Beginners How To Shave With A Straight Razor | Feather Tutorial

Beginners How To Shave With A Straight Razor | Feather Tutorial

0:42 Preparation
2:07 How To Lather Shaving Soap
5:33 How To Shave With a Straight Razor
14:22 What To Put On Your Face Post Shave
15:54 Cleaning Your Straight Razor

PS. You may remember this music from a certain 1950 Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd cartoon “Rabbit of Seville”. I chose it particularly because of that and me shaving. Trying to have some fun around here!


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Eric Currier says:

This gentleman is quite smug with his boasting of having “expensive” equipment. Foolish really.

adam petersen says:

After a while of shaving with a straight razor, you can do it so easily it’s like 2nd nature and you don’t even have to think about it.

R AD says:

Not too bad! A shave for an almost beardless man

William McDonough says:

good video. I just picked up on shaving with a straight razor and being that I’m 18 and in the army not a whole lot of people knew how, so thank you for teaching me.

TheFamilyCat says:

Plenty of detail. Nice one

Santiago Hernandez says:

Very thorough and relaxing since I really enjoy the 9th. Thank you.

Kyle Giffen says:

thank you

Alexander Budelyov says:

Oh,Gosh,you,ll kill yourself,man!Stop doing this!The way you shaving is complete wrong!Im worry about you!You will cut yourself too deep if you will shave yourself moves like you do!

Mike Perkins says:

I think one of the better shaving exhibits, missed bugger all, not hurry is the key. I use hot water but not immerse brush fully and maybe my softer water but lather is in 5 to 15 seconds, I never rinse brush or flush soap from shave soap mug, I use a enamel camping tea mug to place the soap in and just top up when soap getting down. Some soap $10 to $25 per cake. Sadly my Palmolive shave stick soap stopped manufacture, well no longer at supermarket. I purchased online Arko shave stick made in Turkey box of 12 was about $3 per stick it is brilliant better than previous and smells just like the soap the barber used when I was a kid back in the 60’s. Good soap and badger brush is the key, though cheapie when traveling still does the job, thanks buddy good video.

Jacob Infante says:

who else thinks he sounds like Eddie Murphy and looks like him too?

David Geen says:

You have to mutch water in your soap to get a great lather

pwaffle says:

my God, take your shirt off and stop slopping yourself up

Seviredan Sert says:

So I guess you’re pretty much screwed if you got bad acne, or even a few zits!

Andy Martinez says:

what kind of blades are they, are they half of the double edge?

BennyCFD says:

I loved your video. I went from cartridge razors, to a vintage Gillette double edge that I use in a hurry. Then I purchased a knock off Feather it’s called a “Captain Kai” with Feather blades. it’s made shaving more enjoyable and kind of a ritual. Tell me more about your shave soap your coming out with. Thanks

Kwaka Moto says:

great video, can u tell me if you reuse these blades how many times do you do so.

Bu Jammy says:

If a man doesn’t have a moustache, it’s because he cannot grow one.

iva biggin says:

Dude you need more funk in your music

allan knight says:

It’s hard to take this guy serious, considering he’s shaving with his shirt on. His third pass is actually comical.

schwarzblatt says:

I love that razor. Have gotten quite good with it in a matter of months. But I just can’t get a super-close shave with it. I end up getting irritation trying to get the BBS shave. I believe I’m reaching the point where only a true straight razor will work.

Colin Clifford says:

Awesome video man! Thanks!

Drew Matthews says:

Sir you are class AF, first video and you got yourself a sub from me.

shonuffisthemaster says:

i dont think most people consider a disposable blade in a holder a straight razor, no matter how it might resemble one in appearance.

many of the advantages of a “real” straight razor are lost with disposables. most importantly they dont have any flex. mostl straight razors are hollow ground with a verry thin feather edge thats usually atleast half the width of the blade, sometimes more. this thin feather edge flexes.and contours to your face, providing a close comfortable shave. the other advantage is having something that lasts for decades with maintanance, unlike having to buy multiple blades for your disposable setup.

having the satsfaction and developing the skill of producing the edge you use to shave with is also part of the experience imo, as well as being able to fine tune that edge to your preferances.

i would suggest you get a vintage sheffield or solingen razor, they can be had for suprisingly little, and learn how to hone and strop it.

HDirt says:

Thanks for the video! lol

rajeshsweet194 says:

try and shave in a wet environment like a bathroom…and warm water theory is absurd…you get the most comfortable shave with soothing cold water

Kevin Hof says:

Good job bro keep it up

Prahlad Das Dewkeea says:

Hello gentleman, here in my country we have only replaceable straight blade.. can I use it the same way u r using urs.. I mean, following all the methods u r using?

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