What women are missing out on: Harry’s shaving kit!

Did it ever occur to men that we women shave way more than they do? Harry’s is a men’s shaving company that sends a kit with a razor, shaving cream and extra blades. In this video, I share what you get with a Harry’s kit and how their products work on women’s legs. I’m obviously a big fan! As you can see in this related video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3d9zMYG5HY

Here is Harry’s website: https://www.harrys.com/
Disclaimer: I am not being paid to review Harry’s or any other shaving products. I just want to give women more information on what’s out there to help give us get better options.


Jeff Roberson says:

So??? How did the shave feel n the long run? Did you use it more than once?
I hope this doesn’t come across as weird. I am approaching Harry’s with an idea and I actually wished they had a line-up for women as it would change everything for my idea.
But, I really would like to know your honest opinion of the razor over time as a womans perspective. Please and Thanks for the review!

*Owen Video says:

Dude. Yes. This is your best video so far.

Laura Hutner says:

Merrilee, here’s a tip on technique for a better shave for both men and women. Take short strokes and rinse the blade between each stroke.

sunriderksy says:

Since the handle is so smooth, did you have any grip problems with wet hands in the shower? I remember reading one review on Harry’s site by a woman that said that was a problem for her.

Blank Space Jam says:

Sexist pigs

MooTaters says:

I’m surprised no one has tried building a harry’s/dollar shave club company aimed at women. Not that women can’t use either, many do, but I imagine there could be other products that women wouldn’t mind getting through a subscription with a service like this.

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