How to shave/trim/style your beard using a straight blade razor (Tutorial)

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Whatsup guys, a lot of my friends always complement me on my beard and ask me how I do it, and I always just say I use a straight blade razer. Well I had my tripod sitting around and I wanted to shape my beard so I figured why not just record. Check it out, let me know what you think, and enjoy 😀



I know this video is old as fuck but I just did my first lineup at home. You are so right…I thought I was getting pretty close with just the clipper but the strait razor adds a whole new level of precision. It’s definitely not perfect and I’m sure my shit would be considered fucked up by any barber’s standards but whatever. For my first time I think it’s pretty damn good and I didn’t have to spend 13 bucks for something that’s going to look fresh for 2 days or so. Nice video and beard!

Also, it’s scary AF how close you bring the razor to your eye.

OlDbOy says:

How much does a razor blade cost like that on amazon? It looks like it trims really good. And for for the beard it self, do u use an electric clipper for making your beard look so smooth or what? If so, what kind?

Damian B says:

you call this a beard? lmao

jamal nawaf says:

wow u handsome man thanks for this video :O)

Bigga Cat says:

good video! thanks

ajay60610 says:

Good video…about how often do you trim your beard?

Brian Thomas says:

That’s not a beard dude. Thats like stubble lmao

Scorpie Scorpie says:

u still make videos or wat?

Taka Oki says:

When Roelly Winklaar was young.

Felix says:

took me like a few seconds to notice the music is a remix of sum 41 xD

mo3taz222 says:

Good video man, I heard you saying it doesn’t matter which way you shave up or down. shaving from up to down is better for you beard.

Jad says:

why the hell do you leave the water running for? pisses me off!

Mrtambourineman says:

pre shave oil works great for beards so u can see

amclellan84 says:

All the pros go down on the beard not up.

kingjohn818 says:

Turn the water off dude getting annoying

Mohamad Obaidi says:

dam your water bills must be through the roof XD good shit tho

roomforthefiiixins says:

I’m actually gonna try your method of going up instead of down. Today was my first time using a straight edge and before I knew it, I brought my beard really low. In other words, I fucked it up and am pissed.

YusufKnowsIt says:

Bro! Have a question for you! So when I shave? I`m talking about straight razor shave? I always have green skin left?:S How do I get rid of it????

Mel Haidar says:

Hi! Where did you purchase your blade from?

Spyder says:

Turn off the faucet man. Saves water. Good video. God bless!

Muath Alzahrani says:

You look like Arabian guy 😛 .. #JustSaying

Bench Talks says:

I think I need to go the fuck to sleep

Bobby Pitsenbarger says:

so much water was wasted lol, good vid though

Husnain Attique says:

Best..!!!! So easy to do it this way..! Thanks bro!!!

Sargent Tannis says:

Nice vid but
Why is the pipe running

MyEarPhones says:

i just got a straight razor and tried linging myself up and fucked it up instantly its so hard!. sometimes im struggling to shave the hairs off. why is that?!

Andrew Picton says:

great video bro

Kazeem Khan says:

this look really hard ,you must have practiced ages bro ,im new to this and i find it hard to shape my beard ,any other tips bro ? ..

Steel Miranda says:

Awesome thanks for the video just got my straight blade razor and will definitely be saving a lot more money not going to the barber shop as often.

MrStreetballer5 says:

Man shit has changed since the 6 dollar hookah video you look mad older bro. 

Local Troll says:

Lol your so aggressive with it. Gotta take your time and have patience. Looks real good though bro. Just ordered my shit on Amazon right now.. better then going to the barber every 1-2 weeks paying $12 for a beard line up.

Muath Alzahrani says:

Guys, please follow me on instagram @im.zh (

Şafak Tanyıldız says:


Peet du Toit says:

stop wasting water you cunt

Mykael_91 says:

youre hot

Felace Gianpiero says:

Man I’m so jealous. I got gasses so my shaving doesn’t go that well every time.

Not resisting just defending says:

Dude is only one generation apart from herding camels and now he wastes water like a good old country white boy smh

Nico Grava says:

thank you man! good job!

Califu says:

young Lazar

little girl says:

save water

TheCynicalAfro 101 says:

razor bumps like hell if i try this. shave to close to the skin. clippers for me

little girl says:

turn off the faucet

Mohamad Obaidi says:

dude i feel u so hard on that back pain. my back always aches when doing this

shane obee says:

maybe go easy on the water… good video thou

Terry Hesticles says:

Your beard came out dope

swapnil hundal says:

faggot, you just wasted sooo much water

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