Razor Review: Option Five & TOBS Sandalwood – RazoRock Plissoft

Pre: Hot Shower
Cream: TOBS Sandalwood
Razor: Option Five
Brush: RazoRock Plissoft
Blades: Feather (2)
Post: Thayer’s Cucumber Witch Hazel
A/S: TOBS Sandalwood
Balm: Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm

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Picazo Inkx says:

SinatraLennon actually did a review on the protype, tho the origins seem different I’m sure the razor you reviewed is the final cut…link is here https://youtu.be/YasIYN24-D8

Emmanuel Goldstein says:

$65 for a Chinese razor?

Johnny says:

It’s so sad that UK companies are now making their razors in China…. I think I will just stick to my vintage Gillettes made in England! Cheers

Shave- a-thon says:

Kevy got ready for his post shave celebrity date with Casey Batchelor after spending the entire afternoon discussing the Option 5 razor (click on image to enlarge): http://imgur.com/a/06gW7

Tomsterr says:

Can you make another video with Option Five soon..pls… 🙂

BigDxxxx1 says:

Hi Kevy, I stumbled across this… You Gotta watch this – look familiar? https://youtu.be/YasIYN24-D8

Matthew Bullock says:

Did anyone order this razor and not receive it in the mail? Tried emailing seller with no response. Anyone have the same experience?

steven lamond says:

Good review Kevy. Well done mate.

Slapo007 says:

Hi Kevy,
thanks for the review. Looks like a very nice gift material.
For those who prefer a bit more aggressive razors – can it be shimmed (and with how many shims)?

Cheers. 🙂

Steve M says:

I love seeing new products. Great video/review. I thought the same thing seeing the enclosed release mechanism. Seems like a spot for long term build up of water, soap, etc that could lead to corrosion or gumming up. The manufacturing engineer in me also likes precision machined products. I’m a little disappointed that it looks like there are gaps between where the 2 outer shell pieces meet from what I could see in the video. I do like the click to close design. I have said this should be used more instead of the standard twist, screw design. Good luck with the new gear and many more great shaves.

markmongo44 says:

Hey Kevy, you should have played the Miami Vice theme song as you open your package of white powder. LOL. Cheers, Mark

BigDxxxx1 says:

Nice KRK speakers – the R5’s?

Brian B. says:

Hi Kevy. Real nice review. Razor looks very futuristic. I think you have a winner. Take care.

talonlan says:

Lol just watched their presentation video on their website, what utter crap

John Barcelos says:

good video kevy do they sell that razor in the us

Tim Omick says:

Interesting razor Kevy.

William M Trexler says:

I like that…just in time for christmas

Nayem Khan says:

Thanks for the review Kevy, interesting video. I wonder how the razor would perform with a milder blade like a Wilkinson Sword.

William Scott says:

Very cool design!

Ben Heinatz says:

Hey Kevy! Thank you for the review! I’ve never seen that razor before, so this was very cool to see. Do you know if that little beauty is available in the USA?

flash boredom says:

looks different but still not sure if I like it? best regards.

Richard Zilver says:

Splendid review!

David says:

Thanks for the shave and review of the Option Five. It looks like a fun razor. It will be interesting to see how it does over the next few years.

Steve Traveller says:

Really nice of you to share the unboxing, great video Kevy

Mark O'Cain says:

Myeah..I’ll give it a burl. If it shaves ok it’ll get used, if it doesn’t it gets ‘sin binned’ and just sits there looking interesting in my collection hehehe.

Shave- a-thon says:

Feather blade and only one weeper? One of your best shaves to date! Could the ATG pass in the mustache area be next in a surprise episode of Kevy Shaves with the Option 5? And will Kevy actually attempt an XTG pass from east to west and west to east on the neck? Only Kevy’s writing team knows the answer! And now the YT cc’ing collage for this video: http://imgur.com/a/YT56e

WolfRanger2008 says:

This looks like a really great shaving tool. I like the push button blade mechanism and that it appears to be a fairly mild shaver. The head looks very much like the design used in Bevel Shave System. The shape of the top cap and triangular design logo strongly resemble Bevel but the similarity is very superficial given how the blade is inserted.

Unfortunately, I think its a little on the pricey side although not nearly as expensive as several other “high(er) end” razors. I was curious to see how it would cost including shipping and experienced the purchase page crashing every time so that is either bug in the browser I used or on Option Five’s end.

Thanks for the demonstration and review!

Alex De Leon says:

What a modern, well designed, razor. A sort of reimagining of the Futur. It seems an efficient shaver, paired with the right blade of course. I was elated to see you at Cap’s live shave! Your scent entry looks very insightful, buddy. I hope you win the new set. Enjoy your weekend, and give my regards to Mrs Kevy, and Riley.

The Spectre says:

Interesting design on that razor. Thank you for the review.

Сергей Белецкий says:

Kevy, if there had been an episode in Alien by Ridley Scott (1979), in which a male character was shaving, his razor would have probably looked like this option five.

Garry Pepperman says:

Good review Kevy
Option 5 looks impressive

Ciscotopia says:

Very pretty looking razor, although when you first opened the box I thought I was looking at a fancy cartridge razor. If people are concerned with water collecting or soap gumming up the razor they could always stick it in an ultrasonic cleaner, I would think that that would take care of any soap residue.
I’ve never heard TOBS sandalwood described as a gentleman’s sandalwood but that’s definitely spot on.
Thanks for the video Kevy!

robert stockton says:

looks like a wilkinson sword razor, which is extremely mild

007vauxhall says:

Quite like this razor, and the fact it’s heavy and has no blade exposure, good review Kevy. 🙂

cariza5 says:

Kevy this razor reminds me of the Bevel Razor which you can buy from Target in America, here is the video, Jock Stewart.

edd says:

nice shave kevy interesting looking razor I thought it was the futur at first, do you think it is a good price for the razor? I used a feather blade for the first time yesterday very nice in my Parker 98r I did over shave however haha, take care mate

highonimmi says:

thanks for continuing to take one for the team.  you buy the stuff we may have to save for and give us honest feedback on them.  I wish a person could adjust this razor.  may have been a viable option for a razor.

The Suffolk Shaver says:

That gold blade looks fantastic.I’m not sure the style of razor is for me.

Warren Bravo says:

Perhaps this is the way DE razors will look in the near future. Thanks for the interesting video. Woof to Riley. I am looking forward to your shave video with that 1976 classic razor you used to open the parcel with.

Jeremy Vuozzo says:

Great review, thanks. Quite different. As others have said, I’m not sure if it would be something I’d like.

David Dyer says:

Great review Kevy. I don’t think it comes close to the Futur when it comes to style and design though

porty dert says:

Great review Kevy. The O5 looks very Futuristic…

Tomsterr says:

Great video again :). This razor seems very interesting and you made it look like a very nice and comfortable razor.

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