Shaving EVERYTHING with a safety razor

I’ve been using a safety razor for a little over a year now and figured it’s time to finally share my experience with it all.


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Welcome to The Minimalist Ninja! I am Nina and I am currently living in New York City. I am thriving on minimalism, love being vegan and try to reduce my waste where I can. I want to spread the word about all the good stuff and wanna take you all along with me 🙂 Feel free to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you 🙂





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VeganGorge says:

I have the same razor and I love it! Apparently you can soak the blades in salt water and compost then when they start to get rusty 🙂

Jamie Alexa says:

Honestly don’t understand why safety razor companies don’t advertise as much as cartridge razor companies. They’d ruin them within a couple of years because safety razors arguably out-do cartridges on everything, ESPECIALLY on the money front.

Gina Butron says:

I been using mine for about a year, and I gave one to my boyfriend this christmas, he was a little bit afraid of cutting his face at first but now he is loving it, he says it´s a loooot better than a disposable razor, even the expensive ones.

Hami H says:

I looove safety razors, it’s so much better than a normal razor

Sanzhi says:

I was considering buying this type of razor blade because it’s cheaper and far better looking.

UTK Grad says:

Fabulous post..

John Beecroft says:

I once owned a Rolls Razor. It had a stone on the inside of the case, which you could sharpen the blade with when you put it away. It lasted for years and it had the advantage of not needing a new blade. It’s a shame they don’t still make them.

Alisha Cecil says:

So I have a bit of a personal question for anybody willing to answer with their experiences: Does anybody use their safety razor to shave their pubic hair or is that just asking for trouble?
asking for a friend of course 😉

Souhaib Ahmad says:

i start thinking to try safety razor for the first time. Appreciated for sharing this video

Jonathan Rogers says:

First time seeing your video I actually didn’t know they were cheaper I have my dad’s old one I’m sure it’s probably like 20 years old maybe even longer but it’s still in great shape I’ve never used it but have been thinking about buying some razor blades so you mentioned using soap is it okay to use shaving cream? I usually just use the razors.

BabyLove says:

Hello, I just wanted to know if coconut oil works with the safety razor around the pubic area? Thank you (:

amber cordova says:

can i shave but just use coconut oil as a lather cream?

Ligita Urbonaitė says:

you can still get those???

WolfRanger2008 says:

In case you are not aware there is a HUGE wet shaving( meaning to use Traditional and/or Vintage shaving tools, techniques and methods ) represented on Youtube and you might benefit by watching some of the videos.

This said, I’d like to offer you a suggestion. DE shaving is great without a doubt and you did well pointing this out. However, I think you might enjoy enlarging your experience. I suggest checking out Ebay and researching Schick Injector Razors. They are a Single Edge safety razor. Specifically, look for a “G-Type Bakelite Schick Injector” model. They are easily found and very inexpensive but the shave you receive from them is incredible. The reason I am suggesting a “Injector Blade” model is based on your experience of using a DE blade for several months. A SE blade is thicker and more rigid than a DE blade. And if a DE can last months then theoretically a SE blade might last a year or more. Injector blades come in a 7 blade dispenser. You should watch how the dispensing device works to understand better.

Anyway, I enjoyed learning about your experience and opinions on the matter and hope this helps you expand a bit. 😉

Who Am I says:

Anyone know a good safety razor BEST for sensitive skin?? Gosh I wanna switch so bad, but I’m so sensitive and razor bumps anywhere on my body are inevitable? Any greatly reviewed safety razors and from where?

Lol sorry that’s a lot^^^

Adriana Ruiz says:

are the razors vegan i heard they aren’t

Alejandra Chavez says:

What about facial hair? has anybody (woman) shaved their face with a safety razor? If so, what were the results and what was the process?

David Coyote says:

I have shaved my head and face with a safety razor for a year now; I’ll never go back to crappy cartridges……Love it!

Daina Zhou says:

wait so if i’m travelling, couldn’t i just pack it into my big suitcase?

Amara Zazara says:

Is the merkur the same as van der brand? Does your have a Teflon finish I think Teflon is not good for us

Danielle Bee says:

Is the blade good at getting a close cut? And also are the blades recyclable? Do you think they are more sustainable then plastic disposable ones and do you know of any newsletters or info on that comparison 🙂 ?

veg248 says:

Hey I just got this exact razor (Merkur 23c) and I can’t seem to find where to buy the blades for it. They also don’t have an official website.

What kind of blades am I supposed to get for this? Also they need to be cruelty free. Thanks! 🙂

Earth Care Kitchen says:

I have the same razor! The blade it came with was amazing, and even my boyfriend loved it for a close shave. However, I can’t seem to find good blades since then and without them it’s crap. Any suggestion?

Rebeckah says:

Excellent video! I must admit, I’ve seen your videos pop up in my recommended (related to minimalism), but I hadn’t watched one yet. I just looked up, “shaving with a safety razor,” and your video was the first to pop up with a female (I didn’t want to shave facial hair :P), so I clicked and, well, you have a new subscriber! Great video, covered things I hadn’t even thought of. I look forward to checking out more of your content 🙂

Rehana Sara says:

I have a safety razor and it was working out well, but I just don’t shave these days. I just don’t want to 🙂

The Aud Woman Out says:

I absolutely loved how thorough you were in covering so many different questions in your video! I wanted to ask if you suggest any specific safety razors to buy with American money? I’d love to know of a website or two.


Nice video girl.

Amara Zazara says:

Can we use oil to shave with instead of soap?

dkhnova says:

Here are lots more tips. For example, rinse the razor with a few drops of rubbing alcohol to dry and sterilize it.

ramon graham says:

safety razors are easy to use the trick is to take your time and Never rush. An Ex Girlfriend always used Mine Cheeky cow even stole it when we split up. Pissed me off seeing as it was my Fathers and he had it for thirty years

Duff Vader says:

You must be mad to use a DE razor without proper shaving cream or soap on your armpit or anywhere else. You can pick up some old spice, proraso for dirt cheap and they can last months.

borbetomagus says:

You might want to invest in a ‘Metal Razor Blade Bank’ to safely dispose of used razor blades, though a better option might be the FantaSea FSC555 ‘Used Sharps Container’, which can also be used for razor blades.

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