How To Use A Straight Edge Razor The Right Way | Beard Line Up | Parker SR1

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Yc 530 says:

Does the straight razor cuts closer than a regular razor?

slopezfynest gaming says:

My guy again

LumpVision says:

Looks good homie. The lines definitely looks sharper.

MrVcherry72 says:

Shalawam Leviticus 19:27. Qam Yasharahla.

Johnny Wood says:

Love the vids man. Thanks for the help

Derek Williams says:

Nate I’ve been a subscriber to your Channel for about two years now and I have appreciated and enjoyed the information that you have posted thanks I just wanted to no if you have tried Bossman beard jelly it’s a good price and product check it out I think you will like how it works on the beard

Hayan Rabnawaz says:

just wat i was looking for top man ✌

Dan GG says:

I a problem, I have a gray hair beer and I try a lot of grey hair cover but am allergy. Do you have any advice? Please?

Flash150 says:


Dave Hess says:

Which do you like the shavette or de razor for shaving face or head

Robert Jones says:

Just started using the straight edge razor from your videos. It definitely does make a difference. Thanks.

YJ Media says:

Iam lover of beard

p1antn says:

7:36 you’re not supposed to throw razors in the trash. put them in a small container, they sell them on amazon

John Pollaro says:

Hey brotha,how can I get into testing products for companies pertaining to shaving? Any advice would be a huge help. Thanks fam

LayZeem says:

Thanks mayn

Itachi Hyuga says:

He make this shit look easy. Great tip though.

Adam Blackzilians says:

What can you advise for beard growth?

My Son is My Heart says:

Thanks my G

joecatable says:

Thank’s a lot my beard brotha.

Weblee says:

Great video! Good common sense advise on technique I was looking for. You’ve got another subscriber Nate!

Vincent Hawkins says:

Is this for beginners meaning for those who have never used a straight edge? I’ve never used a straight edge razor before however I’m curious.

djhn jns says:

I can’t grow my beard because of my job, but I still gotta show support bro. That shave secret reminds me of a product called liquid razor. I can’t even put a razor to my face, but I appreciate the clean look and feel you get from the razor with a line up versus clippers or electric shavers. Perhaps you used something in the past that got you a close shave without a razor? Currently using my andis outliners. Adjusted them for a closer cut. Any plans for a 2018/2019 updated list for clippers to use? So far I still rock with the color pros you suggested awhile back.

Aaron Oddball says:

The straight edge razor definitely made a difference, spot on with your technique too.


WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

I like the product but, I’m not too sure how aggressive they are. I’ve been using them for about 3 months now and keep nicking myself. Might get the adjustable razor you reviewed. Q Shave I think it’s called. Worth the $$$ bro?

Tyron Warren says:

thanks bro nice vid. does people tell you look like Floyd Mayweather?


I’ve always been scared on how to use a straight edge. Thank you so much for the lesson!

Lando CalrisiaN says:

I swear by Shave Secret and been using for years now.

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