Trying An Epilator For The 1st Time! OMG! – 1st Impressions- Braun Silk Epil 5 – 4C Hair

Hey y’all! I’m back with a unique vid! It was requested that I share my experience with using an epilator for the first time, so here it is lol! Y’all know I love you, right! Otherwise, I wouldn’t post this lol!!! 😀

Warning!!! My 1st experience was not very quiet or glamorous! (You might want to adjust your volume accordingly lol!!!! Also, keep in mind that I have only shaved and used hair removal lotions on my legs in my lifetime, so I was NOT familiar to the sensation/pain of epilation or waxing. I will say that after this video, I did continue to use the epilator and it became a ibt easier each time… I was able to sit in a more comfortable position and actually able to get it very flat on the skin etc lol. I still need some practice though! If you are an epilating pro, please share your tips! Remember that this video is not a full review and everyone’s epilating experience will vary for sure. Thanks so much for watching! 😀

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Paula Miletić says:

I have the same epilator and after using it for a year and a half or so it doesn’t work as good and there is more hair left on my legs

Martine says:

The trick is to get it done with wax at first. Then do the hair as it grows back. It won’t be a corse as from shaving, so won’t hurts as much. Over time, the hair stops growing altogether. But that takes years. P

Natalie Blevins says:

Wow you are lovely! I am not joking you resemble Beyoncé!

Vixinaful says:

It DOES hurt like hell. I only go under the arms, never the legs, gives you ingrown hairs to but still better than vaxing with all that stickyness.

ஐCrossing.the.Cosmos ஐ says:

oh hailll nah..I have thick hairs.. I can’t.. my ass will continue to Nair lol

LS AE says:

Your so gorgeous!

Tiny T says:

Omg this just makes me way more nervous since I want

rttry fghg says:

You just wasted 10 minutes of my life. Why would you post a review if you’re not even gonna use it properly

Merwin Leonor says:

you and your boys are soooo cute!! i just bought my first epilator today and i reacted just the same but the third time i just went for it and suddenly it didn’t hurt anymore so this was fun watching☺☺☺

Angel Morris says:

i laughed everytime u screamed lol subscribed!

Theresa Dominique says:

your boys are so cute lol


I remember when you first started making videos! It’s been a while I’m subscribing!

Amal Trabelsi says:

Her voices sound a little bit like Beyoncé hhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️

xoy says:

That’s basically so me.

sogladtobefree says:

Girl, you went all in: “In the name of Jesus!”  I love it lol!  He is the ONLY one that can deliver you from pain like that!!!

candycane0 BunnyGods says:

my mum meant to give me one of these so scared lol

Naveed Sardar says:

I love you

HeyitsGina! says:

I think it’s probably a lot like when you start plucking your brows it hurtd the first few times then you get used to it

Ohaunna Meyer says:

Tips for epilating: step 1: the day before, exfoliate. Step 2: apply a body butter a couple hours before to soften the skin and help the hair come out easier. Step 3: apply baby powder right before epilating to help it grab onto the hairs and prevent it from grabbing your skin. Step 4: epilate. Good luck.

Sabrina Foster says:

you look and sound like beyonce

aprilracine says:

Hot bath with epson salt, glass of wine, and two Motrins is how I get through doing my vaginal area.

Emma Filbin says:

I’m 14 and I use that every week

Borostyán Kvaszta says:

Start on the top of your leg and not close to your feet until you used to it than you can epilate the bottom and thr knees and the back of your leg

keilanatalierose says:

The knees are the worst!

Kirsten Princess Ataga says:

Voice like Beyonce

Ayanna Emerson says:

She sounds like Beyoncé

Harriet Clements says:

I’ve used this ever since I wanted to start removing body hair and have never touched or used a shaver in my life

Odwine Louissaint says:

I had to look twice

Emily Grace Bridger says:

This is hilarious! I can totally relate to this feeling, epilator is no joke! Though it does get easier the more you do it. Are you still using your epilator?

LaTisha Williams says:

Omg. You sound like Beyonce!!! You favor her a little too.

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