How to Shave with a Safety Razor | AoM Instructional

Enjoy this introduction to safety razor shaving in this video version of the popular Art of Manliness article:


Parker 99R Safety Razor:

Parker 100% Badger Brush:

Shark DE Blades:

Pinaud Clubman Aftershave Lotion:

Proraso Shaving Cream:

William’s Mug Soap:

Colonel Conk Razor Stand:

Art of Manliness Book:


OettingerCroat says:

I knew that guy looked familiar, that’s Steven Crowder’s brother!

john smith says:

Awesome, I’ve been carrying my grandfathers old 40s Gillette razor since 02’…..shavers are super expensive, so I decided to give old grandpas razor a try!

Henry Black says:

Do NOT put your brush in HOT water. It will ruin the bristles. Use lukewarm water.

zachthegreat88 says:

I keep watching this vid and I don’t know why

Zoe Mitchell says:

As a lady, I have been thoroughly disappointed with cartridge razors for women and how expensive they are. Having made the switch to a safety razor 2 days ago, I have a little to learn about the right technique, but I can already tell it’s a good decision.

lz6youngblood says:

Love it:)

Hansbald says:

should you switch the blade every day?

Derp McDerpson says:

110 corporate shills downvoted this for the razor industry.

MontrealLather says:

He ruined the brush. Never press on the brush with that much pressure. you’ll ruin the knot.

Matthew Redmond says:

What’s the musical selection?

Al Bundy says:

2:49 why not just rinse the razor under running water? there are bacteria in basins, enjoy your staph infection

Richard Collier says:

2:01 why would i cover my hole face, i am not going to shave my eyebrows

morgothaod says:

How many shaves is a blade good for?

Alexander Mulholland says:

If I tried to shave like my grandpa I’d shave in cold water with a blunt, dirty disposable razor, cutting myself a minimum of 3-4 times in the process. I’d then go to work covered in bloody tissue paper.

Nick Nichols says:

That was great! Loved it!!

Simone Forgia says:

Wow, what a beautiful video!

Handhalah says:

Same for pubic hair or armpit hair?

Naum Rusomarov says:

Not for nancy boys.

Scott Johnson says:

Oh Bill. Why must you be such a weeny.
Grow a pair Bill.

Screwston OG says:

lmao I’m 13 and this was my starter kit to be more like a gentleman

vvvVFANGSVvvv says:

I shaved with a DE razor for the first time yesterday and today my manhood is 2 inches longer! i always wanted a 4 inch penis! Everyone man should shave like this and they too can be a big as me!!!

Sophia B. Williams says:

When I shave the razor blade does not cut my hair off like butter. The raZor is a feather blade.

spacemanspiff559 says:

How tight do I tighten the handle? I just got a Merkur Futur MK 23C Long-Handled Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor, and when I tighten the handle all the way down, the razor flattens against the surface and doesn’t cut. If I leave it loose, it cuts, but the head swivels around, which is scary. Am I doing something wrong?

DRock6906 says:

I really enjoyed this video! It made me feel like I was in school again watching one of those instructional safety videos 🙂 I just started shaving with a safety razor about a month ago and I’ll tell you this: I will NEVER go back to cartridges!!! Not only were my cartridges waaaaaay too expensive but I was tearing my face up. Razor burn and razor bumps every time I shaved! Now my face is baby smooth and bump free. It takes you  longer to shave because you have to be really careful but it’s worth it.

2010infidel says:

Brian will kick this guy’s ass and impregnate the camera crew while shaving.

John Grove says:

great video

Vitamin B says:

I like to shave my balls with it

Taha Taram says:

love this video and Bill

CireZemog89 says:

Worst shaving experience I’ve had. Followed the video exactly.

Prince of Darkness says:

I don’t even know how a safety razor looks like.

Brendan Maloney Vlogs and toy reviews says:

That’sWhy I shave with a safety razor

DawgTycoon says:

What genre of music is this most accurately called?

Justin Johnson says:

0:22 damn that is a waste of shaving cream.

TheMightyWill says:

0:46 so much savage

Vexton says:

You look like the least manly person I know

Andrew McAlister says:

I’d come out of the bathroom looking like homer simpson on the episode where he was teaching bart how to shave lol

ShavinMcCrotch says:

Laughed hard at the end!

Tudor Renegade says:

This vintage feel is timeless !

Anders Håkansson says:

This funny educational video made me try DE shaving 3 years ago.
I had one try , then i was hooked..

Ivan Ivanovic says:

Is this Parker 99r?

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