered if you’d had any experience with them? x

Narges B says:

so does using this razor get a closer shave? when I use a regular shaver my hair grows back the next day stubbly, will this help?

skystarrose says:

This was such a helpful video, I now don’t feel as intimidated about safety razors. I think I will get one when I have run out of razor heads

Maria Dennison says:

I ordered my razor and blades the blades have come I brought them off e-bay the box colour is different to your the blades are very thin and feather light.what are your like? Help scared to use just in case there counterfeit ones

faeriesmak says:

Thank you SO MUCH for making this video. I have been thinking about switching to a safety razor after I run out of all of the blade refills that we currently have. (I found a bunch at a local store that sold overstocks. They have since gone out of business) My husband has already switched to an electric razor/trimmer for his face. This was really helpful!

Sarah Y says:

Thanks for the video I appriciate it.

Kay Jays says:

Great video, one of the few benefits of my various medical conditions is that I have very little to no body hair, so I can get away with not shaving but if I ever did have to, would definitely use a stainless steel one, so very practical and low waste. thanks for the demo Kay 🙂 🙂

Gill Hill says:

Hi Kay, An excellent step by step explanined video well done and thank you. I find that by using a safety razor I only have to shave my legs and armpits etc once a week whereas with the disposables it was every other day. I have bony knees so they are the worst part for a possible razor cut for me but I have found that by just bending the knee the bones dissapear and the razor glides over! I use soap and wet my legs with warm water and like you always moisurise well after shaving. Keep up the good work. You must be getting so excited now as May 12th is getting nearer, we will miss you in the UK though and I hope you will find time to keep in touch with us all! XXX

hanamiorigami says:

I didn’t buy a new one. I’m using the one my grandfather bought at least 30 years ago XD just to give you a little taste on how long this will last you 😉 ask your grandfathers! 🙂

Aya 11 says:

Thank you for this video! I’ve just purchased a safety razor and I just realised I don’t know how to use them lol. And I actually only shave my under arms so this is the video I’ve been looking for! Other videos only show shaving on the legs and I was afraid there was something different to do when shaving under arms lol. Great video! thanks again.

Cathy Lynn Pietranton says:

really enjoyed your video thank you for sharing

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