Eyebrow Razor Tutorial

I love going to foreign beauty supply stores because they always have nifty little tricks like this. Eyebrow razors are great to keep in your brush belt to make stray hairs go away without pain for your client. Here’s how to use them.

I know Shiseido makes some great ones but they are a bit tricky to find as they are usually only sold to Asian demographic. I picked these up at Sally, but for those of you too busy to pick up a pack in person here’s a link: http://amzn.to/1jc0tJN and here’s some more for under $3: http://amzn.to/1lsyMgA


Sparkling Silver Curls says:

I just started using these a few months ago, and I’m never going back to plucking! I used to use the needle-nosed tweezerman tweezers, which gave me so much precision, but with these particular razors, i can shape so well. I have very coarse facial/eyebrow hair, and my eyebrows would bleed from tweezing sometimes. Also, I frequently had ingrown hairs or just plain ole pimples from where I had tweezed (even in my eyebrows). Word of warning though, I cannot find these exact razors anymore 🙁 Fromm has another version of the eyebrow razors, but they’re almost twice the size, and it’s just too difficult to use under the brow. Hope to find this exact type again!

Tнe Princess Pink says:

I get the ones that are big and I have cut under my eyebrow. Feels like I get razor burn..I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or something.

VivaVistaMac1 says:

I’m considering getting a little razor to help shave my eyebrows. I have A LOT of eyebrow hair which I’m thankful for, but the downside is having to get them waxed every 2 weeks (and by 2 weeks not only have my eyebrows completely grown back, the forehead hair is there too lol). I’m a little nervous to try out this technique but I think I’m going to give it a try! Your video made me more at peace with doing it. Thank you 🙂

Dominique Vas says:

you’re my favorite youtuber I don’t understand why you don’t get thousands of views

Michmash says:

Your makeup colors are so fresh and pretty here!

Suchitra Malvankar says:

Same here its taken time to know these are available.

Mahima Patel says:

This is really painless …i can’t believe you. …

Corgi Time says:

How hard should you push? I ordered one from sephora and I am scared of cutting myself.

Vidi Salinas says:

We’re did you get those??

Tнe Princess Pink says:

I get the ones that are big and I have cut under my eyebrow. Feels like I get razor burn..I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or something.

Nikki Gallien says:

You suck and your eyebrows look like trash.

Alexia XO says:

Whoa. I can count your eyebrow’s hair. Lol, grosse brows and they look so old. From 50’s fashion. Ew.

TuckerLovesHimself says:

I had never heard of these, this is perfect actually because I’m tweeze-phobic, I don’t want to go too far and regret it

Lurganista says:

Love your channel so unique from the others x

chrIsty mcLeod says:

This video was SO satisfying to watch!! Waxing/tweezers are so painful to me. Your brows look great. Thanks for posting this!

Laura Marie Koch says:

Does the hair grow back thicker and is it pretty safe to use?

Michelle Felt says:

I would have never guessed against the grain. Thank you!

GamerZoid says:

you go girl, although like you said you felt embarrassed since you plucked them to much, I think they look fine and despite all the horrible comments I think you should be proud of yourself for making this video, don’t listen to the ignorant and rude haters. no ones eyebrows are on-fleek all the time, especially mine!!

Isabella B says:

I love your mascara! What shade is it?

Mandy Allgood says:

Omg I like this better than tweeting..I have one of those I’ve got to try it.

505fatty says:

I’m a guy and I’m wondering if it’s gay to do my eyebrows.

warmheartedkiller says:

This is my favourite eyebrow shape! I find it so weird how lately everyone is expected to have huge rectangle ombre brows, even though no one eyebrow shape looks good on everyone. Everyone has different face shapes, which different eyebrow sizes/shapes flatter them best. Thanks for teaching how to use these funky razors!

Lamees exp says:

isn’t it better to use a shaving gel ?

navycottoncandi says:

Thank you

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