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Hey Everyone! Today I’m partnering with eos today to show you guys an easy way to dry shave when you are in a rush! nothing worse than finding cute outfits and then you realize you haven’t shaved your legs in a couple weeks. Yikes! The eos shaving cream is super easy and leaves your legs looking silky smooth. And your done in less than 10 min! Nothing better than that! LINKS WILL BE BELOWWW:

vanilla bliss

pomegranate raspberry

tropical fruit

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Ella Lavnarson says:

Will the hair be hard when i grows out? Plz answer someone who has use this becuse i really need too shave my legs and dont want the hair to be very hard when i grows out!

T Marie says:

I felt like I was watching a bad commercial! If this is sponsored how do we know the actual outcome of the product! Not saying she’s lying about the product but they are paying her to promote it so how do we know if what she’s promoting is genuinely her honest opinion? And I would love to see a video of her thoughts and opinions of the actual product after a couple of uses instead of just telling us how to use it

Kayleen Garcia says:

Jasmine = sponsor queen!

ice cream 40 says:

where is cory

Shyanne Antoine says:

Love u so much. Very beautiful

Katana Lady says:

This is my first time shaving and my legs are so dam soft

Mariangela Gonzalez says:

It’s “eos” I’ve always said it spelled out like “e-o-s”

Nicole McKinney says:

Finding out we have the same birthday just makes me soo happy

imani williams says:

Have you tried diva cups and soft cups like Vicky Logan ?? Would like a review from another youtuber as well.

Bisharo Hassan says:

Can you get it in he U.K.

LadyGabriellaphant says:

So sponsored but hey get that paper ! 🙂

Autumn says:

i’ve always bought vanilla bliss.

mcmelvinz1 says:

hi Jasmine my name is Jasmin
your the best can you do a roblox video
your pretty
and you sond nice

Nini Kvng says:

Ik how to dry shave and im 14 it doesn’t burn unless you shower right after and put lotion on

L. B. says:

does it wrk to for dwn there, nd if not do they hve it for dwn there?…

Curly Shey says:

They’ve been had shaving cream

Joy Tamia Jones says:

You soooooo pretty

Camera Lemons says:

Can you do a Pillow Soft Curls review?

Mariangela Gonzalez says:

Im in love with this yellow green wallpaper !!!!

Masika Mahabir says:

Holy shit…get to the point already!  3 mins plus still waiting. Gawd.

Erica Ahouansou says:

No offense but I thought you were going to show us a video without using shaving cream…..

LovelyDoll186 says:

This is good for prom. Speaking of prom I was wondering if you could help me raise money for prom hair and makeup with go fund me @

Daija Wylie says:

We got the exact same wallet

Kendra Chanel says:

Can it be found in stores like Walmart? & how much is it?

Aaliyah Williams says:

I love their shaving creams, I’ve only used the vanilla one so far just wish there was more in the container

Lilly Herrera says:

can you use this for underarms or no ?

Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈 says:

You literally answered everything as I was thinking it! Do you have to rinse it off? *BOOM* you answered, do you need to moisturize? *BOOM* you answered xD

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