Razor test: Gillette vs. Dollar Shave vs.Harry’s

Testing Gillette Sensor Excel vs Dollar Shave Club vs. HARRY’S razor blades. Can’t go wrong with Harry’s or DSC.


Anonymous Maximus says:

ain’t no pussy worth ur credit card man. cut and run. litteraly.

henchicken popbutton says:

You do know there is a five blade swivel and vibrating head Gillette fusion? Its been out for years….
They are light years ahead of harry’s and shave junk club, even Schick out does those two…
One Gillette Fusion blade last”s two months or more and I shave every day!
That’s about thirty bucks a year to shave with the very best…

cariza5 says:

Everything you shave shown here is over priced junk, you are best to buy yourself a Double Edge Safety Razor, Look at the Edwin Jagger DE89 or Parker 65R which lasts forever and buy yourself 100 Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades which only costs around $10 for 100.

punklover99 says:

dsc is a good deal if you do the 3 a month

arie banker says:

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westganton says:

I use a 1966 Gillette Super Speed w/ $0.15 blades. Works great and costs me a little over $10 per year.

Yannick Delgadillo says:

Dollar shave club is great. I need to upgrade to the executive.

Rodrigo O. says:

You talk to much!!!!. You have to do the test with the same number of knives in the cartridges and see if they work or not. You use the Gillette with 3 knives and the other have 5 e/a

Baum Ast says:

Dollar Shave = Dorco, South Korea
Harrys = Feintechnik Eisfeld, Germany

D.L.'s Studio says:

what are you doing to your razors man!!!! i use one blade per month. i shave about 4-5 times out of the week, and the blades i use are gillete but the 6 blade one and it last me up to a month each. i also use schick those work nice and they sorta cheap too. How are you running through your blades so quick tho? my facial hair is not thin either i have a full beard so i shave neck all the way up to cheek.

Victor Jacobs says:

Thank’s for the review Great job! I just received my trial set and I’m looking forward giving Harry’s Razors a try

Adam De Bartolo says:

btw… dollar shave club you can also ask for every other month delivery for 4 blades… just helps costs

Brody 115 says:

Nigga don’t know how to count

Francisco Ortiz says:

Close to what I discovered. I also have a gillette sensor handle and blades for it. A solid proven twin blade design. I do not fall for the 4, 5 … 20 blade cartridges that are really trying to fool you into blowing more money. I can buy 20 sensor cartridges for $25 and they last about 5 shaves each. Or I can buy 20 EXCEL sensor cartridges (that fit the same handle) for $30 and those last about 6 shaves each. I did try the dorco razors the Pace 3 combo set gets you 10 cartridges for $15, i put those in my travel bag. I did not like the Harry’s design, you have to bend it a lot to get force on to your face to cut (same reason I did not like the fusion.

udo krause says:

Harrys, in Germany ,Die wissen ,wie man die Klingen schleift und beschichtet wie Gillette .Sind sogar viel besser.Diese Konkurrenz konnten sie nie ertragen.Ergo,Verklagen.

Michael Delorme says:

I generally don’t grow my facial hair as fast as other people so I find that shaving every second day or even waiting like 5 days to shave is good. Doller shave club gives you the option to buy razors every second month instead of buying them every month witch helps me save money and I get a great razor.

Sam C. says:

Harry’s is the best

Marcus DeRuyter says:

Gilette has the best quality blades but you show the oldest blades they have the amerikan stuff is allways bad compared to german or central european …

The Pink Envelope says:

I am at 3 weeks of use on my Harry’s and it is just now getting dull.  I have been very impressed with mine!  I do recommend the Harry’s razor (video explaining more on my wall) and I have used a Sensor as well but it didn’t like me AT ALL and I have never done Dollar Shave Club so this was good to see.  I did not have a chrome grip like some others have had, mine is an orange rubber like yours so no slipping.  I had the same amount of hair storage in the blades as I did any other razor.  These blades were awesome IMO.

tanbir rahman says:

maybe im late to the party , but have you ever considered safety blades ? They are lifesaver on the wallet and if you combine it with a shaving brush and shaving soap they are an excellent shaving experience IMO

STEVEN1987 says:

Just buy a safety razor and a pack of 100 DE blades and your all done for the year.

Jason says:

the best is sensor 3 or mach 3

robert stockton says:

Dollar Shave Club is rebranded Dorco. They make double edge blades too. The Dorco 6 plus is the same as DSC six blade. Their best blade. You can buy all you want from Amazon or Ebay. Or directly from Dorco.

Russell Corsini says:

It does give a great shave but I find it difficult to eject the old blade ,when I want to replace it with a new blade can someone please tell me how I can get a new handle 774 454 8013 Russ

Baddog3290 says:

astra blades 100 for 10 and i get 2-3 shaves and i havnt bought razors in 2 years

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