Legs shaved with a Straight Razor

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Aj Rubeo says:

Her daughter look interested in wet shaving ever think about having your girl show her how to shave with a safety razor without a blade in it just for practice until she’s old enough to shave with a blade?

David Hilliard says:

Nicely done, Anthony.

Steve, TheDailyShaver says:

I swear I only watched it for the educational value and not a chance to see you cut your g/f leg and the chance to see red blood spurting all over the camera!

Aj Rubeo says:

You have yourself a girl with Bond Girl legs

Kristin Destefanis says:

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Good job. Of course your woman now needs to shave YOU. Then we will see if the trust goes both ways and if your future marriage will work out ;).

The Geekazoid says:

you better not nick those legs Anthony or you be in real trouble braver man than I…

marco cerqueglini says:

Very nice video Bro! Kristy must be very happy for this beautiful shaving! 🙂

SHANER says:

oh man, the gold dollar bashers are still at it man! they’re not trying to claim that they don’t take or hold edges anymore though, i just seen them chirpin’ about how “vintage razors shave way better than gold dollars” and a bunch of them all just agree with one another like mindless zombies. just friggen drones all programmed to have the same mindset and opinions. it’s a placebo effect lol it’s all about the edge my friend. if the edge is great it’ll shave great. those guys will just never let it die hahaha oh man is it ever good entertainment.

Stephen Davidson says:

Very nice shave. She’ll be hooked for sure at this point.

Michael Ray says:

Thanks Anthony . You’re a master of the Straights ! I think she trusts you . ; )

Frank G says:

I’d be scared stiff if those were my legs. Lol You would need a lawn mower for mine. Great video brother.

MMirx1 says:

Well done, though took some time.

zitogs67 says:

Fantastico,come hai convinto tua moglie a lasciarti divertire con il rasoio sulle sue gambe ? 🙂


nice shave! and holy hell 6′ 6″ i thought i was tall !!!

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