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xX coffeE Xx says:

Mens sid3 looked better

Mikayla Kennedy says:

Your finacé has never seen your leg hair? Damn

nayeli sanchez says:

What about your arms ??

H. 1 says:

Laser hair removal saved my life

Arjun Chatterjee says:

Try the mach 3, it give s a really smooth shave. Or if you really want to go man up, then try an old fashion blade and cream.

Ari Berri says:

I’m just gonna leave a ankle ring
*oh god*

Minecraft mk says:

Your leg hair is nothing to my friends like hers is legit LONG AND thick

Dala Dala says:

Laser hair removal helps

Yosra Ryan says:

I love her hair and how full is it i wish she can put a hair styling video

Lu :3 says:

I always buy mens razors because they are cheaper but sharper so they reach more hair.
And if you often cut yourself just use shaving cream. Conditioner does the same job as shaving cream btw

Polisakkarit Bayan says:

abla sen de ne kıllısın be yakışıyor mu senin gibi güzel kadına

Kosovare shabani says:

“Pick up if I see it “ Hahahah

bahwickee says:

Hell yes, the disposable mens all the way EVERY TIME. I used to swipe them from my dad, but now i just buy them for myself 🙂

Fatima Aquino says:

I find that the women’s razor with soap on top and bottom, becomes quite painful when all the soap has worn off. If you shave a lot, you’ll find that you need to quickly replace the head with brand new blades again. Honestly I love the men’s razor so so much haha. For me, I feel like the blades last longer and are quicker to snip off hair.

Thanks Alexandra for showing what real women are instead of hiding behind what we do afterwards<3!! You are a raw, genuine human being xoxo

Casey The Sparky says:

Gilette fusion pro-glide. Borrowed my husbands once cuz hey it shaves off his beard… worked awesome and i immediately had to buy my own.

Julia says:

Men’s razors on my legs don’t work that well but on your bikini line men razors are way better if you want a better cut

tyblips says:

I have the men’s razor with the flex ball. Its really nice fir being decently cheap

sobster123 says:

What’s the guy look like? He sounds fit

Lu :3 says:

I have blonde hair so I can nearly go out with hairy legs 😀 just if you come too close you see them…

zada says:

do you have PCOS? i’m just wondering because i have it i tend to have hairy legs and it grows back fast also hair in places that are visible

Barbara DaSilva says:

Tbh I prefer men’s razor

Tiffani Palermo says:


Ginger Rose says:

Your legs are not even that bad!! You shouldn’t be ashamed of having body hair when men’s legs look like **** with long ass hair everywhere, even in their knee caps. You’re gorgeous and that’s an amazing video!

Zabe says:

I’m just happy, I’m not the only one who is extremely hairy. Your legs look great. With or without hair but do what makes you feel great. I love your channel. Don’t be ashamed of having hairy legs though. I think they are awesome. Don’t get me wrong I do shave but not often. I’ve been contemplating waxing but I don’t know where to even start.

Orinoco M says:

Men’s face razor gives a better shave on women legs!

Lulu Saffron says:

Your so amazing for shouting your legs ,it’s an empowering statement to women ,we love and with your videos it helps so much !!♥️

Barbara DaSilva says:

Tbh I prefer men’s razor

Yuka Mochida says:

i thought you just went through a breakup and now you got a fiancé? i’m so confused

Britney G says:

Girl. It’s just hair. Don’t worry if people are going to think that you’re weird for having hair. It’s completely normal.

Viktoria Grande says:

Omg my legs are the same im so glad im not alone

Eimantė Banytė says:

Is her hair (on her head) real? Because wow

God is All says:


god is dead says:

Men’s razors tend to give a much closer shave (and I feel like since they’re made for the face, they’d be a little better for sensitive skin but idk) but being something meant to shave a face vs legs, men’s razors don’t typically last as long

Island Girl says:

I’m sorry not to be mean or anything but that was like a scary hairy

SummerChild89 says:

Alexandra I’ve been a fan since your first video! BUT they keep getting better! Thank you for tackling the topics every girl wants to know but is too ashamed to ask. Love ya girl ❤

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