We gather the men around the office and shave their legs!
Go Get Yourself Some Razors!:
Also, Check Out Our Awesome Guest!
Jesse Fangs:


Jaclyn Lizzi says:

“surprising number of ladies” you’re kidding right? I’m pretty sure the average woman goes through a lot more razors than the average man does just from surface area covered XD

The American Soccer Guy says:

I had to shave my legs when I worked in roofing because we did elastometic. Basically painting roofs lol. It would splatter all over my legs. I could wear pants. but it was 105 out lol.

Yuzu _ says:

Am i the only one who likes the hair on my legs shaved? ._. Yes? okay…. ;-;
Oh yeah im a guy btw

Court McGinnis says:

There was like a three month period where I shaved my legs consistently. I realized that my hair is insulation from the heat add well add from the cold

Sade Metsävirta says:

and women are expected to keep everything siIky smooth… Iots of itchy times for us

Gillis L says:

This was a year ago. Feels like just 10 months

Cameron Slater says:

why is fang13anger at the office?

Ryan Peterson says:


thegundamking says:

is so funny

Isac Andersson says:

Are steve and bree, you know, together? They’re always with eachother in all kind of videos and it looked like they shared a room at aroung 05:00 in this video

Immanu'el Segol says:

They sound so whiny and stupid

Elizabeth Clark says:

I don’t shave my legs. Because I was in an accident when I was young and burned off most of the skin there and I really don’t grow much hair there. And what it do grow is very light. I’ve probably shaved them… six yimes in my life?

James Clemons says:

as a guy who’s legs are covered in tattoos….you get used to it

carnage2332 says:

were Steve and Bree dating at this time?

FatalFires says:

How do I stop my depression

balasoori says:

How did Liz react to this when you got home ? Did you film her reaction ?

coliniago says:

I love that Steve’s take away is not to do things on a whim.

Viin Rula says:

I’m a guy, I have shaved my legs many times before, mainly for my tattoos to look better. Not doing it again, it sucks.

Emily Blackwood says:

James looks so young.

Tom Evans says:

you had me at ”blades on the cheap delivered to your house” <3 it's not a fucking phase

Random myths says:

Your legs do look better when they are shaved. Specially Sam’s legs. Omg (•o•)! Love it.

Keyaneth2 says:

Man, I’m a guy and shave my legs once a year. Love it when I do it. I’d keep them shaved all the time but I’m worried about it coming in thicker like facial hair. That I don’t want.

chelbug33 says:

The $9 executive is the most amazing razor ever for shaving your legs!!!!!

Madeleine Harrington says:

I relate so much that’s why I haven’t shaved my legs for like four months… it’s so time consuming and pointless to me..

Sydney Smith says:

I have a friend who is a guy and he shaved his legs like a candy cane stripe. No joke. And he went to school like that…
His legs are still patchy

Krazy Bacon says:

now yall see why females from time to time allow theirs to grow a little?  its annoying to shave every single day!.

Jessica Haymore says:

James looks like such a baby here… so glad he grew facial hair it makes him look his age and like an adult. Not that him looking young was bad but just saying his facial hair has made him age gracefully and it really works for him.

bacalaonabrash says:

That leather skirt is so hot!! 😀

BrittleProductions says:

Ha, I like the stripes!

Michael Van Every says:

I’ve shaved my legs many a times in my life, mainly for wrestling but I like the feel..does that make me weird?

Faye Dolan says:

I get shaving is uncomfortable for men, but I really don’t understand why it’s embarrassing, tbh I hate hair on everyone, it makes me gag lol

William Cox says:

It’s a “ZEN” garden.

Randar says:

sams legs lmao

MoonStruckBunny says:

Little baby James and Keith! OMG, it’s so adorable!

Flabbymeat says:

I don’t understand why people shave their legs. I don’t care if a woman has hairy legs. Of course people don’t care that I sin don’t care about that. I think it’s worse when people get rid of their pubic hair. At least leave a landing strip. No pubic hair makes people look like a kid. I prefer trimmed over shaved and full bush but no pubic hair is terrible.

Lilac Liz says:

Last night I had a dream that Lindsay died…… and it was sad asf…..

AwesomeChick1441 says:


Vloggyboy929729 10 says:

fangs is on here

Natalie Shaw says:

Now all you need to do is try WAXING your legs. That would make for a pretty entertaining video ;D

zzTimTVzz says:

After my experience with having to shave my legs for the first time, not only do I have respect for the people who do it on a general basis, but anyone, whether it’s my friends or possible ladyfriend, do not have to shave their legs if their hanging with me. Did I mention jeans feel fucking WEIRD with shaved legs!?

Nick Wang says:

i think itd be funny to watch the guys get waxed

badassblondie says:

To really get a feel for it, you need to shave again when you don’t have such long hair! Part of the itchy-ness is probably b/c you got some razor burn bc you didn’t trim the hair first.

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