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Last week we’ve learned about the main interface of NI Razor and additive synthesis in general, this week it is time to dive in deeper and make some nice chord and pad sounds with this beauty.

Deep inside the heart of NI Razor lives an additive engine that creates clear and almost surgically precise sounds, great for sharp and defined sound design, but don’t be fooled by this, Razor also does a great job at creating warm and lush pads.

We start this sound of by using two pulse to saw oscillators, one of the more “normal” modules inside Razor.
After that we insert a low-pass and a comb filter.

Now we can start filtering the sound with some LFO’s or MIDI controllers, choose whatever you like here and try to add as much flexibility to the sound as you can.

We can now smooth out the effect of the modulators by using the ATT, DEC, and DAMP parameters on the left side of the filters.
These handy little knobs will smooth out any fast amplitude changes in the attack and the decay of the modulation. It does this for each partial separately!
The DAMP knob will cause the high frequencies to decay faster, to get a nice warm tone without to much harsh high-end.

The effect I used is a “Reverse” module, which creates a reversed spectrum with lots of partials near the fundamental frequency, the lowest frequency of the sound.
The key of these effects is to experiment, on some sounds some effects won’t work and other times you find the golden combination of oscillator and effect, spend some time with this guys!

One additional thing you can do here is modulate the FX amount with an echoing envelope, be subtle here though because these effects also create some dissonance in the sound. (Which can be a good thing off course!)

After that we add the synced reverb and we got ourselves a sound, and a mighty nice one if I may say so myself!

Thanks for watching, check you guys next week!



jb jb says:

great tuto ! thx grand master:)

nerdexproject says:

0:10 “We’re gonna make sort of a bad sound.” Haha, mate I can create bad sounds like a pro already, need no tut for that! ;D
Also, I especially like when you talk about the pitch… xD

All jokes aside, cool stuff man! ^^

psysword says:

Viel dank

Toni P Music says:

The dutch accent is strong on this one 😉

Mart In says:

Perfect tutorial. He’s started from scratch and explained everything he does, why he does it and how it effects the sound. Top marks.

tompparaideri says:

yo check how you pronounce ‘pulse’

M Stromkraft says:

Nice simple great sounding little patch that lead into, with some further development, using Razor for beautiful and rich pads as well. Few tutorials are inspiring, but I like yours.

I’d appreciate even more if you kept playing something at each stage or while moving a control. Thanks for sharing. 

dburns says:

I wish you would use the mouse only to point at the thing you are discussing. All that nervous mousing around is very irritating and doesn’t add anything to your presentation. Point, and leave the mouse there until you need to point to the next thing, please.

July 2nd 1979 says:

Thanks man, I love Razor and all of the free tuts on this channel! Keep em comin! Side note – Im a New Yorker, but I lived in Amsterdam for 5 year, so I honestly didnt even notice the accent too badly! Nothing in comparison to others I’ve heard. As long as you don’t pronounce assume as “ashume” 🙂

Ozterkvlt says:

my razor has delay enabled in the INIT patch, how the hell do i remove it? lol

zeus1117 says:

What’s the point in making a video where you audio guide us in your simple settings which can be just simply read off your VST screen?

SynthEtiX says:

For years I’ve thought about picking up another hardware synth because my software felt too difficult. These tutorials have made me feel more comfortable with the idea of experimenting more with Razor and Massive.
The owners manuals do almost nothing for my brain.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and caring about the quality of music we fledgling producers are making.

Ozterkvlt says:

i cant find the reverse effect in the FX chooser

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