Mühle R41 Open Comb Razor review at MaggardRazors.com

In depth review of the Mühle R41 series of Safety Razors

Made in: Germany
Head: Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy
Handle: Brass with various plating options, or Resin with plated brass end caps.

Available for purchase:




If you like Open Combs the R-41 is for you. It’s the benchmark the others are always compared to. I tend to get a better shave with an aggressive razor and mild blade, rather than a mild razor with an aggressive blade. I wouldn’t say the Fatip V1 head is more aggressive,I’d give the nod to the R-41,close though. Just my 2 cents.

OSP Snuff says:

Great review! Here’s a question, though. I’ve been wet shaving for almost five years, but with the same Van Der Hagen razor I started with. I’m just now starting to branch out. Am I a beginner?

SR Boulet says:

It’s funny that you mentioned the threaded portion breaking, as that’s exactly what happened to my R41 a few weeks ago. I’d been waiting patiently for the replacement heads to be back in stock.

Greg Myers says:

Its too expensive. Isnt there anything under $40 that is an 8 or higher on aggresiveness? I almost bought a Fatip Grande until I saw your review that they changed the head in version 2. I am currently using Parker 22R and want something more aggresive. Looking for recommendations please

WolfRanger2008 says:

I am not a beginner but I am still going to leave this one alone. 😉

Adam Baskin says:

If this is an 8/10 for aggressiveness what would you consider a 9-10/10?

sterh sterh says:

Great! Thanks for this review. What aggressiveness of V3A Maggard head by your scale? Wants more reviews of Maggard’s products.

Jess Erlund says:

Still debating to buy a Muhle because of cost

Andy Freeman says:

I’ve been wet shaving for a year now and am wanting something with more bite, is getting this razor a good idea?

Roberto S. Gerometta says:

Why calling the R41 an open comb? It does have a safety bar, although unusual in design, and technically that puts it in the closed combs category. It is very aggressive, but there are other closed comb designs that are as aggressive or more (Ikon Tech for example).

Gordy N says:

Fantastic review Brad, really great to see the quality of your videos but I’d expect no less. They are far and away the best of their type on YouTube.

Andrei Petre says:

Same here in Europe with US products. A Pinaud Clubman AS that is 7$ in the US (177 ml bottle) retails in Europe for 17$… That’s more than double the price. It’s the same with Razorock products and I find that stupid considered they are made in Italy… I really hope that transatlantic treaty will be signed in the next 10 years 🙂

akis hd says:

I’m using it with a Maggard MR 11 handle and it feels great because I have a tough and thick beard !

cgsample says:

My daily shaver!

Jk Hire says:

Nicely done, your detailed reviews are second to none. Looking forward to watching the next one.

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