The Best Bikini Shaver + DIY Ingrown Hair Removal

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Hey guys!!! Here is my review on the remington bikini and detail kit. All opinions are my own and this item was purchased by me. This is the absolute best bikini shaver in my opinion and the closest thing your going to get to a wax or professional hair removal. Stay to the end if you want DIY recipes on ingrown hair removal and ingrown hair infection prevention and treatment 🙂

Remington Bikini & Detail Kit:

Ingrown Hair Removal:

Baking Soda
– 1 cup water
– 1 tbsp baking soda
(Apply twice daily)

– 2 aspirin
– 1 tsp water
– 1 tsp honey
(Apply once or twice weekly)

Ingrown Hair Infection Prevention and Treatment:

-1 layer of honey
(Once or twice daily)

Apple Cider Vinegar
– apple cider vinegar (cotton ball)
(Apply once daily)

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Jackie Hill says:

Does it hurt when you shave with this ?

Dreuna says:

Do you have to shave on dry skin?

Shaquana Mcclendon says:

Do you wash any if those regime off or just put on and leave it

Dinaaa says:

When u exfoliate afterwards how long do u wait after u shave or do u just exfoliate right after u shave?

Mikayla Brennan says:

Is it possible to cut yourself with this? Or does it pull hairs?

Maj Tripp says:

Didnt work well for me

gabrielle zachary says:

does it matter what brand of aspirin you use?

Alahna Horne says:

Is it loud? I live in a dorm with communal bathrooms so there’s no privacy.

Christina _ Productions says:

I love this product

Stephanie Lugo says:

Do you use everything at once or no? if not which would you recommend for someone who has a sensitive bikini area?

Charles Johnson says:

thanks needed idea of what to get my wife will let you know if it works fine

TwinkieToes says:

I got a foil shaver before and it didn’t trim well. 🙁

Mags O'Neill says:

Have you tried the Shick hydro dual trimmer? I just bought it and it’s the first trimmer I’ve bought and want to know if there are better trimmers out there

luvzlara says:

Will this work on my Frank and Beans? Or is this just for the ladies?

HappyMsNappy says:

Lifesaver! Thanks for your review!

blessed says:

Awesome review!!!

Tayana Collins says:

is it waterproof?

Kaylee Walberg says:

can i use this on the whole “sha-bang” like everything down there, or only the outside bikini underwear ?

Annreal Stinyard says:

Did the shaver work better before or after shower?

Purple Royalty!! says:

I got the same shaver. It works well, I love it.

Trish Coomer Phelps says:

Thank you I just bought one last night.. thanks for this info

Ellie McCleary says:

does it hurt at all?

mrs. farooqi says:

Doesn’t it cut ?

Karin Evans says:

Does this shaver snag your hairs? I had one and I stopped using it because it would snag me and that was pretty painful

Dee Niquee says:

Can you shave inside your bikini area with the shaver?…

Lizbeth Rivera says:

Where can you buy that kit

DetectiveCompanion says:

Questions, can I shave dry or does my bikini area have to be wet? Also, when you shave do you shave in the direction of hair? Or against ?

Tye says:

In the past when using shavers they tend to bite(if that makes since) making them a bit painful to use. Is this one painful?

تجاربي الفعاله says:

I’m Arabic and we are not use shaver as it creased hair but you america use shaver .Are you use shaver with laser please explain for me ?

Shaniya Thomas says:

question. Do you use shaving cream or water or oil or what with this ?

diaviona Lawrence says:

So would you say this does or doesn’t last longer then nair ? Also does it leave razor bumps?

HeichouElly says:

But how much is it?

Abby Wirl says:

are we allowed to use shaving cream with it?

Shy B says:

Do you still use this product?

Samantha Beee says:

You look like Ayesha curry

Katie Ramsey says:

Do you put any lotion or creme on the exfoliate brush?

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