How to Shave with a Straight Razor – Featuring Mühle


The last in the series of Tutorials with Mühle.
How to use a straight razor.

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Music by Mark Aubert


Der Barber says:

I Love your work bro

David L. says:

Instant man crush.

mattbod says:

Thanks Miguel I have been thinking about trying to shave with a straight as I hear they are the best for razor bump sufferers. I find (being left handed) that my hand impedes the view of the razor when I try these positions though. I guess i will have to practice with an empty, then loaded shavette before buying a straight. I am using a DE at the moment.

Douglas Roehling says:

Hi what would be the best straight razor for my first straight razor thanks

Ricardo Calvillo says:

There’s nothing “HOW TO” about this video. CHANGE YOUR FUCKEN TITLE!

Benjamin Margolius says:

Who makes the first fixed blade straight razor you showed, the one with the jimping?

Espurr647 says:

I just shaved for the first time using a straight razor and wow…incredible

dossip says:

Y u talk like gay ?

mark vega says:

I cant get mine to work. The blade doesnt cut hair anything like a normal razor would. All I have is razorburn!

Опасная бритва - Brooklyn Продакшн says:

Nice VID 🙂 Love it 🙂 Thumbs UP!

_riccamionTHIRTY4_ says:

How is the Italian one called like?

Bad Boy says:

No shave Balm, no aftershave , no difficult areas shown like under the chin.. = Dislike.

Joseph Mckeown says:

nice thank you…finally a real barber who backhands

Jorge Alvarado says:

Never shave up u will get razor burn and bumps

Ravinder Singh Singh says:

Why shave man who have already trimmed

Coogi King says:

Could have used a model with a beard and not pubic hairs.

Luis Ramos says:

I don’t believe I’ve seen or heard of a Latino with such an accent . Miguel Gutierrez . I’m Mexican / Puerto Rican myself but born in raised in Ventura county California.

Denmagz Lee says:

Which is better?..the straight razor with single blade or the straight razor with replaceble blade…

Barber trini says:

The razor you’re using could sharpen back?

Johnny Cash says:

I already know this why am i watching it

Jonathan Vega says:

Whats the song played at 00:30 seconds

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