How to Shave with a Safety Razor Tutorial – Beginner Series Ep. 13

Shaving with a safety razor (technique) and I do a full shave with commentary! How to shave with a safety razor tutorial is the 13th video of the shaving with a safety razor Beginner Series. I talk about the idea of progressive beard reduction passes, the different types of passes (with the grain / WTG, cross grain / XG, and against the grain / ATG) and pressure, angle, speed, and pass length. These are the foundation ideas behind the use of a safety razor. Through trial and error you will find what works for you!

My Favorite Shave Gear:
Razor: Merkur 34C
Blades: Personna Lab Blue
Brush: Semogue 830
Brush: Simpson Chubby 2 Best Badger

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Davison Thomas says:

I just did my first ever wet shave, after years of shaving with Magic which is similar to Nair. I used a Merkur 34c, Satin Tip The Purest, and sample of Cattie’s Bubbles, Personna razors and coconut oil for the pre shave. Wow not bad for the first time. No cuts and a very tiny amount of stubble left after two passes. Thank for the tips.

Matt S says:

Great educational video. I’m not sure if this was covered yet but I noticed the camera was autofocusing continually. That could be because of the amount of white background (walls, towel, shirt)

T Rex says:

Your neck with this method of shave is BBS?You didn’t do ATG. If I don’t do ATG in my neck, there is always stubble left behind.. If I do, I always get razor burn and cuts.

Veselin Krastev says:

I always get a horrible razor burn when I go against the grain. None of my friends has similar problem and I just thought there was something wrong with me.

Jorge Leitner says:

I just done my first shaving with a safety razor, and I must say that it was a very pleasant experience. I was expecting it to be harder than it actually was. Considering I have very sensitive skin, it scared me even more, thought I could just butcher my face, but that didn’t happen. Cut myself a few times though. It wasn’t a perfect shave considering it was my first time, but it was quite good, I enjoyed it a lot. I definately felt that the blade just glides over the skin much smoother than those cartrige razors. All it takes now is to get used to it and practice, one day at a time.

sneaker house says:

shaved with a saftey razor for the first time ant tricks for shaving with an Adams apple because mine sticks out I had problems with it when I used a cartridge razor and I don’t know wat to do

U Haul says:

Which starter brands do you recommend for both blade and razor?

mohammed enam says:

Your the only De razor youtuber I follow I think you give the best info about the whole De razor shaving, this tutorial was the best and my friend was able to understand the whole concept of shaving thanks man..You’re the best and keep going and giving us all the info we need.

Robert J Sloane says:

have you reviewed a gillette adjustable fatboy? I would like your review on one.

John M says:

Great video! Very helpful for me as someone who will begin to use a safety razor to shave.

Robert Ford says:

Nick, after watching your tutorial, I commented to my wife, I did anyone ever learn to shape without YouTube. I am just beginning to what shape with a safety razor after 40 years of traditional cartridges. Your videos have made me more excited and confident to begin this new tradition. Thank you so much.

Hunter S says:

I got a shave set a couple days ago and have gotten used to lathering and everything else but still used a cartige razor. Today I’m going to give it a go with my first DE

ĎŹ says:

The only area I get irritated is my lower neck, it seems that the facial hair in that area grows 10 different directions. Any pointers on how to deal with this? Thanks!

Konstantine Stratus says:

Wow! Thank you so much brother! I totally screwed this up last night. I too have sensitive skin and thanks to your tutorial, I will utilize your technique!

bored1980 says:

Great video, thanks for taking the time to make it. I’ve thinking of making the move from disposable razors to safety razors so I went searching for advice and found your videos. My main concerns were around the base of the mouth and the Adam’s Apple which are trouble areas for me. I also found myself mimicking your facial expressions when shaving! I’m wondering how necessary three passes are – would one suffice? I ask as I don’t always have 15 minutes to relax and shave in the morning.

MadBoy says:

Really great tutorial mate 🙂
Been using a Gillette Fusion pretty much since I started shaving and never been happy with the results, so definately gonna give a safety razor a go!

Enigma1990ad says:

Thanks a lot for this series (and your other YouTube videos) Nick. Yesterday was my first time shaving with a DE razor, shaving brush and soap and like you said it did take awhile. There is definitely a learning curve trying to angle it to get an optimal shave. Took about 45 mins and my shave was not “baby smooth” but my face did not hurt a lot as it does when using cartridges so that was a pro. I’ll keep practicing until I reach perfection using the tips you’ve prescribed in this video.

quiksilvababe says:

thank you nick! you are awesome. i am doing all my research for my husband.

Pete Watson says:

im making the transition to safety razor, watched all your vids and they have given me great advice, cheers pal


Hi Nick!
Can i use rubbing alcohol to clean my DE razors ?
If yes,what percentage should I use ?

DANG says:

Thanks for the informative videos! I think these have genuinely stopped me ruining my face

xHibachi24x says:

Love the video brother! I just subscribed.

Btw, I was curious how often you shave this way. Everyday?

Hector R. Fernandez says:

When I’m struggling a bit, I can always come here and regroup!

Jonatas Guedes says:

I have really sensitive skin on my neck, and with grain i cant get close shave i want, but against the grain i get a lot razor bumps…. Do u have any advice for that?

Blake Howard says:

Being prior military, I had to shave every single day, and developed several bad habits along with it. Once I got out, I eventually switched to a safety razor, and realized how wrong I was treating my face. Take time with your shave, it’s the only face you have.

Joe Pfohl says:

Thanks for the vid Nick! Super helpful! Just got my very first safety razor and I’m loving it!!

Arash Kamyab says:

Selling a vintage Gillette safety razor on Etsy.

Timothy Magee says:

Hi Nick,
I have been watching your videos for some time and appreciate your approach. I see you did a good visit in Mass with blade sharpening, that was very good as well.

I am recommending your video to friends I am getting into wet shaving.

I have about 12 safety razors and 7 straights. I really like the straits and agree you don’t always have the time to use them. I have perfected my technique well and get a cut free shave in about 10 minutes.

I saw your video on the slants. I have avoided them because I felt you could always just turn a normal razor to make it a slant???

and you have to turn the slant to make is a normal razor when you are outlining the side burns, so it just didn’t make sense,,,,maybe I will reconsider…who knows

I agree that when you shave on a slant you have a much more efficient cut. I use this technique with my straight, (carefully) to make a compound cut on my challenging areas (the lower lip and chin area).

if you do get the slants do a video ( I know you will ) so I can get some perspective on them.


Jason Miles says:

Just did my first DE safety razor shave with a Seki AS-D2 and feather blades, Taylor’s sandalwood shaving cream. Have sensitive skin and never used a DE razor before. 2 passes — down, across. Amazing closeness. But probably took me 45-50 mins. Still not sure I’ve gotten the angle down yet.

KSOdie30 says:

hey nick! just so you know, your video series persuaded me to try out wet shaving. Thanks for all of the helpful info! First shave is tonight

Nicholas Brown says:

Hey Nick. I got myself everything I needed to start using safety razors and I’m finding that I get a lot more irritation and nicks with my murker particularly in my neck area. I’m using shark blades right now. Should I try different blades or do you think I should just keep at it and find the proper angle? Or is there any recommendations you have for people with more sensitive skin? By the way it’s a damn close shave. Thanks

Veselin Krastev says:

Well, I jut tried it for the first time and it went pretty horribly. My left cheek especially is burning really bad and it’s all red. And of course I nicked myself at a couple of places. Any idea what I did wrong? May be I pressed the razor too hard? I tried not too but I don’t know.

chris crawley says:

Hi Nick, I need your help. I just tried shaving with a DE for the first time. I’ve watched several vids on it trying to learn. To my knowledge we don’t have a “mens grooming store” here in Waco, Tx. So I got a Van Der Hagen DE Safety razor and blades. I lathered up what I thought was sufficient, but ended up cutting the shit outta myself. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any tips? Do I just need to practice? Do I need to get better equipment? Heeeelp! please!

Andrew Whisenant says:

Really helpful thanks for these tips! Enjoy all the videos!

sTEADYONE67 says:

does the type of safety razor u use make a difference or its just simply depends on the blade itself? for example, can u use a Van der Hagen with a astra, or feather blades and get the same results as if u were using a Merkur 34 or 38c with the same astra or feather blades?

Jenny Zambrano says:

Do you have a favorite brand of safety razors? or a top 3?

Ralph Onesti says:

Strokes are toooooo long! No corrective control…!

Steve Shubert says:

I’ve been shaving for 38 years with a cartridge razor, and finally decided to give true “wet shaving” a try. Bought my first DE razor, brush, soap, and alum stick. After a week of doing this, I’ve decided either (1) I must be doing something terribly wrong (most probable choice), or (2) my skin is never going to adjust to a DE shave, or (3) I’m too old to learn this. After shaving for a week with a Treet “medium” blade, and not getting that “smooth as a baby’s butt” feel, I decided to try a Dorco “aggressive” blade (I have a very coarse, fast-growing beard), and wound up shredding my face.

Not real impressed with DE shaving so far, but like I said, I’m probably doing something (everything) terribly wrong. Hoping I can pick up some info that will make shaving “a genuine pleasure” like everyone says it is. I’ve always hated shaving, and was really hoping this would change all that. Thanks for the vids.

MariosLasagna says:

Great vid. I’ve heard that hot water strips your face of oils and recently just started using warm water and I think it’s definitely true. So be careful with temperature I might advise. Never knew that it was about reduction btw. I always thought the job should be done first pass due to the sharpness but glad i came here to learn that it’ll take 2-3 maybe even four total passes. Thanks nick


Hi Nick,I wish you an happy New Year 2016.
Could you please describe Bay Rum’s scent ?

cytherians says:

You’re lucky you have such smooth skin. I have a couple of skin surface irregularities (some shallow moles here and there) which make me very nervous about using a DE razor. I’ve learned to work around problem areas with a cartridge razor, and usually can handle it (otherwise I touch up with an electric razor). Any advice on dealing with skin areas that aren’t perfectly smooth?

Colin Chisek says:

This was extremely helpful. I just bought a safety razor, but I have not a clue as to how to use it or work with it. Thank you for taking the time to make all of these videos. Now I have to figure out how to load up that razor and lather up, I’ll definitely check them out.

Brian Burke says:

I just found this channel and I really like it. Going to use my Merkur 34C today for the first time. I like this channel because there isn’t any corniness or goofball humor like so many other channels include. It’s just straight-ahead good knowledge.

SavageArfad says:

Great, but looks more trouble than it’s worth!

Joseph Felix says:

Thank you so much for these videos! You’re helping a whole lot of people! Its nice to have this information compiled in a easy to understand and thorough explanation.

Aaron Mcroodle says:

Thanks for all your videos man they are really helpful. I’m ordering a safety razor and supplies today, because I’m sick of using my Gillette fusion razor and getting razor burn. I was a little intimidated by the idea at first but your videos have helped me prepare.

CodiTheJedi says:

I just can’t seem to get my neck with the merkur 34c and cheap personna blades. I have a very strong adams apple and i get a lot of irritation there from trying to go against the grain.

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