We Tried Every Shaving Subscription Service

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Creative Director – Garrett Kennell

Editor – Silas Orteza

Coordinator – Anniken Aalbu


Services Reviewed:
Dollar Shave Club
Gillette Pro Fusion

We were unable to review any of the following because of our location in the US:
Friction Free Shaving

FYI – Harry’s also has a female complement called Flamingo! We didn’t review it in this video because it technically is not yet a subscription service (it’s just a-la-carte purchases online).


Emma says:

the Gillette one is gear towards men and shaving of the face so it a better shave. the razor goes along the curves of the face

Cheers! 진아 이야.♥ says:

Olivia is so much skinnier 😮

Ari Aguilos says:

it seems that DSC is a better razor, but billie is a better subscription box. 24$ for a refill @ DSC???!!

John S says:

Next time start off with “shipping for USA only”!

Arianne Leclerc says:

I was wondering if you will do a video on zero waste rasor. There’s so much of them and I’m not sure witch one better. At least they’re good for the planet haha xD

merrilyn• grace says:

You guys should switch to a safety razor, it is more expensive upfront but saves you heaps long term, gives you an awesome shave and is better for the environment

Freckle Finance says:

I recently got a safety razor, so much cheaper and it’s the best shave I’ve had!

Manu Manu says:

we all knew DSC is AMAZING!

Mariska Vojtko-Proctor says:

why does olivia remind me of dua lipa

Anna Adams says:

Hey girls, you were adorable, however I don’t think it’s a good idea to share a razor, in case you get a wound or so, you don’t want to infect the other person 😀 I hope you got individual ones 😀

Xentrolis says:

“This seems to be very guy-centric…”

“This one’s for women! YAAAAS!”

*insert confused face meme*

JumpingJackCat says:

Hey Michelle! You should have Garrett or any other men who don’t do any sort of skincare and challenge them to two weeks or even a month of basic-to-good skincare and see if theres a difference!

Ugne Dragunas says:

Olivia, just wanted to say you look so happy and amazing and great. 1/2 a minute in and I can already tell. Damn. You go girl.

Summer Anne says:

The one thing that rubbed me wrong was them saying that the “men” subscription box needed to be more gender neutral but freaked out over how fem Billie was.

Larissa Smith says:

I just signed up for Dollar Shave Club! I decided to get the executive razor, I didn’t sign up for the extra products every month so it’s only gonna be 9$ a month! I’m super excited!!!

First Son of Man says:

Another design?
They should call it ‘BITCHES.’

Leslie Real says:

dollar shave club used to be $1 for the starter kit and the monthly used to be cheaper but their prices went up!

Lara Johnston says:

It’s also better for the environment to use reusable razor handles

Determined2bDetermined says:

Try the organic hair growth inhibitor advertised on Facebook

Game Gear Girl says:

I’ve been using Harry’s for a few years and love their razors. The only time I have experienced pulling is when I need to replace the blade. I am now wondering how much better dollar shave club razors are!

hypnotherapy69 says:

their two weeks is like me in 3 day XD

Gin Margo says:

but you ordered the 8 blades and 1 gel…

Dani 'Trouble' says:

Girrls. I been gettin DSC for YEARS . (im a girl) and when I started they were VERY MAN BASED, like even when I emailed them they assumed I was a dude. theyve def gotten better

Carly Enderlin says:

I graduated HS with Olivia, this is so insane

Diy Devyn says:

billie now doesn’t even have shave gel as an option to buy, now it has a shower cap in its place

Andrea Reviews says:

I’ve been using Gillete for 10years now only razor I will ever use

Jordan says:

Wait is that Jonah from the vlog squad at 2:33 lmaoo

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