MY SHOWER ROUTINE | Get Rid Of Strawberry Skin, Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hair for Smooth Skin!

I partnered with Gillette Venus to bring you this video!

Gillette Venus Swirl

Gillette Venus ComfortGlide



Microdermabrasion Towel
Gillette Venus Swirl
Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub!
Gillette Venus ComfortGlide
Strawberry Legs
Razor Bumps/Ingrown Hairs
Almond Oil
RAW African Shea Butter


Kaylux Cosmetics — Most Nominated Highlighter
Almond Oil


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Canon T6i
Final Cut Pro X

FTC: This video is sponsored by Gillette, all thoughts and opinion are my own!


Nhlalala Hlekane says:

Love this! Need to try the exfoliating hack after shaving

Rayne Lahey says:

I shaved the beginning of grade seven whithout my mom knowing because I wasn’t supposed to. I cut myself behind my knees and it was a complete disaster

Ataa Maaanu says:

Nice body I love your Tommy

Then Molly says:

You’re skin is so flawless.

Farzeen Ainarkar says:

Is using razor on private part not good???

captain daichi says:

I have hair on my tummy… but I don’t shave it…. I don’t shave my arms aswel….. cause…. you shave it…. it grows thicker and faster

Ann Halley says:

Loved the video but what kind of towel was that? I can’t make it out??

Sweetladyj says:

Can it be used everyday like a wash cloth

LadieBri Productions says:

every girl should watch this

jenna dutton says:

Sameee girl I grow on my stomach too

Blaq Rose says:

your body. i am in love :*

YungReparations says:

Thank u!

Cero Kaur says:


vivahernando1 says:

Dang Ashley is looking flawless …. bet she smells so good too

Anette Galindo says:

Girl I love ur bathing suit where did u get it

Mara M. says:

Body goalssss!

andrea varos says:

Body goals

Lacey Renee says:

Girl, got kinda a weird question. But do you work out? If you do I would love to know your routine and eating habits❤️

omaira malik says:

I have hard hAir i cant use razor

kenzie - random videos says:

I grow hair on my stomach to

Keef Cobain says:


Sofia Marques says:

aaaaaaa thank you

monica rayne says:

your body is perfect

em w says:

Thank you for mentioning that you shave your stomach. I get so much hair on there it’s unreal!

Ade96181 says:

havent even finished the whole video but I freaking love your body shape. Girl I wish i wasn’t such a twig

Psycho Honey says:

omg!!! your body is effing amazing gurl!!!

Daniela Álvarez says:

Skin and body goals

Kylie Bieber says:

boddyyyy goalsss !!!

Hannah Carey says:

I know this is random but I was always really insecure about my body but I realized that we have the same body type and now I am really happy seeing a girl I relate to

Shakuwrah Muslim says:

The first time I shaved I cut myself badddddd

Sara 48x says:

thank you this was really helpful I’m trying this for sure next time I’m shaving

Blondie Baby says:

Omg your skin is beautiful!!!

Corginator 7 says:

Im 18 and i still have never tried shaving cuz i know the hair would grow back wild fast plus razors are scary af. So instead i painfully wax

Tia Chia says:

I shaved my upper lip when I was 5 because I wanted to be like my Dad. Cut half my lip off! Lmao

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