Barber Tutorial: Skin Fade with Straight Razor, Comb Over and Beard Trim

MC Barber will demonstrate how to create a high fade with a comb over.
-0:22 MC starts with Andis trimmers to create a hard part and to create a guide for the straight razor.
-0:45 Switching to Oster clippers, he removes the bulk while creating a foundation.
-1:05 He uses a straight razor to begin the skin fade.
-1:59 Switching to Wahl clippers, MC uses an open blade, adjusting the lever when necessary.
-2:45 Still using Wahl clippers, he uses a 1 plastic guard.
-3:41 To further blend the fade, he uses a 1/2 plastic guard on Wahl clippers.
-4:45 MC moves back to Andis trimmers, using them upside down.
-5:14 MC switches back to a closed blade on Wahl clippers, adjusting the lever when necessary.
-7:17 Moving to the beard, he uses scissors to trim it.
-8:15 MC uses Andis trimmers to shape the beard.
-9:50 Moving to the top of the head, he uses a sculpting technique done with a hair cutting razor to remove bulk while creating texture.
-10:40 He uses scissors over comb to blend the top into the sides.
-11:26 MC uses scissors over knuckles to remove length.
-11:50 Watch a quick blow dry and style.


Dan Perlman says:

another winner!

Diego Lara says:

Hey MC what’s the difference between a high and tight vs a high fade? I ask cause I’m the beginning you said it was a high and tight and then you started referring to it as a high fade.

Manuel Martinez says:

Nice cut. You make the beard trim look effortless. I haven’t trimmed anyone’s beard yet.

alaoui hamada says:

Thanks mc barber


You are a boss!

Marcos caragua says:

Muito Bom!! Maravilhoso parabéns pelo seu trabalho.

lucas dos santos says:

faz um vídeo com cabelo afro

Yagur Caesari says:

GREAT JOB, what scissors you use ?

Nilton Gomes says:

mto dahora veio, resultado show show

Sonu Barber says:

you are best barber in the world very very nice hair look sar

Ivan perez says:

One of your best fades. Can you do a tight fade on African American hair please. I’d Like to see how you tackle that micro curled texture.

Ps: I love the fact that you don’t overload your videos with a ton of adds. I stopped watching other tutorials because every 3 minutes there was an add. On a 20 minute video it gets annoying.


me encanta tu forma de realizar las técnicas
delos cortes

Trending Hair Styles By Shavez Khan says:

Ek video hindi me bhi banao

lejam nabse says:

Your camera to fer

That One Guy says:

Hey MC, can you do a tutorial on how you would tackle the razor skin fade on a person who has a lot of uneven bumps/slash acne on there head?

Najmal Njml says:

Hi sir I am happy for you

Mohammad Ismail says:

Can you please clarify how to texture hair using scissors instead of razor? thanks

Mohammad Ismail says:

so good

Eduardo Gonzalez says:

Question when you use the razor what do you use gel or foam? or in your opinion what works better because i got a gel but feel its to sticky.

SycoChannel says:

Love watching your tutorials, but a tip for when you are editing your videos; sort your audio out. There was hissing and could barely hear what you are saying.

Devin Peek says:

This is just styling! This is not a barber look at the strong side shown 75% of the video.only after styling and only then he shows the weak side. You don’t add a line to create a fade.

hairycueball says:

Really excellent !

Andreas Vachtanov says:

very veeery nice …

Trending Hair Styles By Shavez Khan says:

Hi mc

Arsenico says:

perfect razor

lucianoromero777 says:

Best barber actually uses a razor to bald out instead of that foil crap all YouTube barbers do now days, you are a legit barber

Saman Hama says:

Nice work all done

Jonathan Parry says:

Mc wen are selling the brushes also could you do a review of the Wahl cordless seniors,thanks

Darius Sliogeris says:

all perfect but before the end mustash wasn.t finished, forgot the other side ;D

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