How to do a Full Razor Cut

In this barbering tutorial I will show you how to do a full mens razor cut, achieving a really nice texturised effect and 2 finished looks that it can be styled in.
I will go in to detail on how to use the razor, many different ways to create texture and the general understanding and principals of the hair cut.
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David Rey says:

Awl some , Wow , thank you ,for sharing your knowledge!!!!

Carjen James says:

Fantastic job you have great skills thank you

Dave Saenz says:

He did a great job, but he looked better without the hair cut.

trippplefive says:

attention to detail is too damn high.
nice cut. would you recommend this for somebody with curlyish hair? looks like it’s more suited for naturally straight hair.

Lindy Oliver says:

Data very expensive in South Africa. Please could you do shorter videos with less chat

kastriot destani says:

why didn’t you bother to clean him up?

Fname Lname says:

lol he started laughing.

Divine Digamon mga kurepot din ung padahero says:

You are a expert barber

Zakdrums 4U says:

Wow….very cool video. I’ve been cutting my own hair for years with clippers and scissors…now I want to let it grow out a little bit and try this. Thanks Erik! You did a great job of illustrating and instructing. What is the brand of the razor?

jGOOD says:

Hold this L

Samuel David says:

Absolutely genius. Thank you.

Mas A says:

This guy is magician with a razor !,

Frank Rocha says:

I really like this hairstyle. I never seen anything like it. I am a barber and I thank you for sharing your awesome idea; it would help me advance in my haircutting career. I would practice this cut on a mannequin before cutting on an actual client, haha. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Bryan Morse says:

This gentleman knows his stuff. Experience says it all. I wish stylists in my area understood men’s hair, and specially, this technique, as well as Erik.

Michael Le says:

Hi your tutorials have helped alot so far! Can you make a tutorial video on other techniques for texturizing? Like shear point cutting and such?

Craig Miller says:

great job!! seems alot more easy then the traditional scissor cut.

Amazing Boobs With A Boy Attached to Them says:

Texturizing thin hair until there is barely nothing left.

Blanca Vannevele says:

What is the finishing product you used

rick bell says:

great cut

Amazing Boobs With A Boy Attached to Them says:

Around 7:10 you see that there is a booger in his hair.

Joe Piccione says:

Great thorough tutorial, very professional and well delivered.  

Parris Bouyea says:

asmr anyone?

Chris Meyer says:

I like that razor, what are you using? What blades do you prefer to use in it? I love your tutorials! why don’t you have new ones?

Cody the Barber says:

pro cut. nice

Lindy Oliver says:

Data very expensive in South Africa. Please could you do shorter videos with less chat

Alena Sliusareva says:

Thank you very much. This video is very helpful.

jeremy nicholas says:

is that just a regular hair shaper razor?

TetraDodecaMan says:

The sound is the best

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