Product Review: Dorco 6 Blade Razor for Women

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The Dorco team sent me this product free of cost in order for me to review it for you. Please know that all I am sharing with you is my honest opinion.

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Direct Link to product: LSXA1000: Soft Touch™ 6 Blade System for Women

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Sean Williams says:

always pretty 

TheAlunia73 says:

I wish you will do makeup tutorial of your look in this film …is amazing;)))so pretty:)

Ann Ononomouse says:

I totally agree about these razors!! I was using the Schick Quatro 4 for Sensitive Skin and they had those fine wires, so I could just go as fast as I wanted and didn’t have to worry about cuts and nicks. Now I have to go slowly and be very careful. But it’s worth it! I used to got through a Schick after about 5-6 uses. And those are about $10,00 for 4 disposables. I like these new Dorco cartridges very much! It does feel a little weird and bumpy but I get the closest shave ever! One very important question here… Why is it that my handle has plastic grippers for the cartridges and yours is metal?? :/  . Mine is also newer. I just don’t get that. I sure hope mine lasts as that is the biggest and most common complaint I have heard about these handles. I did have to wait for my handle for a week as they did run out. But they gave it to me for free with 2 extra cartridges and I’m still on the first. I as well loved the the little container the cartridges come in as well! I have some ideas as to what to do with them, to maybe use them to organize my little left over Jamberry Nails! I can just cut them to my sizes for pedi’s and just store them and they will be all ready for use when I need or want to change my pedi design! I can think of other uses if people are reading this as well. Maybe a little pill case, for pony holders in your purse, bobby pins, gum (like the whitening little squares) instead of the paper packs that fall apart. And anything small to keep at hand in your handbag or to organize the little tiny things that you always loose easily. OH! Those little rubber backs for fish hook earrings too!! These are wonderful razors, and just take a little getting used to. If you feel you need a little more slip, use some coconut oil or a good shave cream or gel. (I use the coconut oil as it not only moisturizes but as well keep the blades sharp and lasting longer. DO NOT use alcohol on them!! This will dry them out and you will ruin them! Use either coconut oil or tea tree oil. Just a few drops will do will do ya!! This is after use care. Thank you for listening.

shawtyloveee817 says:

$4 dang thats cheap

Jennifer Huang says:

In sooo getting this
How much is it?
Love your Chanel

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