Men Try A Razor That Shaves Both Ways

Men try a razor that shaves both ways! The guys shave their legs with a weird razor that goes two ways! They have tried a lot of the best hair removal products like nair and an epilator, but this two way razor is one of the weirdest!

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The Razor Used in this Video:

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Χριστίνα H says:

Their gf/wife must be really patient.

Mecca Johnson says:

The sound effects as your were shaving is something most women have done.

shiki queen says:

Ur naillllssss?!?!?!?

newew 15 says:

Some parts cam sounds like donkey from shreak.

Banana Daniel says:

Oh hey, exactly 24000 likes, i was the 24000 hehe

Mariah Meade says:

I feel intense fear for the both of you when I watch the shaving videos and see you guys accidentally move the razor side to side!!! I don’t need to watch suspense movies anymore since I’m already at the edge of my seat when I watch that happen XD

Ronda Christie says:

Can you say razor burn

Men Try Videos says:

NOTIFICATION TRYBE!!! Thank you so much for hitting that notification bell and joining us here every Sunday morning, we hope we bring you endless smiles! Who shaved better, and what would you like to see us TRY NEXT?!

Chase Laudeman says:

I think Alex shaved better. Cams sport announcer bit was hilarious! Id like to see you try the Birth stimulator.

Arvin Narvaza says:

Good lawrd, Cam! I forgot to breathe.

Fragile Jam says:

Ahhh I cringed so hard, when you shaved so hard. ;<;

angelathom88 says:

I laughed harder than I’ve laughed in years!!! I’m still crying!!! This was hilarious!!!!

Ashley Adriance says:

Cam’s commentary has me in stitches. You guys crack me up!

May سلام XD says:

please try the black mask!!

barrett83801 says:

teehee. I want to see you guys BOTTLE FEED CALVES

Kaitlyn.S says:

I can’t get enough of your videos. When ever I’m having a bad day I swing by your channel, and getting a smile back on my face makes everything a little easier. Keep on being your amazingly awesome selves.

rEee says:

who knew two grown men could have so much fun playing with a ball of hair

Officer Banana says:

DUDE! THAT Is a HUGE NO NO! Going back and forth like that I was just feeling to possible pain from doing that. It’s just against the grain and one direction dudes!

shania royce says:

I just saw Cam at the Megaplex in the District!!! So cool

jessie love says:

You guys should try a brazilian wax

Brittany Lewellen says:

I needed this after 3 days I. Thr hospital. Haha thank you guys for being hilarious

Mathilde Bønding says:

Men try should try childbirth simulator 😀 😀

Catherine Wilds says:

Omg that gave me knots in my stomach watching you go back and forth with that razor…shivers!

Lauren Hawley says:

Still waiting to see y’all try the labor simulator!

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