Best way to shave your legs, here ya go! Do y’all have any tips?!
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Yarii Iglecias says:

Have you tried epilating? I love it!

Girls, I invite you over to my channel! I do beauty, school, and Europe travel videos in spanish and english! 
Boys are welcome too 😛

Lola Jenkinson says:

I got my mom to do it and I’ve been doing it since and it looks like I’ve been stung by a flipping jellyfish…every time….

Georgia Bear says:

Thanks for the tips dani 🙂

LovelyDancer92 says:

Great tips!

This Kid says:

I think I shaved my eye brows by mistake.

Sweet Suzie says:

I always shave upwards and never get any bumps. Quick tip: You can use coconut oil as a ‘shave gel’, again no bumps and your legs feel super soft afterwards!

Rose Damiano says:

I just shaved for the first time and got 2 tiny cuts. But the don’t hurt and my legs feel numb, but SO SMOTH!!

Laura Nicole says:

You remind me a lot of Karlie Kloss! 🙂

Toxic Crybby says:

I did the same thing
And I cut my leg and It would not stop bleeding lol

MsLindsVlog says:

another tip, i’d also say that men’s razors give you the closest shave than women’s razors. So I tend to go for men’s razors whenever I shave and my legs are always much softer and smoother when I do that

Lazy Teen 777 says:

good video!

RunLikeSheeka says:

I used to have a friend in high school who was late to shaving (I think 7 or 8th grade – AUS) and her parents let her start shaving her legs as her Christmas present haha

Gemma says:

Who taught you to shave your bikini area? I’ve never been taught so I just trim that area and try and shave right at the top of my bikini area and I shave my bikini line so you can’t see any hair when I’m wearing a bikini. I am 24 years old x

Bugs Bunny says:

I didn’t even tell my mom I just kinda did it and came out bleeding LMAO

Farah E says:

Ahhhh dani you’re legit gorgeous!!! I love you!!

Badass Video Gamer says:

Everytime I shave my legs they bleed I soak them in the bath over 20 minutes will my legs get used to this im sick of bleeding I also use shaving gel please help

Lulucastagnette says:

I can’t shave in the direction of the hair growth….my hair is so thick it would feel like my leg has spikes coming out of it

jingerbread93 says:

just found out about you and you are amazing! <3 Love your hair in this vid, do you have a tutorial how to do it? it looks great for work. Thanks!!!

Tîi Ãdrïãñø says:

You talk so much

Sarah Solesbee says:

In terms of razor burn, it’s actually worse for me when I use a new razor. It’s the absolute worse. And then when I use a dull razor it take forever and a day

spaingirl87 says:

they use deodarant for razor burn, i don’t think it really helps.

Maisyplier ! says:

What’s exfoliate

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