ZERO WASTE SHAVING // Safety Razor Review + DEMO

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you is Linda.

akis hd says:

Great seeing except men now and women understanding that the use of a double edge safety razor gives much more comfortable shave without irritation no ingrown hair and so many benefits let along that is much more cheaper. I shave my head and my face with a DE , I change my blade every 4 shaves and my 100 pack lasts…. for ever!!! Btw if you ever decide to use and a shaving brush it will give you along with the blades better exfoliation. Great !

Anon Ymous says:

I watched your video a while back, purchased a safety razor recently and am watching this again before I try it! So helpful – thanks!

Johanna Wright says:

Thank you so much for the demo!! I’ve had one for months but haven’t been doing it right!! I also changed my blade every week, not knowing they can last much longer!! 
New to your channel and loving it!

Anon Ymous says:

I’ve been really scared to try this but super keen to start implementing more zero waste alternatives so this was really helpful. Thank you!

beep boop says:

do you rinse the razor when it fills up with hair? or the blade gets covered in hair? just wondering because you didn’t mention that part or show it. just checking if you can get it wet? also if it does get wet do you need to take it apart to let the pieces dry so they don’t rust?

Trusar Shah says:

try using “kiss my face moisture shave” its all natural (read the ingredients if you don’t believe me), its very lubricating and help the safety razor glide, especially when coupled with the feather blade.
also try using coconut oil instead of soap, or shaving oil, its works very well.

mr majestyk says:

you can find many double edge blades on many online wet shaving websites

Tessa Shabram says:

great review and demo! I haven’t boughten a safety razor yet because I still have so many plastic refill blades to use up gahhh

TheDarlingM says:

Thanks so much for this – especially the demo!

Pearl says:

loved the demo! thank u 🙂

Dev9172 says:

I use these in my safety razer . They are good .

Amber Dvorak says:

I loved them demo! How do you dispose of your used razor blades?

Lieamove says:

This video actually motivated me to buy a safety razor 🙂

Jill Snoddon says:

One double-edged blade every two months? That’s ridiculous. Because women have a lot more area to shave than a man’s face, to get optimal performance, you should be changing lbades out at least after 3’rd or 4’th shave, if not sooner. Girl, rinse that razor frequently while shaving. That coconut oil is good for a pre-shave too.

IYONA14 GranTurismo GT6,GT SPORT Legendary Racers says:

Love the video,please switch to the Butterfly Safety Razor design opening, less precarious blade handling

Neka Vargas Jiménez says:

when u buy things from amazon… how do they pack it? and what do you do with the packing.. amazing video <3

DanielandMelissa Abernathy says:

This video was super helpful! Not enough videos on safety razor shaving for women out there. Did you try a variety pack of blades first before you chose Astra or just jumped straight in? I can’t decide which blades to buy haha

Lilith Lixivium says:

I use an electric ladyshave. I have the same one for about 3 years now. Also it doesn’t require any soap or shaving cream. I have a waterproof one I can also use in the shower. Never used razor blades since

Kay says:

Thank you so much for the demo!

Daily Joy says:

I’m looking forward to get a safety razor but I was afraid cause I didn’t know how easy was to use it. Thanks for showing.
You’re beautiful, bwt!

Blondesmartarse says:

how do you clean it??? after shaving I mean

PurushaDesa says:

You know what an 8 pack of Gillette Proglide Power blades always cost me in the supermarket, including VAT? *28 quid.* Apparently that’s over $38. I finally had to switch. The shave just isn’t good enough to justify that kind of economic abuse!

ELENA F says:

This was really helpful!! I was thinking about buying one, but the fact the it’s all metal kinda scares me, it gives me the feeling that I’ll cut myself right away. BUt you gave me some courage, and I’m so thankfull for the demo!!!

aracely marquez says:

What do you do with the used blades?

Jill Snoddon says:

I started Zero Waste Shaving again. Got the Edwin Jagger DE89LBL. Buy a quality razor and it will do the work for you by just the weight of the head with little to no pressure.
Ordered a sampler pack of 10 different brands of razors (5 of each). Have the Semogue 1305 Boar Brush coming too and some shave creams. and soaps. which give a remarkable shave.

Candyelion says:

Very cool! I’m getting laser hair removal, so kinda pointless for me but this is awesome! says:

Hi Liz, just came across your video. As a man who’s been DE shaving for over a year now I would never go back to cartridges. They are terrible for the face and have a terrible return-on-investment. I think it’s awesome that the DE community has both men and women in it sharing this knowledge. It’s no mistake to me that Gillette would never advertise their DE blades on television but will advertise their latest gadget, gimmick razor.

Will definitely be subbing you, we have some cross over and I am planning on writing about my experience of being a beginner shaver and how that has helped me pursue my minimalist journey!

Jourdan Ibe says:

Great video! I’m making the switch to zero waste myself and this video was so informative. I’ve tried clicking the link to the specific razor you provided and it’s not working unfortunately. 🙁 What’s the name of your model, if you know it?

Meg Harte says:

Thanks for the informative review and demo.

Rebecca Charles says:

good to show how to change and clean the razor

Tayler Williamson says:

How can you shave the back of the knee without cutting yourself? Is that more difficult?

Amber Pearson says:

Seriously cannot thank you enough for this! I definitely subscribed ❤

lana Nardiello says:

Can you carry the razor on an airplane?

Jordan Mason says:

VERY HELPFUL VIDEO–thank you! I’ve been contemplating how to use one of these since I’m transitioning into minimalism but was quite intimidated by how to change the blade and how to use. I am definitely investing now thanks to this 😀

Pearl says:

I thought the astra blades are wax wrapped separately? : ( hope not

iheartbrotherhood2 says:

Thank you for this! I am interested in minimalism and zero waste and have been researching safety razors. 🙂

Dev9172 says:

I did cut myself the very first time . But now I’m OK. I only use it on my face . Lol you are brave . Yes you save lots of money .

Hannah Rose says:

This was so helpful thank you! I’m definitely considering buying one now. Xx

Deku is a Broccoli says:

You’re so adorable

Gillian Tritz says:

so helpful!!

Laurel S. says:

I was also hesitating on buying one and tried to find a demo for this razor but didn’t find one. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

mckinley darling says:

thank you for uncluding the demo! Im transitioning to zero waste right now and just got a safety razor that im honestly pretty terrified to try lol. My dad collects them and when I asked him if he had blades i could have he basically guaranteed that I was going to cut myself up the first couple times i used it so Im a little nervous lol but your demo gave me some comfort that I may be as lucky as you and not cut myself ever lol!

Sascha says:

I have exactly the same setup (as a guy for shaving)…i can strongly recommend this, best shave ever-IF you follow some simple guidelines….

1. Always use proper shaving soap (lather)…do not use the pre-fab foam or other stuff…make your own lather (its very cheap as well)…..
2. Let the lather sit for 3 minutes to soften the hair.
3. Shave with the direction of the hair first…
4. Flush with water, use lather again.
5. Shave against the hair….


I would not buy the exact same razor again…..i think the next time i would either buy an “antique” one from ebay, or use the cheap “Wilkinson” brand one that you can buy anywhere for a few dollars…..

Diana Luna says:

Do you know if the blades are vegan or cruelty free?

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