Philips BodyGroom BG2024/15 Review (INDIA)

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Philips BG2024/15 BodyGroom Shaver for Men.

This video is about cutting performance of philips Bodygroom.

It is safe and comfortable for underarms, chest & abs, back & shoulders, groin area and legs. One stroke gives you a skin friendly, comfortable shave across all body areas.

Here’s an overview of the Philips Bodygroom shaver. I’ve added a short clip of me shaving my leg.

Anyone who’s looking for an alternative to shaving their stomach and chest with razor blades or waxing will find the Philips Bodygroom quite useful, however those looking to trim or shave their groin area will get the most out of this product.
It’s definitely a personal preference as to whether you trim and/or shave your pubic area, and those looking for a safe and effective method should definitely get the Bodygroom in my opinion.


David R says:

Индус чтоли?

rohan raga says:

Bro is trimming better or shaving for legs
After usng this product on legs do it leave tiny hair follicles back like once we do on trimming beard.

Blablabla says:

im using this product for 1 years and im gonna say I’m pretty under impress, AFTER SHAVE you must be use a creme for your body if you dont you will get everywhere a marks, I do my whole body like legs arms ass belly shoulders in about 1.5 hours with razors you will do 4 hours. I say buy it!!!.

Edward Middleton says:

My dad’s gonna beat my ass if i shave my hair legs.

Marcos Oliveira Ribeiro says:

O cachorro também queria depilar!

John Smith says:

the downvotes are not deserved. unlike most other reviews and marketing material, the video shows exactly what the product is supposed to do and gives an impression of how well it works.

Feride Dogan says:

i think thats works only as a trimmer. shaving wet with gel still needed

YourEnlightenedFriend says:

Thank You!

moh says:

i hate how other videos show a waxed guy using the device like an stupid, the ones that just talk are worst!
this was real helpful on ther hand thanks

Nishant choubey says:


Felipe Abou says:

Awesome video, keep doing these objective reviews, we don’t want to see all that useless commercial bullshit… Those who disliked this video are dumb.

Jose Loco says:

hi there, how often do you need to change its head due to wear? thanks

Rihan khan says:

chootiya wet kyu kiye hair tune…..bc rough hair fast cut hote hain then wet hair
only for trimmer
not a scissor

iplaybose says:

thanks for the vid

perth45 says:

another stunning man mutilating his body…..

Kimmy L says:

Are u Indian hunny ?


sir can I use it to maintain my beard means it have any comb with her like 2 number

Aman Yadav says:

Hy……what if I don’t want a complete shaved chest and just need to trim it a bit….Is it possible with the groomer?

Minahil Rajpoot says:

Bad mn or b zyada hair’s ate hen ya kam?

Mohit Dhyani says:

Bro, if i use it in my hand ,after that it give smooth skin…small child..???

Edwin TNT says:

thank you for the video

ashim mohapatra says:

After grooming once it will hair may increase faster n harder i think so… reply

Uğurcan Yavuz says:

I want to use it on my chest,back and arms.Should i buy it? What do u think about that? Is it working like razor blade?

riha riha says:


Ely Lalin86 says:

crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool, this is the REAL demonstration!!!! ahaha…. But does the skin appears irritate after half an hour??? Because indians gots a better skin l think…we “white mans” are differents… Somebody call them “shark skin” in italian “pelle di squalo”… ahaha… My boyfriend gots a “candy” skin eheheheheh

aditya sawant says:

Is this groomer similar to shaving legs.Coz shaving makes the hair grow thicker and faster.

uprsng44 says:

absolutly robbish , veet creme do it better

Tsvetomir Sheev says:

Hey dude can you tell me how often do u have to shave like does the hair start popping up the next day or does it stay smooth for at least a week cause I will be going to the sea soon and I don’t wanna look retarded. Thank u for the video.

hurricane182 says:

Thanks I’m buying to now. It shaved your leg well. Philipps should give you some more money

Hemraj Dhodhavat says:

yeah product Kaha Milta Hai Amazon pe bahut search kiya Lekin Mujhe Acer product please mujhe bataiye aap ne kaha se kharida hai aur is ki price kya hai

z3ranje says:

I am really really really HATE THIS ACCENT,.. i work with a lot Indian and Pakistani people and when start talking fast in this accent i feel like Oooooh here we are !!

richard mitchell says:

this good for the jewels?

Akshat Mullick says:

Muzza aagya

Jimmy Two-Times says:

This video is very gay.

sunny kumar says:

thanks a lot bro

Hemraj Dhodhavat says:

thank you

Narcis Enache says:

can you renove the head, blades for cleaning?

Ashwin Gami says:

wat about 1025 body groomer

ساري ساري says:

مانصح فيها ابدا تسوي جروح بالجسم والبشرة وحبوب حمراء بعد الحلاقه ……………

Deen Akl says:

That’s the worst way of using and talking about a body groomer

Munib Qazi says:

pores chubte hain after cutting

sunny kumar says:

bro after r this HAIR WILL br grow TO THICKER AND longer ??

please tell

Kalvin One says:

best test for this product ! I m amazed that other reviews are just talking talking and talking for ever and we have to trust them… here it s real and it looks not fake at all… I hope to see the balls on 1 video to be sure that it s really safe before getting those products and which one is the best in 2016 ! thanks a lot again for this great and real video.

skull crusher says:

kya isse baal chubhte hai? thode badhne par?

Shridhar Deshpande says:

Stubble remains ?

Turin says:

Thx for the vid and can you say whats the difference between this model and the BG2036 ?

Fashion Patrol says:

Did you experience any ingrown hairs or rashes after use?

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