Last Razor Review And Shave

A review of the Last Razor, a double edge razor that also has a subscription refill model. This is a sponsored video by Last Razor,

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Danmandingo says:

*I was hoping you’d review the Parker Variant, since you call it your new “Cold Dead Hands” razor.*

*A nice long video about that razor, would be incredible.*

SweeturKraut says:

I misread the title of this video and thought you might be quitting razor reviews.

Shane Meltzer says:

Their “free 3 day shipping” is a bit of a joke… It takes 3 days in transit when they finally decide to ship it.

Jeff Ramsay says:

I’m not happy with the fit and finish of this razor. I can’t get a hold of the company. I do not recommend this.

Najjo Keno says:

I noticed the razor is free when you add a shaving cream subscription. If you cancel, do you have to send it back? 🙂

David says:

Thanks for the vlog Mark. Well done!

WolfRanger2008 says:

This is the first time that I have actively disagreed with your information. Usually, I find it both highly information and entertaining but in this video you flat out angered me in the extreme regarding the commentary on the “knock off” you compared the Last Razor to.

#1. The so called knock off is sold via Carol Wright and Doctor Leonard mail order catalogs. Incidentally, both sellers are the same company with Carol Wright being more focused towards older female consumers and Dr Leonard towards the elderly and/or handicapped. The razor may also be purchased via Sears(online) and through Miles Kimball which is also a mail order catalog company and brings me to my next point.

#2. In fact the Razor has a name AND IT IS NOT KNOCK OFF!!! The actual name of the razor is “Miles Kimball Vintage Razor” which I own and have used regularly since 2013. The quality of its shaves equals that of the Vintage Gillette Knack and Schick Krona. This also extends to the The Bevel Shave System Razor(20160 and Rapira Gillette Tech Clone(2015) contemporary razors.

#3. I do not dispute your opinion. You are welcome to and to express it. I take exception that you expressed that opinion as fact when denigrating the the quality of “No Name” razor’s build, blade containment/alignment and the statement “does not inspire confidence”.

Perhaps you have a defective model of the razor but every insult you hurled at this Inexpensive razor is blatantly FALSE. The razor has a very attractive Nickle Plated Silver Finish with a superior, when wet, grip to the Bevel. It is very durable and has survived several drops on to hardwood flooring and against enamel coated cast iron bathroom sinks with out injury. Once one of the top cap doors detached during such a fall and was easily reattached with ZERO EFFECT on the continuing quality of the razor.

#4. I am well aware that in the World Of Wet Shaving you are something of a Legend but that does not make your OPINION any more valid than anyone else especially when said opinion(s) were offered on mostly subjective aspects of the razor. And those aspects that could be objectively critiqued; I doubt you used the razor enough to formulate a unbiased assessment. This makes me question everything else you’ve ever said… More importantly, even though you did not mention a Name it is very easy to see what brand razor/company you were indicating and this is a disservice to anyone new to wet shaving or to this razor. It deserves a chance to be to be included in other wet shaver’s razor collections/rotations without being unfairly slandered by someone supposedly knowledgeable.

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