How to Shave with a Straight Razor by The Nomad Barber – Featuring Mühle

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The last in the series of Tutorials with Mühle.
How to use a straight razor.

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Music by Mark Aubert

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Kyle Vickery says:

your doing it wrong baby

mohammed khan says:

I am a barber from Australia and if you wipe the shaver on your hand that is unhygienic which can lead to losing your job and unprofessional. By law you can lose your job. We use a paper towel which is cleaner and easy to use.

mattbod says:

Thanks Miguel I have been thinking about trying to shave with a straight as I hear they are the best for razor bump sufferers. I find (being left handed) that my hand impedes the view of the razor when I try these positions though. I guess i will have to practice with an empty, then loaded shavette before buying a straight. I am using a DE at the moment.

Jay OfGTV says:

Dope content! I’m new here and really loving your channel.

Rodion Bihovoy says:

very cool

christophGutie2799 says:

Can you do a detailed video on how beginners should choose a razor, brush, soap, etc. It would be a great help.
Can you also go into the cost effectiveness of traditional vs disposable razors? Thanks:) love the vids, Keep goin!

MagZ1905 says:

I loved what you said at the end of the video and I agree. Since I started with traditional shaving it has become a meditative thing I look forward to and not an early morning inconvenice.

Lester Hawkes says:

Dude you are awesome

CGDetroit says:

Couldn’t agree more about the jog comment. Quiet time before the day gets bananas.

Michael Hilfiger says:

you Shave to free your Mind, i Work on Cars. everyone has his Thing

dme says:

Idk how many times I’ve watched this video. I love it and you’re a great inspiration to me Miguel. Can anyone tell me the song name at 3:15 tho?? PLEASE.

Victor C says:

Anyone else noticed that his voice tone got deeper?

morree82 says:

Great, but too short video!!

Joseph Mckeown says:

love all your videos Nomadbarber

Bob DeFalco says:

“I have me own shop in London.” I love that Brit thing. You guys are awesome. You’re awesome, Miguel! Great to see a new vid! Cheers from the other side of the pond!!

NoboMike says:

Nice vid keep it up !

ItsKapow says:

It’s like a day spa for guys!

Ant T says:

Been shaving with a straight razor for about 10 years now. I got fed up with double and tripple blade modern razors and as I was only shaving 1 or 2 times a week, I found they did not last and were really expensive as the longer stubble blocked them up and blunted them really quickly. Once I got used to it the straight razor was a far better option for me and no one can tell the difference.

I changed jobs and have to shave a lot more often but I have stuck to the straight razor. I might only give myself a nick or a bit of a welt where I used to cut myself all the time with the “safety” razors as I would rush so much.
One razor, one strop, a couple of brushes and a ceramic bench stone which I can use on other knives in all that time. I reckon I have better than broken even as far as the intial cost and I actually enjoy shaving where I used to hate it. it has become a little ritual that is my time to chill before I get ready for the day.

I love this whole series and all the cool things you have shown us has helped me do a far better job and get greater satisfaction from my shaving. Keep up the great work!

Steel balls says:

can you show us how to shave yourself with a regular razor

Jorge Alvarado says:

Never shave up u will get razor burn and bumps

Daniel West says:

Since getting into using a safety razor & a decent brush, shaving takes longer, but it’s an experience.

Armando Sanchez says:

I love lather brushes, it sucks here in Florida you can’t use them in a barbershop.

Rachael Gilmore says:

Huh i wonder why this was private earlier..

Icyfire says:

Do you know what skarp is? Its on kickstarter

bhaCharlie says:

Nice vid! Really enjoy these tutorials

DrumsNTheBass says:

Yo Miguel, what’s the beat that starts at around 1:45? Shit is FIRE man!

The 239 Life says:

Miguel seems chill asf

norwegiannarwhal99 says:

ive always wondered what the intro melody is. any help miguel?

MyChorizoSausage says:


Free As A Bird says:

am I higher than usual or has this same video been posted twice before?

TheSkepticSkwerl says:

good video but not a how to. had no instructions whatsoever except use hot water.

Daniel Thomas George Blaney says:

some great breaks in this vid. Any chance of a full tracklist please?

Antoine Fuqua says:

me and my friend are in barber school and we love your videos brother! any tips for new barbers?

W E Z S T Y L E S says:

Thanks brother!

Respect from Melbourne Australia

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