Plastic-Free Shaving with the Safety Razor: Zero Waste Tip #4 with Katie

Quit those nasty plastic disposable razors! In this video I explain what safety razors are, how much they cost, how to use them and what type of shaving accessories you’ll need for a complete zero waste shaving kit. You need not every shaving with disposable plastic razors again!


Merkur Razor $25.99

Edwin Jagger Razor $59.34

Perfecto Lathering Brush $12.95

Men’s Shaving Soap Bar $13.95

Ammo Shaving Soap Bar $7.99

Ascent Shaving Soap Bar $16.99

Wahl Hair Clippers $43.10

Braun Electric Razor $59.99

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Men’s Shaving Tutorial Videos:
Birch box Man
Jack Black

Women’s Shaving Tutorial Videos:
Ritual Shave
Maggard Razors
The Washing and Shaving Company

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Holly Brown Fit says:

Ha! That intro nuk nuk nuk 🙂

Juan Herrero says:

Save the planet; grow a beard!

Aaron's Life says:

Love the video. A couple of other tips I can add. If you do use disposable razors, you can keep them sharp for longer by running them along a strip of denim 20 times both ways after shaving. You could also resharpen the safety blades with a fine grit sharpening stone if you’re keen. That way you will probably never have to buy blades again either. P.S. I hope you are still single 😉 lol.

Harleylover14 says:

Not quite waist free, but definitely better than a pack of bic razors.

jen tangen says:

Camamu, a company in Portland, Oregon makes amazing shaving soaps.

Mark Evans says:

Gillette used to make a special razor for women called the Lady Gillette. I purchased one for my 16 year-old daughter and she’s been using it for about a month and loves it. This was basically just one of their Super Speed heads mated to a longer handle, presumably to make it easier to reach ankles, etc. It’s a TTO (Twist-to-Open) design, which means you turn a knob at the bottom and the butterfly doors open for loading/unloading your blade, which is easier and safer than a 3-piece razor, especially for those new to double edge shaving. You might be able to pick one up in an antique store, or flea market or from eBay. Alternatively, the Parker 99R is a similar design which can be purchased new from Amazon or elsewhere and has the longer handle. The Parker 99R is also completely constructed of brass plated in chrome, so it’s impervious to rust and quite hardy.

I wouldn’t recommend the Edwin Jagger or Merkur razors listed in the video for a couple of reasons. First, they are both 3-piece razors, which can be slightly more challenging to load for a beginner. Secondly, only the handles are made of durable brass or stainless steel; the heads (the top cap and base plate) are made of Zamak, a type of pot metal alloy, which is brittle and will snap, usually at the threads if dropped or overtightened, or rapidly disintegrate when exposed to water should the chrome plating get damaged, say from dropping the razor which seems a probability if shaving in the shower. If you want a razor to outlast you, you need to be looking at 100% brass or stainless steel construction.

For blades which are good and easily available on Amazon, look at the Astra Superior Platinum or Shark Super Stainless.

You’ll need a shaving brush and I’d recommend a synthetic bristle one. Look up Razorock Plissoft for a cost-effective alternative to the pricier Plisson brush from L’Occitane. There a many great soaps available, and you can research them yourself, but to start I’d suggest getting the Body Shop’s Maca Root (and I believe it’s vegan if you care).

If you’d like to order everything in a starter kit, Maggard’s has a variety, as does Italian Barber.

Healing Josefine says:

Sweet! I´m gonna get my hands on a safety razor. Great channel by the way – the world needs more Zero Waste-videos 🙂

Brian Wood says:

I love safety razors.

Totallytammy says:

Clicked on the link to buy the women’s razor and it’s no longer available on Amazon. Can you recommend another brand for women? I also bought the Go Toobs and your book. 🙂

Annie says:

Trashisfortossers advertised albatross razors and I bought that recently. It’s a little short but I still like it and am excited to learn

Juan Herrero says:

I got mine (stainless steel) for under ten dollars, shipping included, from eBay. The lathering brush for 2€ (under $2.5), locally at a small grocery shop.

ssymck says:

how about epilation? =D

Ben says:

These are not stainless steel razors. They are pot metal.

Keegan Daley says:

Hey just wanted to let you know to pay attention to the gender binary in your dialogue… THANKS

Mugdho Sapiens says:

What about the plastic cover used to wrap blades by the manufacturing companies ?

Ruthy Colon says:

They have 1 on amazon for 10$

Bicho Arbol says:

Do you know that you can actually be more zero waste by doing sugar wax? It won’t just be better for your follicles but for environment too.

Janice Mines says:

we reduced shaving significantly my husband grows a beard and when we got married he was not a fan of one days hair growth on my legs and how prickly it felt he asked me to either shave frequently enough to not be prickly at all which might need to be more than once a day no thank you or skip shaving all together I took him up on that. we still shave a little but we should be able to make the disposables we had on hand last for a few years buy then we could invest in one raiser between the two of us and a pack of blades sounds like a plan

B Mart. says:

I initially got into wet shaving without thinking that I would reduce waste. Now I love that little bonus that comes with shaving with a safety razor. It has been a long road to find what works for me now, though.

To anyone that tries it and it doesn’t work out at first, don’t give up!

niidiimii says:

How long does it take for the blade to compost once rusted with salt?

Teagan Stanley says:

I bought mine on eBay for 6.99 from China and I hope it works well! just got it in the mail today

LittleBigKayCey says:

Why is she shaving outside at 2:28 ?!

Jenna B says:

With so many safety razors to choose from, how do you know what is right for you? They all look the same to me. I’m confused.

Lauren Jackson says:

Ouch!!!! I hate that they show that lady just dragging the razor up her leg like that not once but TWICE in TWO different videos!!!Short strokes are key!!!!!!Seeing that may make someone believe thats how you should do it (the same way you can shave with a typical plastic razor) and they may end up giving up the idea of using a safety razor at ALL after that because they will most DEFINITELY cut themselves!! Please change this video to take those two clips out! Makes me cringe and does not inspire others to recognize that, (while this is a well worth it choice) it’s FAR different from a typical plastic razor most Westerners are used to.

AMS says:

very nice at 1:18 – amazing

Trevor Miranda says:

Great stuff! I’m going to spread your channel around. Became interested in this and your videos are a great way to grab this kind of info in a compact way.

Rachel B says:

I’ve only used 8 razors in the last year – I don’t know anyone who uses 100! I am still interested in getting a safety razor, but I hate when exaggeration is the tactic used to try to influence. 🙁

Lorena says:

Arabic sugar waxing is the best hair removal in my opinion 🙂 And also with this method use every time hair comes back less thick and dark,also risk for ingrown hair is very low because you pull out towards the direction hair grows instead of against. Very easy recipe white sugar,lemon juice and heat up until it makes liquid caramel,let it cool in a jar etc no wax strips needed either. 🙂

Michelle Barajas says:

I want one now!!

M says:

I love your videos. This particular one i added to a playlist for useful tips! And im getting this razon and am eager to never replace it. Thank you so much! Keep it up

Veggies and Kilos says:


jen tangen says:

Got my husband one for Christmas. He LOVES it.

Tara Main says:

Here in victoria b.c there is a company called the copper hat that sales saftey razors, and homemade boar hair brushes. I was talking to one of the owners and he says he disolves the razor blades in apple cider vinegar and it makes a pitch black stain. So amazing.

Beyond the Journey says:

I just bought your book and my safety razor. Your book is a really awesome, great tool, I love it and I’m also a little worried about cutting myself with the safety razor.

Juan Herrero says:

In order to extend the life of a disposable razor or razor blade, when you notice it starts to get dull, or even before and after each shave, run it a few times alongside the inside of your arm (where hair doesn’t grow), from the elbow to the wrist, like if you wanted to shave but in the oposite direction (like a reversed video).

Adriana Ruiz says:

are the razors vegan

Alex S. says:

Who uses 100 razors a year?! Still an awesome video!

Sarah lynne Boleyn says:

going to buy one 🙂

The Minimalist Ninja says:

I just bought a safety razor and I am now waiting for the blades to arrive! I also contacted Gillette re a recycling program for my current razor and unfortunately they don’t offer one :/ I read also that using coconut oil is good for shaving so I’ll try that out! just stumbled across your channel and love it already! oh and may I just say, you are absolutely gorgeous!! 🙂

Izzy Rafiei says:

I stopped shaving last year so now i’m super eco-friendly. XD

John D. says:

Very true…cartridge razor are environmantel pollution. Is there a link for the video with the whole body shave (1:18) ?

Paputsza says:

A hundred a year? Really? That’s not an exaggeration?

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