Women’s Razors Vs. Men’s Razors

“The women’s one has colors!”

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ii_kms_ii says:

If it’s winter why tf u wearing shorts girl

Janelle Dose Gaming says:

I use men’s shavers because they shave my legs better and don’t leave some hair behind. I have dark brown hair so I wanna have all the hair gone. I feel confident with shaved legs because when I have hairy legs I feel like everyone is looking at my legs

jinji says:

I use men razors lol. They get through thicker hair MUCH easier

Hannah_Banana_523 says:

I use the orange razor that a girl said that she thinks it would kill her

Yoosung Kim says:

They were all giving what happened but then there just had to be that “It’s so intimate~”

Unicorn emily says:

I recently started shaving and i use mens razors

Bianca Akeson says:

woooo Nikki with that Tegan and Sara t-shirt!!!

anime2lover1000 says:

Tfw you’re shaving and cut yourself

babygurl. says:

its intimate

live.love.mellissa says:

5 blades or nothing!!!!

beez1717 says:

This comes down to which razor was better made in general. Lol!

Jaylee Hodkinson says:

I’m a girl and I like buying men razors because I feel like they’re sharper cuz men shave facial hair and that hair super thick and I have super thick leg hairs so I feel like they just work better but you don’t have to have thick leg hairs it just gets it all off and one stroke especially cuz I feel like girls razors are dull

Doesitmatter? says:

It seemed like they were comparing men’s regular and disposable but….the women’s were all disposable? Wonder if that made much of a difference.

。ちょここ says:

i think its not only the razor but the foam or however its called, so maybe the mens foam is better or something?
they couldve tried using the mens foam with the womens razor and see if that works better or not.

agsisters says:

one time I went and my kneecap with a women’s razor and a piece of skin came off and it was bleeding so bad

Bee Bo says:

I’m a girl and I use men’s razors. Men’s razors go right through our thin women hair easy. Women’s are made for thin women hair so it just gets the job done

nameless_ gamerrr says:

Umm im so lazy i just shave with water

Harper says:

quinta is my fav

Rebecca Fornengo says:

this is so weird. where i live men’s razors are like £5 cheaper than woman’s razors so its much easier to get them

Isaac Whales says:

Obviously men’s razors were gonna be better… we use them on our FACES

Jessica Free says:

I don’t even shave in the winter because there’s no need but in the other seasons I shave because in summer and spring I wear shorts and dresses but I still hate shaving.

cassi farcas says:

maybe man razors are better (and more expensive) because they use it on their face, not their legs…

kaitlyn_asmr n says:

I use Venus breeze, I ain’t buying 6 dollar ‘women’ razors on my pits and legs. the reason why the girls got cuts on their legs is because they got 6 dollar ones.

Mettaton's Biggest fan says:

I’m a 12 year old girl, and I just started shaving, and I was wondering that!(Whether I should use mens’ or womens’ razors, and if there is a difference in price or quality) Thanks for making the video! (Also, Quinta, you’re my favorite! ^-^)

Matilde Cadau says:

men should use woman razors on their face!

Mayumi Garcia says:

Women’s are prettier, men’s are more affective

encanta411 says:

As long as it has five blades I’m good

Anameme Studios says:

They should put Niki on LadyLike

YuhFav Latina says:

Lebron James word too

Noop Toop says:

Are women ever gonna discover the andis shaver?

Socially Awkward says:

they debunked the “pink” tax in this video but they will probably still complain about that in another video lol

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