Women Try A Razor That Shaves Both Ways

“I usually shave my legs right before I think I’m about to hookup.”
Get the razor here:
Schick Intuition f.a.b. Womens Razor – http://amzn.to/2F2Nx8I

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Keisha Torres says:

I keep trying to find a boldly video without nina in it

RoryLovesU says:

Am I the only person who cringed at the title??

Stanley Smith says:

Surely estate housing kxrnbx Jew lucky enough judge recognition paint smell.

Terri Zagst says:

Ok maybe it’s just me that my hair grows in every direction on my legs this thing seems amazing since i have to shave up down and side to side.

Alia Villobos says:


Boldly says:

Get the razor here:
Schick Intuition f.a.b. Womens Razor – http://amzn.to/2F2Nx8I

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Nicotine . Music says:

Come for being curious
Stay for the P!ATD shirt

ellie wood says:

I want Megan’s P!ATD top. I’m also ‘blessed’ I’m 13 I’ve not had a period ever and my friends constantly complain about them, I’ve shaved my legs 3 times and haven’t had to do it again and I’ve never had any pimples on my face. I just wish I had a boyfriend ☹️

Eyad M says:

Someone who has a life: hey whatcha doin?
Me with no life: just watching feminists shave their legs for 4 mins

Lucy Potter says:

I’ve been shaving like that with normal razors for years and have only cut myself a couple of times. I thought a lot of people did it :/

Jbid Jouharian says:

That moment when BuzzFeed is out of ideas

BunnyFett says:

Moving it sideways like that sounds like a great way to cut yourself.

mbr715 says:

do a one week follow- up to check for bumps and ingrowns…

Sage Mirei says:

Does anyone else shave every night just because they want to? Haha I don’t have much body hair but it’s just a habit that I stick to. And I love feeling silky smooth against my sheets when I get into bed.

Isabel says:

as someone who waxs their legs mostly and the times i have shaven has never cut themselves i didn’t realise shaving was so scary

mittie rowland says:

I shave a lot just bc I’m pretty sure I was a bearded lady in my past life
I think this razor would work great for someone like me. I can shave my legs and go back over it again and still have bristle. I always thought I probably had hair growing in opposite directions that regular razors don’t get. Maybe why some of the women loved it and some didnt

Anew1008 says:

Somebody get that chick a bra her boobs are so gross!!

Katie C. says:

This was terrifying to watch.

Wout Pauwels says:

Planet pro strict cut place opposition finance stop given bombing.

Kamryn Killebrew says:

Did anyone notice that one of the girls is wearing a Panic! At the Disco shirt

Isabeau Wolf says:

I shave with men’s razors since they work better for me and last a bit longer then woman’s and than my husband steals mine when he runs out of his; he didn’t realize that I used men’s razor’s til the other day. I laughed at his expression. 🙂

Mary-Jane the Dinosaur says:

I do that with my regular pack of razors and it works just as well as your $10 razor. No hate I’m just trying to help people save.

elbow macaronis says:

it’s so lame how everyone else was talking about the quality of the razor and that one girl was like “of course it’s pink bc it’s for girls” lady that’s irrelevant

Livetodraw says:

I literally already do this with a normal razor

Savannah Harris says:

It seems very scary to me to just shave up and down like that all in one motion

Rollen Ham 2 says:


Александра says:

Girl, your arm hair is growing in other direction not in the one you tried it. That’s why It didn’t work

Tegan Morley says:

Panic at the disco top ?!

Tala Arezoumand says:

Selorm is so sexy goddamn

Miranda Miller says:

“I feel like it’s gonna cut me.”

Same. With how klutzy I am, I’d probably end up cutting myself with this razor.

Solomon Cenac says:

Trust me men got.shaving worse

Paulina XY says:

Shaving is actually really enjoyable if you know that you don’t have to do it. It’s not mandatory.

Ali Stallings says:

Wish they woulda shaved one leg going upwards and one leg going downwards to compare

The Panda Named Amanda says:

The girls that liked it seemed to do it right lol

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