Men Try Nair – Hair Removal Spray Depilatory Cream

Men try waxing. Men try shaving. Men try epilators. But today, men try no hair down there hair removal spray depilatory cream (Men Try Nair).



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Christiana Adams says:

Way dramatic

claire trego says:

i truley havnt shaved in a year because im blonde and u cans see anything

Sara Pluche says:

Am I the only one that wants to try this?

xDesertxOrchidx says:

Lovin’ the stripes OMG LOL
DO IT MORE!!~ :3
*high fives*

Josh Parkey says:

Oh my gosh you guys are freakin hysterical!

saint mclain says:

Holy shit … that isn’t radioctive or something ?

TheEllieJoe says:

“Why do you women do this??!” Dude, we’re not that hairy xD

Jaydah Lopez says:

R.I.P nostrils

Promise Smithee says:

i never use razors it causes bumps. i love veet and nair even though it smells stank

Heather Arsenault says:

the only time I ever used Nair on my legs I got chemical burn.. I am so glad I didn’t use it anywhere else!

ZJKimbley says:

It makes me kinda laugh watching them gag over the smell. One of the biggest reasons it smells so bad is because one of the main ingredients in Nair is urea. You know, the stuff that comes from urine. You’re putting pee lotion all over your legs. So yeah, it stinks. Bad.

swarnadipmitra says:

Isn’t nair permanant ?

thesuprised bitch says:

the discount seth rogan and james franco

ace_bean says:

Oh lord it’s just hair, don’t scream into my ear hahaha

Amelia Perez says:

It doesnt even stink they’re just big babies

Jaydah Lopez says:

Omg their leg at the end

Nøødle says:

I lowkey need this

The Ari Kitty! says:

Before this I had a eos shaving cream moisturizer

Remy says:

What I need to know is where those cups came from…

Emma Sinclair says:

This is why i don’t use nair.. y’all were supposed to be doing this in the bathroom so u can wash it off and put lotion on ur legs so iy doesn’t dry out

Andrea Peterson says:

Just be careful of sensitive areas or else it can do a lot of damage! I used it, didn’t exceed more than 5 minutes, and still had to get treated for severe chemical burns. I used it on my underarms ands it took over a month to heal, and i still have lots of tissue damage. Anyways, love your videos! Can’t wait to see more from you guys 🙂

Jaz High says:

its like buzzfeed, but its not as annoying or trash
im subscribing

Paige Elliott says:

It’s just clumps of hair…. and it doesn’t smell that bad


I need that

Tanzeem Khan says:

Kaha se purchase kre

Ramazan D says:

I think it’s the aloe vera that stinks.
NEVER again!
I couldn’t stand that shit!

April Davis says:


Noobish Squeaker says:

My sister has it and it smells like burning hair

Liane V says:

I was in a cast, up to just below my knee, for almost 3 months. Talk about hairy!! This was my reaction when I used Nair. lol

Nicole Bagley says:

Idk if it was you guys, but I LUVD the eyeliner video with the different looks!!!! TOO TOO funny! But on this one, I liked the prison stripes, myself. You may start a new trend. Seriously, people are always into body mod!!! The best is that ur having fun!!!

Hiruko Winter says:

You get used to it lmao

shadowcat63 says:

I swear woman don’t complain this much about getting rid of hair

im a meme says:

my eyes sting

Wayne Mills says:


601salsa says:

Lmfao god this makes me feel sooo much better. And guys want to know what takes so long in the bathroom

anthonydeandre84 says:

You should have done this in a well ventilated room or used fans.

ashley villa says:

This is why north Korea don’t like us..

Airi Hr says:


Chad Greer says:

Armpits guys!

Jahin Iffat says:

Yalu yalu

Jay Are says:

Y’all honestly fucking suck

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