Best How to Shave with a Straight Razor Tutorial for Beginners Straight Razor

Demonstration of straight razor shaving for new folks. Showing different width blades with proper angles and transition from Shavette to real straight razor.


man7as says:

My OCD couldn’t bare that collar getting soap smeared all over it

Zachary Eskelson says:

I somehow think I’ve learned not only about shaving but an approach to life.

Rick Lee says:

When I smoked, I bought machine rolled cigarettes. Similarly, I have been shaving for 40 years with safety razors and am just fine with that. No need to change now and put my life at risk! Haha. Nice instructive video, though!

Jazz Master says:

Quality tutorial, and very thorough. I usually just shave with an electric shaver but it’s a pain in the ass because I kill my new batteries before I’m finished shaving. I’m going to order a straight razor and strop in the near future and follow this guy’s guide to a tee. Hopefully I won’t mutilate my face. Good luck and happy shaving to everyone else.

MrSexymanhere says:

Good video. Thanks much.
GOD Bless!!!!!!!

Aj Prado says:

great video. thanks

tr80808 says:

I see that you’re from the East.


High quality video, thanks from Texas! I already took a whack at my first shave before watching this video. I stopped before I got too frustrated. I’m looking forward to using this old Sheffield razor.

Aaron Brown says:

Nice video

omieg89 says:

Great video Lynn. Does anything change when you are shaving around a beard?

Mike D says:

Very nice video. I’m interested in delving into the whole straight razor thing, and you’ve managed to make it a lot less intimidating. Thank you sir.

Clinton Sullivan says:

This was awesome. Fully descriptive I shaved along and had a really great first shave. If your looking to know the real ins and outs this is it

William Mitchell says:

Just got my dovo recently. Great video and nice ring Brother.

REP-RC says:

Going to try it all so scary as a beginner already nicked my face playing around showing the method to my daughters, but am interested in only shaving with one hand, not so interested in left and right hand. I am a rebel. Right hand seems flexible to go to both sides am worried about stretching face though seems harder when done with only one hand.

rumelian says:

Sir, I just couldn’t get the prep. phase before soaping with the brush. Mentioned something about olive oil. Could you please describe it?

JUST My STYLE 111 says:

sir. Im 19 years old and classic shaving style realy attracts my attention, I watch the full video and I feel confident, Thank You.

anthonycentoni says:

Awesome Lynn I really appreciate your help. One thing I’m going to work on is that angle for sure.Ive been using a Dovo Shavette and I just purchased a restored Gold Bug and I tried to use the same angle and its was very plucky. I know the blade is sharp but I thought I had to stay at that 30 degree angle however looks like i need to go more vertical . Well be trying that tonight. As well as looking to get a new razor from razor designs thnx

MrSexymanhere says:

Thanks for the tips!
GOD Bless!!!!!!

Steven Vasseur says:

Without a doubt the best learning video on how to use a straight blade, thanks for sharing.

The Latin Samurai says:

Great video! Should you get your new straight razor honed even when they tell you it’s “shave ready”? Mine feel like its not sharp. or maybe it’s my angle?

oscar cano says:

What’s the name of the cream you’re using?

Christian Mitchell says:

Im just learning about shaving with a straight razor. this video has been very informative and helpful

afoninja121 says:

Makes me wish I could grow a beard so I could actually shave it -_-

James Metcalfe says:

I just wanted to say that I appreciate the way in which you approached this topic. I have been wanting to use a straight razor for a few months now but never knew who to ask about how one was properly used, so your video really helped me.

Vinny outside says:

GREAT video. I just bought a straight razor.Tried it and knew I was clueless afterword. This video is fantastic. I can’t wait to do it again.

Adam McGrath says:

Great tutorial. I’m 26 and have been looking to get a defined shave. The straight razor is very intimidating, but you make it look refreshing after practice. Thanks for the post

Tom Flanagan says:

Never would have imagined I would watch 30 minutes plus of a stranger shaving and yet I watched and listened closely throughout the whole thing. Thank you for this, my first straight razor arrives this week and figuring I should start checking out some information I thought id check for a video, it is rare on the internet that the first thing you click on is perfect.
Thanks again, great video.

Alan Lewis says:

great video, just starting out with the straight razor now. I assume that normally you wouldn’t be wearing a shirt, easier to get at the neck, although it didn’t seem to cause any trouble. What about under the nose? I think that’s a tricky place for many.

Janusz M says:

Is it easier to cut ourself with this kind of razor? And does it make less skin irritation
than todays razors?

pat butchart says:

Iv been using straight razor for 2 months been up and down to be honest some really good shaves so not so good neck Is a problem area . Thanks for the video very well done helped a lot cheers

Art Vandelay says:

What was the brand of shave soap you used? Couldn’t understand what ya said

jonas martin says:

is there a blade you recommend for beginnerslike a brand

TheCivil warriorproject says:

Nice ring Brother. I am a traveling man myself. I was on the prowl for an educational video and yours was it. After watching I was able to do the full monte. Still need to retrain myself to use a straight razor with proficiency, but because of I can begin my journey. Thank you. Also what would you suggest for preventing the blade from rusting? I have a A.P. Donovan.

Tim Freeman says:

Hello! Since changing to a straight razor my skin has become dry during the shave resulting in a light rash afterwards. My pre-shave wash, soap and balm are all the same. Any advice anyone? Cheers

1_New Friend says:

Thank you! Just bought a straight razor and tried it without knowledge, didn’t go so well. I watched your video, much better results!

Dan Apuzzo says:

This guy is pretty cool

John Peter Presson, Protopsaltis says:

I switched to a straight razor 4 years ago and haven’t gone back to plastique. It’s the best shave I’ve ever had in my life and it even feels good when I shave.

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