Men Shave With Women’s Razors

“What could be so different, right? It’s just gonna be pink…”

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Aliredha Damji

William Barry

Erik Escobar

Christopher Moaney-Laws



*branding razors by gender is arguable one of the largest marketing ploys of modern times*

brett kelly says:

As a man you use an elctric shaver then razor when going from a full beard to babyface. I would use 3 of any mens razor blade shaving my beard when its full.

Darlinglam Aj says:

See there not as strong cause out are made for short hairs like on your legs and pits and pubic places

KatieMaybe says:

That man bun though hello.

Heidi Segovia says:

I use guys razors to shave lol it makes my legs so soft and it doesn’t hurt or sting afterwards

Sarah says:

I find women’s razors get dull to quickly and don’t get as close of a shave, so I buy men’s razors. Also men’s razors are cheaper where I live.

k a r o says:

“i feel pretty” same

Kirby Pierce says:

The guy with the green shirt is beautiful

NGusernames says:

How dare you assume that these things are men, You sexist twat. you white privileged females/other

Jimin's Jams Are Best With Suga Kookies says:

Ah thanks for buying the literal shittiest razors available… like on the other products they say “blank% smoother shave than simply Venus” like really buzzfeed really

Nicole Kitchen says:

I use men’s razors because they are more flexible, sharper, and overall way better quality.

Karin KaPOW says:

That much hair down the drain? That can’t be good

Claudia Vélez says:

that guy with the cute blue eyes… he’s so fine

sasori2dei says:

with womens razors I always manage to cut myself once every damn time, but since I switched to mens razors I have not managed to cut myself once

Bee Jamieson says:

where did the hot man come from 0.0

Sydney Pinchbeck says:

I prefer men’s razors and shave gel strickly because of the cost.

Juliet Mosby says:

like it may have worked better if thier beards were trimed like youve got a couole inches there itll take forever to work through

kidminja44 says:

I’ve done this before with a venus razor I enjoyed it better than the Gillette razor.

cheeseworld says:

“I’ll wear the battlescar.” LMAO

Devon St.Pierre says:

Those razors looked like they were real cheap

davinia takacs says:

i use men’s razors cause i get nicked less. the shave is also smoother…. i used maybe 2 if i shave everything in comparison to the 4 of the women’s razors….. i also use men’s shaving cream but that’s because most of the women’s gives me rashes… it’s also cheaper if i get name brand. A lot of products made for men and women have things made better for one more then the other like men’s razors are the best but woman’s moisturizers are better

Lil' Hottie says:

I use Bic Soleil razors because I used to use Gillette men’s and it SUCKS compared to the women’s. But I will never grow out my facial hair so then again I might not be the best person on this.

lt says:

this is what shaving a knee is like

The Brunette And The Oreo says:

Before this video there was an ad and usually I skip BUT THIS ONE HAD THERAPY CATS WITH SNIOR CITIZENS AND IT WAS ADORABLE

Its Cassie Lee says:

the guy in the red shirt looks good with a beard

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