Shaving my legs with razor sharp knives!

In today’s video, I test the sharpness of a set of ceramic knives by using them to shave my legs. In order to get a smooth shave, the knives have to be razor sharp. This is a collaboration with the Chef’s Foundry P600 ceramic knife set, but all views and opinions expressed in the video are my own!

My tutorial on shaving with a straight razor:

You can find the Chef’s Foundry knives I used in this video here:

My shaving tools in this video:

Dovo mother of pearl straight razor 5/8”:
Stainless steel lathering bowl with lid:
All natural shave soap (made in the USA):
High quality synthetic bristle shave brush with cherry wood handle (cruelty free)
Natural tampioca brush for dry brushing & exfoliation:
Natural bamboo brush for dry brushing & exfoliation:

Music: “Buddha” by Kontekst


Enio Rich says:

О Боже! Заччем кухонными ножами бриться?

mrigue56 says:

You’re so beautiful

Irene Giannopoulou says:

hello! loved the video, could you do a few more shibari tutorials?

Emily L says:

I will literally watch anything you put out hahah. Have been for about 8 years!

Snow Bleeding White says:

That’s such a crazy but also cool thing to do! + Your nails are so pretty.

JohnDaWhale3 says:

This vid may have turned me into a legs man…

ishyab011 says:


lovelybrokenpony says:

Loved this, make more!!

The funk body snatcher says:

You have a tattoo of Kelli Ali?

jon huling says:

Have you done a video showing all your tattoos

BReeLx says:


2004JustBe says:

DATE 5/31/2018
Dosent seem very smart to do!

Pastor Peewee says:

Wow interesting! Love it! Subbed! Nice tats btw..

Theshortguy84 says:

Damn you know your knives well done!

Mecha Iroh says:


Michael Ray says:

Sensual , sorry you cut yourself Julia , it happens . Thank you

xoxochad says:

Is your channel name because of the yeah yeah yeahs album or because it’s a nickname?

paksallion says:

lovely legs

Joe Harris says:

You were right. This was my first time watching your channel, and this video was a little weird, but I really liked it. About to start watching more of your videos. New subscriber

Mackenzie Shoelace says:

The one in the middle is called a “drop point” glad I could be of service!

Martin Ruzow says:

Woah, yea this reminds of Andrew Dice Clay’s joke about masturbating with a cheese grinder, slightly amusing, very painful

frank asisi says:

speak softly pls more quiet

charlette hove says:

Hey! very cool! Ditto, was excited about another shaving video.

Heismyrock3 says:

Yea girl! Get that sponsorship!
I haven’t gotten through the whole video yet, but I was so excited for another shaving video!
I vote for a shaving ASMR video!

Giuseppe Vitali says:

Would you recommend the small one can be used on a man’s beard? Is it more painful than the steel blade to cut the hair?
And how exactly do they get sharpens?
Why would you probably not care if you were stuck on a lonely island but had the tools and the products to do maintenance to yourself.?


Mohamed El wali says:

Amazing technique

Amelia Shephard says:

And then some idiot copies this and then ends up in A&E.

Julie Schneider says:

Ha, I love that you can hear so clearly the sound of the hairs being whisked away! I think the ceramic material had a particular reverberation—definitely different than steel. Interesting! Thanks for another unique video! (Btw, your hair is looking so healthy—it reminded me of that brush you posted on IG the other day. Will you be doing a video on that?)

Also, hate on your shave lather video? Why??

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