I tried shaving EVERYWHERE with a safety razor (a review) | planet lovin’ 🌍

Zero waste bathroom | I tried a safety razor on my full bod for the first time. Here’s a collection of thouhts.

Lemme know if you’ve given a safety razor a go! Or if you plan on trying it!

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Deanna Centeno says:

Thanks for this video especially the blog…I used my razor today for the first time and left it in the shower now I know I have to keep it dry to prevent rust!!! (:

Amanda Douglass says:

Thank you for this video! I purchased a safety razor and have only used it once because I was so terrified. The shave was so smooth but I had to make a day of shaving my bikini line because I was trying to be so cautious lol. Anxious to try it again with a little more confidence. As always, love your videos!

Ella West says:

Great video, now I wanna try a reusable razor!

megan.juliana says:

Thank you for making this video and talking about something that needs to be talked about without it being weird

sustainablefox says:

Thank you sooo much for this review! <3

Cassidy Falsetti says:

I don’t know if you do this already but if you apply coconut oil on your bikini area after you shave you won’t get as many bumps ! I usually do this right after shaving and the day after shaving and it helps so much. I’m sure other hydrating oils work too but I have only used coconut oil. Also I have a safety razor that unscrews at the top and it tends to unscrew as I shave too so I just tighten it before and after I use it. It’s not that much of an inconvenience. Mine was only about $20 or so on Amazon and it came with extra blades, more expensive ones might be different. Loved the video ! I hope you have a great day ! ☺️

Claire P. says:

You do want the one that unscrews from the top… it’s the way we women handle the handle. Our palms rub up against the screw and unscrews the unit. This can be dangerous.

Az Woolf says:

A little be of TMI here, so I never thought I could switch to this cause I’m not a bear, but I have thick and a little more abundant hair than the normal girl (not too much though). So when I shave I usually shave everything, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. And my main concern was you know, my more sensitive areas in the vagina and my buttcrack xD. But if you say it can be done I’m gonna trust you and buy one. Just found your channel looking info about shaving with safety razors, and have to say I subscribe right away. Love it!!

Annika Mermaid says:

Where do you even buy these things? I’ve never seen them in shops before.

TheNecrohazard says:

Okay you’re talking about your bikini line, and I’m not sure if you mean just the sides of your pubic region or the whole thing. I personally shave EVERYTHING below the belt, and the lack of a moving head makes me really hesitant to make the switch. It just seems like that would be an insanely dangerous area for such a stiff blade. :/

qazi faisal says:

its not that scary just rinse it in water dont apply pressure cause it is weighted will be ok it doesnt take that long you just need to master your technique as far as cutting your leg just dont apply pressure remember it is ballanced those cons sound like beginers mistakes.

Emily Ann says:

I switched to my safety razor because it was so cheap and I love it, and it was something I didn’t have to change when I went zero waste. I will say you can get ones that don’t use butterfly blades and that would probably make the downstairs area easier but I personally just trim

Sabina Hope says:

This was so SO informative and now I wanna try it! I too find it super hard/annoying to get all the hair that clumps up in between the razor blades on my razor and the gunk that gathers there. I never feel like it’s completely gone! and YES I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t use shaving cream/gel

Clementine Tully says:

Biome stocks them 100% waste free (whoo) so once I’m done with my crappy venus razor definately making the switch!

Neshhh says:

Interesting video, I’m still intimidated lmao. More so around the bikini area. Thanks for the review.

spicy meme says:

I happen to be the 68th like and the 12th comment.

Lilly says:

Thankyou so so much for this video!! I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a while and was looking for something like this vid to see the proper pros and cons. Thankyou!!!

Sophie Rock says:

THANK YOU! This was SO helpful! I’ve been looking at getting a safety razor for a while now… And was definitely freaked out at the thought of lose razor blades… I am so excited to try one out now!

The Full-Time Tourist says:

Loved this! Recently switched to safety razors back in October, and I freaking love it too!! Also, the best part is that you can use your razor blade up to 5 times before it “needs” replacement (I’ve definitely gotten 8-10 shaves out of some of mine though). That means you can use the same blade for about 1.5 months, so getting a box of 100 blades for $10 means you’re pretty set for life!

Eve Hudson says:

Thank you for not shying away from talking about your entire body. I only shave maybe once or twice a year, but when i do, I go all out. It is good to know that this will work for every part of my body.

Johnny Unitus says:

I would recommend a shaving brush and proper shaving soap like Soap Commander or another vegan soap. Also, you can find a scent that you would like the best. It would give a better glide and more protection. You brush the soap and lather it on the body part needed lifting the hair in the soap giving the razor better position on the blade and hair.

Élizabeth Saint-Pierre says:

Oooh nice, thank you! Did you ever think of getting laser if you always shave?

risavh says:

i so so so relate to this video hahaha i was terrified of the blade and then i realized how bendy it was and i was like wtf this thing is a joke! lol. i also spent like 30 minutes shaving one leg my first time bc i was so terrified lolol but now its just as fast as venus razors. also im such a klutz too i accidentally cut myself all the time before i switched and i actually don’t anymore because i am more mindful about shaving!

mckinley darling says:

Yassssss safety razor gang

Ive been using mine for a good while now and I adore it. Closer shave, less irritation, easy to clean and store, and the fact that it can take longer when you want a super clean shave makes for great me time! I lay out a towel in my room with a jar of hot water and some soap and light a candle and turn on Netflix while I shave my legs and its so nice and relaxing! (I shave my underarms and bikini line in each shower super quickly and easily but I dont shave my legs often at all so i make it a special occasion when I do)…i really didnt expect it to make such a profound difference in my shaving routine but it truly has! Screw plastic razors! I will say my razor also opens from the bottome but it does not come loose at all while shaving so I would definitely recommend trying a different brand or else the other assembly style. Seems like that really would make or break the quality for me.

The Vegan Hobbit says:

You are so so lovely. I loved the body positivity in this vid! ❤️

babyblue says:

i got one a like two weeks ago and until now everything’s great

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