How To Shave With A Straight Razor

Shaving with a straight razor isn’t easy, and even with this tutorial we advise you to take it easy. Practice makes perfect and the technique may well take longer to master than you’d think.

Preparing your face

An important part of the shave whether using a straight, safety or disposable razor: Make sure you following a good routine before you pick up the razor. Use Cremo Original Shave Cream ( or Cremo Lathering Shave Cream ( for added comfort. Take a look at our guide on how to shave your face for further inspiration.

How to hold a Straight Razor

This one can be a dilemma for many. Holding a Straight Razor can be subjective in certain circles, so take time and get to know your razor. Expert cut-throat shavers can alternate between grips when using these razors, depending on where on their face they are shaving.

We’d recommend resting your first three fingers on the shank of the blade, with your pinky on the tang. Place your thumb near the middle, next to, but not on, the blade.

The Shave

Hold the blade at a 30 degree angle and perform short, sharp strokes with the grain. Unlike a disposable, where you put some force downward on the blade, try not to apply pressure, and let the blades weight and shaving angle do the work. If you press too hard, you’re likely to end up cutting yourself.

Expert Tips

If you’re not ambidextrous, you will find it difficult to shave the other side of your face from your dominant hand. Some shavers try to switch hands, some find it more comfortable to keep the same. Practice makes perfect, just go easy to begin with until you find your rhythm.

After care

Wash your face with cold water and apply a Post Shave Balm to soothe any nicks or cuts (especially if it’s your first time). Make sure you take good care of your razor and equipment and keep it in a dry place away from harm.


mikeca98 says:

I may give this method a shot again after seeing this video. Never to late to learn a new technique after 40+ years of everything else. Nice job.

Lisa says:

Awesome!! Don’t forget to sanitize from time to time.

Chase says:

I think I know that voice over! Edward?!


Looks easy
Me: cuts my self 10 times

Rilo mendez says:

i’m a texas class A barber & you named the parts of the blade wrong

21Vicroy says:

You guys seriously need to make a double edge safety razor that’s astonishingly superior.

kyadak says:

Oh Hell No….!!!

Nycole Morton says:

Well you look handsome shaving!

beakt says:

0:53 Narrator: Let’s start with the names of the parts.

Me: Really? You mean the handle and the blade? Derp!

1:10 Me: wut

its Lewis says:

I wanna try do u had change blade every save or u can used it over n over?

Kevin Miller says:

I thought about shaving wit- h a straight razor more than once, but for one thing I don ‘t like the possibility of cutti- ng my face to ribbons, so I’ll just stick with the electric s- haver, thank you; much safe r this way. Besides, after wat ching the Three Stooges do it, I’m not sure I’d want to. Pl us I have no idea where to g et one.

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