Is There Any Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Razors and Shaving Cream?

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Shaving companies almost universally put out both a men’s and women’s version of each of their products, with the women’s version generally costing quite a bit more. But is there actually any difference between the so-called “gendered razors” and shaving cream or is it all just clever marketing?

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Lucy Fuir says:

My wife uses the same razors I do. Always has

Pere Rabbit says:

Female tax

Suzie E Antrobus says:

It’s sexist pricing. They could make men’s and women’s products the same price but they choose not to. We should all just use men’s products and they’ll have to change the prices when they know things are selling.

Today I Found Out says:

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Luk says:

2:48, i found i disagree with this part, i can go to any super market, read the ingredients and the womens always has a noticeably longer list. To say the base ingredients are the same can be misleading, one could say a margherita pizza and a pepperoni pizza have the same base ingredients (dough, herbs, tomato) but their tastes and nutritional value are completely different. This is the same for gendered shaving cream.

Gamma Ray says:

So this video has brought out a rather interesting question. Why is there different tariffs for different gendered clothing?

Kathryn Redlund says:

Funny. It’s no shave November all year round for me.

MatthewNJDavis says:


ZanesFacebook says:

I used to spend great amounts of time shaving my body three times a week, and I’ll tell you the Gillette venus series is at least far superior to the Gillette titanium series

The Titanium razors would actually form small chips in the blade whereas the venus razors stayed visually even

Riddler356 says:

I just use a straight edge, a couple months and a few doesn’t Cuts later I works good for me and is really cheap

Jason Yanes says:

Razor needs at least 32 blades or it’s useless.

Pentross says:

Literally pay through the nose?
Do you stick coins in your nose and sneeze them at a cashier?

Darius der Rote says:

So all those being angry about the ‘pink tax’ are just angry that they like red apples better then green ones (also they taste the same), but have to pay extra for it?
Well isn’t that stupid.

Gil Brandão says:

«– this one, the best razor is called “straight razor” or free hand…

Cristian Cojocaru says:

Not sure how anyone would find those replies unsatisfactory. More material, different purpose, handles catered to two different uses, would women like to get more for the same price as men simply because they’re women? Sure, even I’d like to get more for no extra money, sadly the world doesn’t work that way.

Priestley Harker says:

Mens razors are better and cut closer.
I swapped all my female friends over to male razors and now they swear by them.
The blade isn’t different its the angle as well as the gap between blades.
The gap size determines how quickly the cut hair is removed out of the way.
The larger the gap the more area the hair can escape. To large and the chance of being cut is increased.
You only need to look at how a males facial hair is cut to know they are superior in everyway.

Jordan Aethelric says:

Get a double edged safety razor. It’s generally stainless steel, gender neutral, less prone to infected hairs, and the blades are way* cheaper.

massivereader says:

Duh. They spend (much) more money on advertising for women’s products. Men tend to be much more brand loyal. I’ve used the same blades and shaving gel for decades, and have only used three different varieties of blades in my life, Wilkerson Sword Safety Blades in my teens, Trac 2 starting in my twenties, and Mach Three when they became available in the late nineties.

Santa Purena says:

This is why I use scentless shawing cream with “for men” on it. None of the bullshit.

Ellen Lane says:

I usually laugh about these kind of products being gendered and as a women I’ve used both female and male razors and cream. Both did the same so for me it doesn’t make a difference.
Thank you Simon!

LTN000 says:

why don’t women just buy blue razors, it’s so dumb

Shepherd2305 says:

@1:52 who the Hell puts shaving cream on their lips?!?!

Marina And The Little devils is my icon says:

Yes there is

Jeremy Andrews says:

I haven’t really noticed a difference in price or performance between the pink and blue versions of those cheap Safeway/Signature Care twin blade disposable razors with the moisture strip. A pack of either one goes for around $3. I end up relying on the moisture strip and shaving in the shower rather than buying shaving cream. At that price point, it seems like there’s basically no difference between the two other than color. The price is the same, the moisture strip is the same, the blades appear to be the same and similarly angled, etc. I wonder what kind of razors people are blowing money on that this is even a concern? The male and female members of our household all basically buy the same cheap brand of razors and don’t really care if we grab the pink one or the blue one because we’ve all inspected/used them and discovered that everything is the same except the color.

Kieron Torres says:

I am a woman and I use a traditional double-edge blade in a butterfly handle. I pay 5 to 25 cents per blade; although shaving soap is more expensive, as regular bar soap is no longer really sufficient. But real shaving soap is not more expensive than the canned shaving soap I see in the store (just more expensive than using the bar of soap in my shower). I get a cleaner shave for cheaper, and I can change my blade when I need to, rather than feeling like I need to make it last a little longer. I am saving a little while buying nice shaving soaps and changing the blades as frequently as I like.

Claire Ford says:

1:51 that guy was about to shave his lips

metamech says:

I’m a dude that uses his wife’s razor in the shower to shave my face. So much smoother…and those flexible kind are a dream.

David Rigby says:

Pink cost’s more, because the world is running of pink. Pink seems to exist in abondance on Mars, that’s why they’re talking about going to Mars. Thouht you’d like to know

Sam Hem says:

Men’s razors are made to fit men’s shaving practices, women’s are made to match women’s. But women’s are more expensive, despite research presumably going into both?

Nadia Pajkovski says:

I’m a woman, and I use Gillette fusion 5 pro glide.

ZoePain says:

I don’t know how it’s in other coutries, but in germany you have to pay 19% tax on womens products and only 8% tax on males products, as they are seen as luxury products and are not meant as an every day necessity

Hayley Earle says:

I buy men’s razors because they’re cheaper than the women’s version where literally the only difference is the colour of the handle. No rounded razor head with loads of soap stuff on the women’s but they’re still considerably more expensive.

mossy1 says:

WRONG! Its because all of these companies hate women!!


I buy men’s razors after finding my boyfriends worked better and were cheaper.

Jeffrey Romero says:

My wife uses the razors I get from dollar shave club. She never wants to buy a expensive female razor again she tells me.

OjaioFansub says:

I use a straight razor

Chris Jackson says:

Why do women pay more? Because they refuse to boycott. Seriously do something about it if you dont like it.

PsychoLucario says:

excedrin migrain has caffeine in it vs extra strength which does not

aleave migrain though appears to be exactly the same as the comparable liquid gel, both in dose and physical size.

edstirling says:

my question is how is dollar shave club not a money laundering scheme?

James haury says:

just go with a DE razor and coconut oil.

OhHadivist says:

women’s existence is pain

Gareth Baus says:

or go with my technique and use a straight razor and shave soap

Pyroman / says:

I cut my face all the time got one of them sticks that stop the bleeding stings like a bitch

Astrin Ymris says:

Since I switched to using a “men’s” razor to shave my legs, I find I cut myself a lot less. I was advised to do this by a co-worker who was married to a doctor. I also use an unscented shave gel found in the men’s department, simply because I couldn’t find an unscented variety among the women’s products.

Despite the PhD’s blurbage about differences in the handle design, I’ve noticed that the primary visual difference between the men’s and women’s razors is the colors they come in. But I cut myself all the time with women’s razors, so there is some difference. I suspect that it’s in the quality of the blades.

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