Tend Skin Review | Razor Bumps, Razor Burns Or InGrown Hairs Solution

TEND SKIN! Get rid of annoying razor bumps and ingrown hairs fast. I suffer from acne, large pores and oily skin. To top that off, I have hair bumps too. An honest, thorough review by http://www.girlratesworld.com.

You can find tend skin here :: http://bit.ly/tend_skin

Review for Tend Skin! No more razor burns or in grown hairs. The solution for any cosmetic problem related to hair removal. Men can use it on their face, neck and back of the head while women find it useful on legs, bikini area and underarms.

This solution can be used for many irritations to the skin such as: Razor bumps; Ingrown hairs; Razor Burn. Use after electrolysis, waxing, tweezing — pretty much any hair removal process.

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Macncheese says:

Does the scars fade away after applying?

GirlRatesWorld says:

+mishellealcivar3 Wow…Thanks! I shy away from makeup tutorials on youtube because, in my experience, people can be very ‘mean’ lol. But I will list everything here:

It is a wig from Friday night hair. Can’t remember which model. Will update once I figure that out.

MAC Studio Fix 
Rimmel Concealer – review video here => http://youtu.be/MHKVbEMe3oE
MAC Saddle eyeshadow 
Mac RubyWoo (lips)
Loreal Smolder Liner

Hope that helps!!! Thanks so much for the compliment and comment xoxo

The Boss says:

Can you use this on your eye brows?  Is it hair removal like Nair?

Art m says:

I’d smash

Dean Al Salem says:

very helpful review but I really wished someone to put her out of her misery at the introduction

Warfield Alexandre says:

I just started using it like a day ago. I wanted to know if you tired it in oder to compare it.

Pudding Sundae says:

omg, this stuff works fast, thanks for the review.

MissPrissJewels says:

I think ill give this a try both me and by husband get ingrowns

rolonte2010 says:


Princess Gogo says:

so the bumps go away over time right? and do u have to manually pull out the hair?

Viva la-Glam says:

Luckily at my local BS stores its $10.99

payton taylor says:

Did it completely remove them or prevent them?

nihnox says:

Just picked some up at shoppers for 19.99. Love it so far! I’ve never been able to shave my pubic hair, but this let’s me do such! Heals up my razor burn and ingrown hairs so I’m not super itchy! So thankful for this <3

Portland Harding says:

Where can i get this

Michael Abbott says:

It do not work people!

Madison Darella says:

Thank you for the review. It will definately help me.

ShadyB says:

oook why does it look like you are reading from script 

Kay Tea says:

You hit the nail on the head with this product. I’ve used this for a couple months now and it has changed the game.

SiouxHustler says:

Just ask a skin care therapist or a dermatologist, a professional about skin care problems …Get a loofah sponge or a good exfoliator and exfoliate once a day or every other for ingrown hairs and razor bumps. It’s cheaper and your skin will be smoother.

stephipooh05 says:

What can you use for the scarring that is already there?

Snow Ball says:

Damn,, Its not available for shipping elsewhere except within US! If only this stuff can be downloaded, Id be torrenting it right away. Thanks for sharing tho.

nevermindthe buzzcockz says:

Is this safe to use on your whole face? does it make a difference?

GirlRatesWorld says:

@imanibellmon Yes you can. Externally only though.

Taylorgang34 says:

I need this. I them on my chin. Thanks for the advice.

mariel feliz says:

I have my legs full of ingrown hair and hyperpigmentation pores. That’s really shameful to go around showing so that’s the reason I don’t wear shorts at all.

Tiara Strong says:

I just bought some hopefully it’ll work

Whyte Fox says:

Thank you for the video. Can you direct me to any videos you might have done about deep pour or acne scares? I’ve used many things but nothing that really works. Thank you again.

Shreya Lalit says:

Hi. Do this product helps in thinning of facial hair as well? I’ve dark coarse facial hair and end up having lots of ingrown hair and bumps after removal.

DarkJanet says:

I ordered the Tend Skin from Target. I shaved my armpits and then applied Tend Skin.

Nicole Banks says:

So it works for razor bumps and the dark scars . Also is there anything you would recommend for dark marks in general

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