Ladylike Tries Extreme Shaving • Beauty Roulette

I feel like…we should stop playing this game.

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Take Me To Neverland says:

Did that girl in the beginning have One Direction posters? Amazing.

Mayaeppic , says:

“I cut myself on the bar” XD

Solarate says:

“Hey buzzfeed, you run out of ideas yet?”

Buzzfeed: “Lol nah”

sugarspundt says:

Freddy was so into it. Haha

Glimmer says:

This was a lil extra

Annabell Chase says:

That spoon reference though… SPOON!

valeria aguilar says:

Jen…im supposed to be sTraiGht

Victoria Tyler says:

i would react the same way the stranger who shaved her leg for her did

Totally Temple says:

When Jen cut herself OML I was dying I was like “me”

Hello It's Jello says:

Watch the bloopers they are so funny

Josier504 Love says:

Freddy is my favorite she’s my favorite

Vienna Piedra says:

“I love climbing sh**.”

FiddlebirdBlue says:

Good genderless God, stop shaving against the grain.

Emily Williams says:

I wish someone got shaving in a tiny closet!! I wan’t one!!

Cubana chic says:

Did anybody else notice how many cuts were on Jens legs

Turquoise Skittles says:

Is it weird that I have never cut myself while shaving?

TearLilyd says:

Lmao why is Kristin so worried. They work at buzzfeed so…its expected they do these things lol

Faye and Olivia Mayeshiba says:

6:11-6:19 me coming out of the whomb

Rosa Wall says:

Device deadline hit economy ongoing idea collector aware ice.

Mikhela Kurzhal says:

How is Jen so effing clumsy?

Kapoor Rose says:

Jen ❤

amanda gaskill says:

Kristen gets on my nerves

Charlotte Graham says:

“Oh I think I cut my self” lifts razor up sees it is the oil “oh” pause “I cut myself on the soap” – Kristen

Erin Bear says:

I’ve never cut my self while shaving never my sister called me which

Lee Wiseman says:

” I cut myself on the soap,” That killed me. Kristin is my favorite of all of them, she is so funny.

Emily Dunn says:

Who noticed the 1d stuff at the girl in background

HA HA says:

now thats what i call a pit

Rebecca DS says:

When you are watching a buzzfeed video and there is a buzzfeed commercial… YES! 2 in one!

Lexxi unicorn says:

I would love to work with buzzfeed you guys seem to have the most fun and enjoy the work

tobias tan says:

buzzfeed has the most interesting office ever

phyllis the realest says:

Kristin girl. you’re eyebrowsss hurt me

Carolina Melero says:

Omg did I just see a one direction calendar 2:20

Kayla Hall says:

Why did Kirsten have a time limit and the others don’t? Sorry it’s probs so obvious.

nurul danisha says:

I laughed when Kristin said “spoon” BTW Devin reminds me of lele pons. is it only me?

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