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Are you over-paying because you’re using a typical women’s razor? STOP! I’ve found the perfect, affordable alternative that is delivered straight to your door. Meet Billie! This female focused company is working to eliminate the pink tax on women’s body care products. This is my full review after using the razor for approximately 2 months.


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Nicolette Peters says:

This is such a great review! Thank you!

Laura B says:

Thanks for this video.. I watched it last week and then ordered Billie. I received mine yesterday and it’s amazing! I went and ordered an extra handle as well while Periwinkle was available 🙂

TheUnforgettableFlower says:

I am subscribed to my billie as well, i think it really great quality. I think you did a terrific job explaining the ordering process and research!! I just subscribed to your channel!

samhaha says:

This video was done so well! You were so informative! I subscribed!

Rene Esquivel says:

Do they charge for shipping? Southern California here.

Sarah E says:

You will ALWAYS find the men’s version is more expensive. We tend to use all men’s products or neutral gender products now. We’ve found with organic products it’s even worse. I LOVE your reviews, you are so thorough that I don’t have a million questions when I’m done watching like I have with other reviewers.

Dani Webb says:

Really informative. Thank you for your research and a great review!

Amy Patterson says:

Just wanted to say, you are an EXCELLENT reviewer! This was such a comprehensive and thoroughly-researched review. I really appreciate how much thought and effort you put into researching the “pink tax” price comparisons – most product reviewers wouldn’t have bothered at all! – and that you used the service for a few months in before creating this review.

This is my first video of yours I’ve watched, but I’m loving all the work you’ve put in!

Brit Miss says:

The blade is very similar to the disposable Equate razors I got from Walmart…

C Baelz says:

I’ve just been using the men’s Barbasol aloe shave cream for years now so I haven’t paid much attention to prices of other products, but is $8 for shave cream seriously what people pay?

Angela Bellissimo says:

You get 8 shaves out of one. That is great. The venus sensitive disposables do not even last a week. Once, I run out of them I defiantly going to subscribe to their service considering 6 pack of disposables cost 12 bucks and the 2nd use of them I have to shave twice for good results.
I personally shave 4 days a week because if I do not my sensitive skin turn super itchy.

Julia Elmore says:

P.s.: your video was very well done and informative so I just subscribed to your channel lol

Southern Duck says:

LOVE Billie razors! The razors themselves are great and I have never cut myself with these. They also last way longer than the Venus razors. I actually have two handles, one for my travel bag and another that I keep in my shower. I love that the blades are individually packaged, so great for travel. The blades are so affordable, I never worry about tossing the blade when I’m traveling or swapping blades out to quickly.

Nadia Pajkovski says:

Do you have to have a subscription? I’m on summer holidays in the US so I can get the razor, but I live in Thailand and I think it would be too much hassle to try to get the cartridges there every month since I shave every day.

Tanishala Bryant says:

Thanks for sharing your opinion. I just order my starter kit and looking forward to using it.

Christine Brown says:

Glad to see more videos from you! How about a review of make up removing products?

Allison Runs on Posh says:

I have never heard of this brand before and I love the idea ! *runs to subscribe* Thank you for sharing!

Brea Harris says:

MAGGIE! I haven’t been on here in a while but was looking for videos about these razors, and of course, yours popped up on the right side of my screen! You did such a good job, and I’ve missed watching your videos. 🙂 Ordering my Billie set now! Hope you’re doing well.

Taylor King says:

What’s up with the magnetic thing?

Ashley Rose says:

Thank you for this review!!! I subscribed to Billie and I used your link! 🙂

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