Intro to NI Razor and the “Evil Razor” Patches/Video Tutorial Combo!

Vote, Rate, Comment! This is a promotion video!! A Sonic and Visual introduction to Native Instruments RAZOR and a Sonic Tour of my new set of patches “Evil Razor” that are available for purchase from More info at


360NoScopeInator says:

Hm… I purchased Razor since my comment 3 months ago and I was able to change the voices the same way as any other synth in Reaktor. I usually up Razor from 6 to 8 when I use it. It’ll become even more of a CPU hog, but it does work.
Once you open Razor on Reaktor, you click on the branch icon next to the magnifying glass and dropdown menu, which will reveal a new tab with a checkmark icon under the Reaktor title. In there, go to Function, and you can change the voices to anything you want.

drkastenbrot says:

Looks like the perfect toy to waste my holidays on

The guy who's complaining that Majestic Horse is under every Video says:

Some hard deadmau5 vibes in there 😀

TsepiVanUmbilo says:

Hi mate, I wonder if you can help? i am trying to setup reaktor in logic with razor to create dubstep bass and so on, but i am doing something fundamentally wrong i think, i can only add reaktor to a track via inserts, not i/o, as there is no option in the drop down apart from groups (on an instrument track). I get no sound when i use capslock midi, which is what i would like to do. so far ive learned that i have to setup via bus’s and sidechains, but dont really know where to start.any advice?

PlugInGuru says:

Generally, no. For some reason it’s hard set at something like 6 voices. I created some really lovely pads that sound like crap when you try to play chord parts due to note stealing….

Sxip Shirey says:

great video, informative. thank you!

OfficialRickyS says:

how the hell did you save these presets? ist this just possible in the full version of reaktor? I have no Idea how to save presers:( any Ideas??

DnB Soldier says:

Nice patches!  This thing sounds really chunky and bouncy.  

MrPlasmaniac says:

Hi Skippy,
first of all, thanks for your great videos and of course the awesome patches (i’m a happy customer). Did you already have a look at the Razor 1.5 update? I would love to see e.g. a “Quik-E” about the new features… and new patches in the near future maybe? 😉

Sherry Harrisson says:

One of the best synths I have ever used

Franck Langsfeld Esq says:

Good mini review, thanks Diversity of sounds are like sea pearls, sometime you just get amazed. :)@BrandonV, Its ok it doesn’t do the trick for you, its all good Man… Could you Please post all your Demo/Review/Tutorial & Video?

Dawn Pawn says:

Thats a fucking beast 😀

Walter Stahl says:

it has a bad Tube in it it glows to blue!

PlugInGuru says:

I speak DubStep, Country, DownTempo, EDM, Pop, Rock, Blues, HipHop, Rap….. where do you wanna go, bro?

Carl Zeiss says:

Wack, sorry! Original from Native Instruments is a thousand times better! Komplete 9 Ultimate has over 300GB Sounds!!!! For what this??

Brandon Barta says:

How did you set up the mod wheel in the 4:21 area?! That’s so cool…

Steve Griffiths says:

Just bought Komplete, Razor is an immense synth. Just bought this patch pack off the back of your patch @ 13:35 in. Good work mate.

Sonslark says:

Holy shit I have to get this! 🙂

Daniel Christopherson says:

Well done!

Arcade says:

Yep people seem to get offended thats why I deleted it. Have a good one 🙂

DropCoreYT says:

you’re crazy man!

Arcade says:

Ohhh right, right… I forgot that people on the internet know everything about me, my family, my life… based of one comment. Alright then 🙂 I am not going to argue. Have a nice day. And of course sorry for expressing my opinion which is liking people who do stuff for free and manage to make money as well 😉 Cheers.

Gimik Beats says:

ye but the problem is your presets are indeed worth nothing… im also happy your parents can give you enough money so you can do nothing other than dis people who make it for themselves.

Privacy says:

The moment that I saw the visualization of lurking preset. done.

Marty McFly says:

So tight.

Brandon V says:

For the love of God.. Please make patches on an instrument most of us can use? Not this stupid sine wave garbage that is not even close to being musical. I guess I could use this to make contact with aliens? Gave me a headache. Ridiculous.

Marius Riis Haugan says:

Oh man, those sounds! 

Revolver XL says:

How do I get the keyboard in the background?

Ace s says:

90 percent of all 3rd party plugins all sound the same. hence most are useless

Jimmy Jacksonian says:

Good understanding of additive synthesis, and great sounding patches!  Well done

Jakob Strand says:

5:05 Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! Holy shit… thats some powerful phatness!

PlugInGuru says:

It LOVES CPU power – I hope you can upgrade soon because this is NEW synthesis and something that everybody should work with… there is seriously nothing else that sounds like this.

creatureaudio says:

NI Razor Dubstep presets 2014


kiyoshi parra says:

That 2 hour drum loop fiddling is the story of my life…..

Bhodisatvas says:

Ambient 🙂

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