Safety Razors: Zero Waste Beauty

All about safety razors, how to choose one and use one as a woman. Key attributes to look for in a razor:

1. Longer handle
2. Grippy textured Handle
3. Double Edged
4. Look at reviews for decent quality. Some cheap no name brands are reported to easily break. This should be a buy it for life purchase!

The one that i got is: Parker 29L Safety Razor
This one also has good reviews for women: Merkur Long Handed Safety Razor

The recycling info might only be true for most of Australia. I’ve recently been informed that in other places like the UK you might not have metals collection in mixed recycling bins. If you are unsure please do your research on this for your area and above all make sure you don’t dispose of them loose as this can be dangerous for waste services workers.

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violet goodman says:

Hi, I bought the same Parker razor and it works great. I even used it on my down yonder lady parts (not just the sides) with no issues. I was very thankful for the grips on the handle. I didnt have to worry about angles, I just shaved like I normally do. Also, I get no more or less nicks than I do with an expensive cartridge razor. Thanks for doing this video, I’m thinking of buying a second one. I really enjoy it!

Living Even Keeled says:

I got a mens razor several years ago and I didn’t even think about the handle. I would have loved a longer handle so that’s a great feature to look out for. And yes, mine does slip sometimes.

Potato Red says:

Thank you for this straightforward and easy to digest video! I’m learning about minimalism and the zero waste lifestyle and found your video very helpful to my own journey. Absolutely subscribed so I don’t miss any great content!

kate blatt says:

aluminium foil, you need to look into that more, pretty shore they are steal and not aluminium, use a soup can and tape over the top, then recycle.

OurHumbleLife says:

Thank you, this was very helpful.

J Scholtens says:

This is a very helpful video. I’ve been searching for a razor like this. Thanks for sharing.

Courtney Madden says:

how do you store your razor? Do you have a stand or do you leave it in the shower? I’m buying the razor you recommended now!

Tiffany Mcateer says:

I have very sensitive skin and have found only one razor that doesn’t cause razor burn for me I can’t use shaving creams cuz they dry my skin out any way do you know if it would b OK on sensitive skin

Coccinelle says:

I’m thinking about it for the future (when I will finish my supply of cartridges that I bought in 2007, sigh) but I’m not really sold yet. I shave my underarms with no soap or shaving cream and I don’t really want to start doing it. I don’t shave in the shower because I need to see what I do. I’m really curious about other people shaving routine. How do you do it???

Victoria Zwergmaus says:

Link your stuff in the describtion box. Would help a lot for things you like, when we wane have them too. Thanks!

Nancy Orozco Stoll says:

I want one but a bit nervous about shaving private area. Does any shave sensitive area with a safety razor?

MeanderingMeagan says:

With the non-rotating head, how tricky is it to use? It’s called a safety razor but I feel like I would cut myself up, especially around the knees! What’s the learning curve like?

Steph Towse says:

Love this vid… I managed to pick up a vintage one today.. can’t wait to try it out 🙂

LizRevival says:

Thank you! Just got mine and was terrified of using it for the first time… Now I feel more comfortable using it:)

Alex Wade says:

A good video discouraging the use of the shameful disposables (they really should be banned). Your re-cycling advice is a little bit wrong, however. You suggest screwing used blades up in aluminium foil. This would, in practice make the aluminium foil and steel based blades impossible to separate. They are very different and incompatible metals. The best thing to do is get something like a steel biscuit tin (I have a round one about 25cm high by 8cm diameter), permanently epoxy the lid on (for safety) and cut a small slot (just big enough to ‘post’ the used blades) with a Dremel cutting disc. This will store at least 20 years worth of used blades and when it’s full the whole thing can go into recycling as steel and smelted down.

Mrs Lacroix says:

You should look into an epilator it’s great!

Jill Snoddon says:

Started using a safety razor again. Decided to get a new, better one and got the Edwin Jagger Safety Razor Double Edge Lined Detail Chrome Plated DE89Lbl. Can’t wait to try it. Also got A 50-blade sample pack of different blades to try.

snoozleblob says:

Great timing for me. My aim this week was to properly look into safety razors and make a purchase. Thanks for the great info! Very helpful

highonimmi says:

I remember learning how to shave my legs and underarms using my dads safety razor.  plenty of cuts the first few times….still, I am looking to going back to them due to irritation from multiblade cretins.

Studio 7 says:

Where did you buy the blades from?

The Minimalist Ninja says:

I’ve got the Merkur Long Handed Safety Razor and freakin’ love it! Such a good razor! I find it a lot cleaner and easier to use my safety razor, plus it’s wonderful to look at! 😉

Porzelinchen says:

Just stumbled upon this thins and i will buy one as soon as possible! 🙂
thank you for you great video 🙂

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